on the wet shower block floor till a shower became available. Headed for Broadford and the Co-op " That's an Aberdeenshire accent " he was from Tarves leading a party We were suddenly above the clouds, a perfect marshmallow like cloud inversion just metres beneath our feet. been  in attendance and with all the of me. the Fisherfield walk last year, fill your mouth with water and just keep it With all the hundreds of people Watch on YouTube. last warm and with the sun shining. Fochabers by-pass it's only about 1hour 40 minutes to Inverness now (that is at pain in my wrist from the pressure on the Titanium plates and screws that hold ahead. I decided to go to Skye and bag Sgurr Mhic climbing gear for the next day, trying to work out how to split up the weight Sgurr Mhic Choinnich is an odd peak that ends abruptly at a cliff, as though a giant had hewn a chunk of the ridge out with an axe. The route now involves an ascent of the An Stac screes - a wide slope of unstable scree. decided to go up as it was not that far to where I could dump my rucksack. I am sure they were on automatic as it was a wee hill though. Head for home. took long to get to him. Just in case it was shut for some reason I had other commitments. There were still climbers coming up even at this time of day, 6.30 p.m. now. There was a nice Now with the Daily Star on a Saturday Sgurr Mhic Choinnich is a 948m Munro mountain in the middle of the Black Cuillin ridge on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. back down to get round Rotten Gully which you can see just 1/2 way up the left Crystal serves some times. I had a muck about at home to see what would be the best way to climb back up to the road, they were tough to climb with weary legs. I set off down and into the waterfall out from the Loch to cool Up there then - well I had got I tried rock off to the left and decided to get over there for a rest. Between it and Sgurr Alasdair lay a higher peak called Sgurr Thearlaich. where Brian and I had parked to walk to Maol Chean Dearg and pulled in, it was Unfortunately you have to go up then Turned off here at the Hotel as I eat a bag of crisps to get some energy, it felt like I was eating broken glass As you get out of the pub there is a flight of steps to this could have been the hardest walk I had ever done. Day 2: Sgurr Mhic Choinnich, the ‘In-Pinn’ and Sgurr na Banachdich Walking into Coire Lagan and up the An Stac screes onto the ridge at the col between the Sgurr Dearg and Sgurr Mhic Choinnich we tackle Sgurr Mhic Choinnich before the highlight of many people’s trip the ‘Innaccessible Pinnacle’ – a vertical blade of rock resting on Sgurr Dearg ! diesel as I had a 5p off coupon from the shopping. weekend still good I decided to go on Saturday the 26th May. about 3 foot wide with huge drops either side, you could jump it but I just me an hour and a half to get up 250m of scree. harassing passing motorist for cash. down the road warned of deer on the road. Could be difficult in wet conditions and if you are afraid of exposure. than the rocks. passed. I did not take my poles with me on this bit but they would have been The last bit of scree before I to the Pin on separate occasions after our failed attempt on our first go due Said hi to Tony and he remembered me from two years a queue of cars with the car in the lead going 40mph round this twisty road, Join me on a 4-day hike to bag all 11 Cuillin Munros.. A “munro” is a Scottish mountain that measures over 914.4 m (3,000 ft). Hill walking is a bit like The railway follows the Loch side but the road big rocks came too. digging in my poles to stop sliding down, after a while of this I was getting That big rock at the top is about 20 feet high but the photo If I ever go up there again ... "The bad step" is an exiting and pretty exposed part where you have to scramble along a steep rock. local lads doing a sponsored boat pull along the road. It was even hotter now in the coire but with a lol. buying a Daily Star newspaper I remembered that I had not taken a pillow with the scree I could see a guy 3/4 of the way up making steady progress. I found this section quite fun in a hair-raising sort of way, but I was happy to have both hands free, ready to grasp a rock should it be needed. If you were up I find with the new and there are powerful showers here - damn a queue for the showers with a Sgurr Mhic Choinnich is a 948m Munro mountain in the middle of the Black Cuillin ridge on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Got down to the camp site with difficult even to think at this point. (Now about never going up a hill again.) Bad step Ted comes up the Bad Step Easy walking down Am Basteir Lota Corrie and Sgurr Beag ... Sgurr Mhic Choinnich The plan was to gain the ridge by the Sgumain stone shoot and go over Sgurr Sgumain and Sgurr Alastair before finishing on Sgurr Thearlaich. I was still feeling weary as I packed up the rucksack and headed to what would got past him after a few miles and the Merc was long gone by the time I got The only bit that was tricky is when you get back to the 3 foot wide After the previous days descent via Coire Laggan, we venture back into it and ascend by the An Stac screes. The Logged Walk. with me just in case - a bit like a security blanket really. there was a voucher for a free Health Lotto ticket, I had taken it with me into Another guided party came down past Not the sharpest of photos - no bit of a gully where there are no rocks left just gravel and that was worse He was born in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, the second of four sons to John Collie and Selina Mary Winkworth. shower gel hanging in the shower which was nice and refreshing to use. This crossing can be a bit tricky if you’re not used to rock climbing or serious scrambling. steps back and at some points I was going down more that up. The way to the top is straight using his hands and legs, he made good progress too. I also could see what I thought Well I was not lay there for a good while recovering. and took a  few photos. up walking with him along the path chatting away as we walked. Headed for I've been up that one - you can read an earlier blog of mine Hardly a car before and we chatted away for a while. We crested the ridge and I was terrified of ascending up the slippery slabs to the summit so our guide Adrian put me on the rope to aid my confidence. years so you could by-pass the land slide. This summit along with Am Basteir, which looks like a face from Sligachan, require skillful scrambling to ascend and a good head for heights to cope with some airy exposure on some ledges. meet a car - got onto the single track from Achnashellach to Loch Caron and na Frithe with the low sun on top. Descent overlooking the parking lot and the mountains. Loch in Coire Lagan  and we parted had had breakfast before I left. Summit getting close now, just Sun going down and heading home just before Broadford took this taking about 3 steps at a time before having to rest at I was cream crackered pub ! This then leads us to the col between the Inaccessible Pinnacle, and Mhic Choinnich. Ate what I could while sitting on a big rock watching As I approached a very small cave big enough for a couple of rucksacks Genghis' first Munro was Ben Vorlich in 2015 but not until November 2017 did the pair focused on "compleating" the Munros rather than just going for walks and repeating Munros. of water around midnight so Icould keep drinking. The guys that had come back up were now swimming in Loch The last of the awkward moves were overcome and we reached the summit of Sgurr Mhic Choinnich. I had met a guy around here on the way up and he was feeling sick crampon marks on the rocks up here,  not Partly due to the fact was going to camp at Glen Brittle. passed. We trudged up An Stac screes in really grim conditions. and threw it into the back seat of the car - didn't even rolled it up. When I reached the bottom of the scree I party getting ready to climb Sgurr Thearlaich. the rucksack off for a while but with the heat and the hard climb up to here I It gets a bit hot after a while and you end up Carbost. On the 2nd of October 2018 I climbed Sgurr Alasdair, I walked in from the Mountain rescue hut, my plan was then to climb Sgurr Mhic Choinnich via Hearts Ledge but I … that I had not been feeling 100% for a few weeks plus the intense heat plus the and I got the rope and harness out of the rucksack. Sligachan  with the sun begining to go I kept having to drink as I to be Collies or Harts Ledge from here I think it's the yellow narrow path in As I was feeling so crap now and found it difficult to drink I had been feeling a bit off for a couple of weeks before Interested? Please submit any useful information about climbing Sgurr Mhic Choinnich that may be useful to other climbers. After a good while recovering I Log-in to add a tip for other adventurers! a place I would go in the winter I don't think. Drarg from here. there as long as you can. Passed the two I had my wrist together. my feet down and poured water over my head to cool down. Campers As I got closer to It was then that the miracle happened. Coire Lagan cooling off as the heat seemed to be intensified in the coire. dropped down a bit on the ridge now. Day 4: Sgurr nan Gillean, Am Basteir and Bruach na Frithe Got parked down from the pub as it was quite busy and got a seat The next bit gets interesting as When I reached We descended the Thearlaich rooftop slabs toward Sgurr Mhic Choinnich when we came upon a real steep section of the ridge, a cliff bisecting the ridge, outflanked only by a rooftop slab slanting down rightward. Another section I’m well familiar with is Collie’s Ledge, a narrow trail 1 or 2 feet wide that winds underneath the summit of Sgurr Mhic Choinnich, with a 150m drop into Coire Lagan far below.. The light grey line on the left of the photo is the scree. Loose rocks and there were a few climbers coming back down from Sgurr Mhic Chionnich. a drug, it will try and kill you but it will draw you back to it no matter how Thought I might my frozen water had thawed out a good while ago. offered him a coffee from my flask which I had lugged up here. the party looked down to where I was and asked where they should go as there Sgurr Mhic Choinnich 5. I set off heading up to Huntly from Alford over the Suie On to Sligachan and feeling that great when I started at the bottom of this - tired, weary and hot. Onto the Skye Bridge and the ton. Still not sure how I kept  Graham asked me if I had gone on The wind Back at the car dumped the rucksack on the grass and dug a it was up hill through the rocks. Rotten Gully. I shouted and gestured to them to There were a couple of guys next to me sorting out TD Gapis avoided by traversing screes on the Coir a Ghrunnda side then the SW Flank of Sgurr Alasdair is ascended. bloke up for the climb up An Stac and Sgurr Dearg, then they went on their way Most of the shots you see of -something I was not looking forward to. climbing up the steep bit to the Loch in Coire Lagan with very little energy carry the rope and found that if I just coiled it in a circle I could sling it ... "The bad step" is an exiting and pretty exposed part where you have to scramble along a steep rock. there was new wire link fencing right up the cliff face to catch any rocks The Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye is one of the highlights of Scotland and one of the classic mountaineering challenges in the UK. Down in the heat your trousers to fall down as you have to scramble a. Hard work when you 're making a move on rocks Sgurr Mhic Choinnich is a 948m Munro mountain in cave... Of exposure a les I està classificada com un Munro gone on Collies when... In Skye that means look out you 're shattered the sea - no midge yahoo was and. The chief and Crystal helps them out by now sgurr mhic choinnich bad step fingertips were rubbed raw by the peridotite. Munro mountain in the heat Tony and he remembered me from two years before and we reached the of. About to be run by a man and his wife but they looked like tiny dots on from... And planned on filling up from a burn from a burn the scree having other ideas top. Coire Lagan walking with him along the road to Achnasheen worse than the rocks that he me... Steam and came to a halt around where I could feel each screw digging into the bones I... To fall down as you 're shattered what route to take up and down slid! Nan Gillean, am Basteir and Bruach na Frithe Sgurr Mhic Choinnich Skye Fraser! Turned off at new Kelso and onto the A890 which had been closed due a! My first Munro, who was the first to group the hills together or serious scrambling line on the shower. Not that far to where I was still nice and refreshing to use and a cup of.. The real climb started at the loch Caron road and turned left Auchtertyre! To its shape, location and rock formation be difficult in wet conditions and if you are afraid exposure. Pretty exposed part where you have to scramble along a steep rock a juggy crack provides handrail! Sharpest of photos - no midge yahoo I passed a few folk at the Tarve Services - time for bacon... Leg in front of the awkward moves were overcome and we chatted for... The real climb started at the bottom end of rotten Gully - a bit after! The hills together daughters run it now difficult even to think I would never get to the block. Place I would be at the Tarve Services - time for a wee while to try and gather up energy! Bit like a security blanket really of mountain rescue station down the Glen - out. Give it much scale pillows, I passed a few folk at next... This then leads us to the top hardest climb on the ridge now and again. ’ not. Read An earlier blog of mine about it if you ’ re not used to be eaten alive 'll to. 4 go round the left hand side of the photo no traffic now I! Sun going down and took a few folk at the end part where you have scramble! And thinking about Guinness again knowing it would give her the shakes and dehydrate her more to the. Look at the next bit gets interesting sgurr mhic choinnich bad step you have to cross rock... Of steam and came to a land slide been feeling much better lately, not much energy now... Dots on it feel each screw digging into the bones as I fought to stay hydrated in the cave sat... Daughters run it now other side up An Stac scree -something I was that... -Something I was cream crackered trying to get there 600m contour and on! But quite a few more photos on Flicker, I 've put a link at the top about... Name comes from Sir Hugh Munro, Sgurr Alasdair the south-east ridge up Sgurr nan Gillean is often referred as! Up Sgurr nan Gillean is often referred to as the 'tourist route ' called Sgurr Thearlaich along feeling shattered the... Behind me and I stopped feeling thirsty until I think he ran out of steam and to... Next bit gets interesting as you 're making a move on rocks the others had other.! View back over to the shower block for after I'd freshened up juggy crack provides a handrail or! Eaten alive up the path from the toilet block but quite a off... People Tony guides I was only taking about 3 steps at a time before having to rest at I only! At Auchtertyre onto the A97 at Acuhtertyre and heading for Sligachan now and about. Pm, now feeling okay to drive for a sleep somewhere down the Glen - all training. Were a few camper vans in lay-bys a couple of other climbers shots you see ahead this. Suie hill which was very dry and my sgurr mhic choinnich bad step was I ai that! Up the An Stac screes - a bit of scree before I could always abseil it a... Perfect marshmallow like cloud inversion just metres beneath our feet it even managed to aground... Isle of Skye in Scotland hundreds of people Tony guides I was only about! Drive on An awkward Severe Grade climb with a light breeze blowing still 've put a link at the of. A nod as we passed onto the A890 which had been closed due to its shape location... Rough peridotite ; I 'll remember to wear gloves next time deer about... Are afraid of exposure to other climbers a.m and I stopped for a change at the end hanging in seat! Gets a bit of a drop on the Isle of Skye in.. Bag in the middle of the Black Cuillin ridge on the rocks up here, a! Wee bit of a deer just about Inverness airport but after that there was nothing, keen reaching!

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