It is a poultice that you can leave on for 12 – 48 hours and when you peel back the paper cover the paint come with it. I need to paint my wooden gareage door, however the paint whioch was done about 6-8 years ago has bubled and in places and has now peeled away. The Peelaway 1 is the one that is likely to be your best option. I have started removing the paint with a heat gun/scraper and noticed the original markings are in the wood underneath. Below are some of the most effective methods of removing paint from wood floors. When ready you peel the paper away taking the paint/varnish with it. I have a 1940’s house and want to strip the bannisters but it has thick brown stuff on underneath the paint which is a nightmare. I would re iterate that a small test area with these products to see if the do have an effect on the markings underneath. Can you recommend which products and method would be best suited to what I want to do? If you don’t give it a chance to dry … The best way to remove paint from clothing is to attack it the second you get the paint on it. You could have a look at the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. It may even require two applications. Its a difficult situation to rectify, because any removal product that you use will have an effect on the Varnish. See how you get on with either of those and get back to me if there is anything further that I can help with. I used wire wool on this as well after The dangers of removing paint with a heat gun than using a water based paint remover. Its potentially a big job and I am happy to guide you through it if you would like to email me with some more details, you can email to Would peelaway 7 take just the paint off but leave the varnish? “Old Lead Painted Surfaces – A Guide on Repainting and Removal for DIY and Professional Painters and Decorators”. Hello, Want Hi, we are doing up a 450 year old cottage with wooden beams which have unfortunately been painted black. You might be the lucky owner of a lovely period home, or have an old wood floor that you’re sure will come up beautifully with a bit of work. Remember, caustic-based strippers can scorch the surface of some woods, such as old Oak and Mahogany. If the furniture has been waxed and the existing wax is in good condition, you should be able to put a fresh coat of wax on top which will bring the piece of furniture back to life, perhaps something like Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish. My husband and I are first time home owners of a beautiful old home built in the 1900’s. I hope you manage to achieve what you are looking for – Sam, I live in a timber framed terrace built late 1500s which has a lovely curved beam in the bedroom wall. Paint removal from large areas of brick, wood, metal, and other surfaces may seem like a daunting task. we have a 7year old oak front door which was treated with Cetol 20 and 30 (2 coat application) I now need to strip it as it has cracked in places and I want to apply an oil ‘feed’ by Osmo as I think long term this will hopefully be better and easier to maintain. If it remains unmoved on the surface you have a varnish or lacquer that will prevent oil from being absorbed. I would suggest wiping down with White Spirits first and then if that doesn’t help then try sanding the area that has been affected. How to Remove Watercolor Paint Stains From: Acrylic Fabric, Cotton, Linen, Modacrylic, Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Spandex Soak item in a solution of 1 quart warm water, 1/2 teaspoon liquid detergent, and 1 tablespoon ammonia for 30 minutes. July 18, 2017 5:00 a.m. PT. At present I have given up as it is just so hard to get off. Chemical stripping is the best method for stripping carved wood with hard-to-reach, intricate areas, but in reality, you will probably use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods for your project, especially if you have layer-upon-layer of old paint to take off. Reapply the paint stripper to detailed or problem areas Scrub the entire project with nylon brushes or abrasive pads to remove all traces of the old finish and the stripper sludge. As you have discovered it is difficult to remove and my best advice would be to scrub with cellulose thinner and then sand. We would love to see some photos of the before and after of your garage door if you have time to send us some!! Also, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if you need to neutralise the stripped woodwork.”. Hi I have a coffee table with some stains on. I am mostly just waxing the visible boards with Briwax (it’s a small room which does not have heavy traffic). I want to remove the black color and stain or dye the legs a darkish blue color to match the chair’s dark grey cover. This is a little messy but a quicker option. I have just had a cat knock a can of emulsion all other our brand new wooden oak floor. Antique chairs. Scorching is less important, of course, when you’re planning to re-paint the wood. Your advice would be much appreciated. Dear Samantha, Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover is one option, or you could consider the Peelaway Sample Pack. Panther Paint and Varnish Remover is a great remover. Thank you for your inquiry, sometimes using wire wool with a paint stripper can cause the wood to turn black. I stained the rest of the nightstand with a light walnut stain and it looks great but the one drawer when stained does not cover the white specks and divots. It should not be. Reapply the paint stripper to detailed or problem areas Scrub the entire project with nylon brushes or abrasive pads to remove all traces of the old finish and the stripper sludge. It was a disaster! The Sample pack is deal for trying a test area first to see if this is the right product for your project. Solvent paint removers take off all kinds of finishes, even contemporary ones. Thank you for your inquiry ! The alternative is the Peelaway 1 and 7 Sample Twin Pack, which is a poultice that you need to leave on for around 24/48 hours (a test area will give a true indication of how long). Hi my kitchen oak doors are 25 yrs old. I also have similar slightly darker blotches over some of the wood after stripping which i also need to remove before waxing. But as a general rule your first step is to apply a thick layer of stripper with an old paint brush you can throw away afterwards. You could look at trying Peelaway Sample Pack. This is poultice that can be left on the wood for 24-48 hours. It’s a good time to be a doer.WEBSITE: to Remove Paint from Wood The Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover is a gel designed to make the paint bubble up so it can be scrapped off, I would try this one first as it is a 5 minute treatment. However, are contractor has run into an issue where he cannot remove the old paint on the floors. If you would like any further information or advice on what to treat the Pew with once you have stripped it just let me know – Sam. Nitromors? Both can remove a number of layers although the Peelaway 1 is not suitable for use on Oaks or other similar hardwoods. Step 1 Scrape off as much paint from the … Whatever you want to do, first you’ll need to get all of that rubbish off the surface to reveal the stunning wood beneath. If this does not work, try White Spirit, but beware that this may strip whatever you have on the frames under the paint. ?? How To: Remove Stain from Wood Removing wood stain may seem like a daunting task, but it can be a simple DIY project with the right know-how. Use a non-abrasive scouring pad to scrub the area. I have some really intricately carved wooden screens. This is a gel that you can leave on for around 5 minutes and then scrap off. What would you seal it with if it will be outdoors under cover? 4. And it comes in a number of sheen levels and is non yellowing. If the wood is particularly dry then it may take more than the guide states and a test area is always recommended. Bridgit Wallace. So from this point, if you have established what product is on the cabinet and it is clean, then you can choose Fiddes Hard Wax Oil if you have an oil or bare surface, or Manns Extra Tough Interior Varnish if you have a varnished surface. Remove the dust. Mix dishwashing detergent in hot water and swish to make a great volume of suds. How to remove dry paint from clothes: Water-based paints Water-based paints are easier to remove than oil-based ones.In this case we will also treat the stain before putting it in the washing machine, but this time we do it with water and dishwasher detergent.. Once the paint comes off the wood remains a bit sticky. And some light sanding may be necessary. Will taking all the layers of paint off only to repainted it again make a visible difference? I took one of the drawers and applied an antique white stain on it and did not like the look. To prepare the wall for sanding, first fill a bucket with hot water and soap. See how you get on with that and if you need any further advice I am here to help. I’m sorry I could not be more helpful – Sam. PeelAway 1 is caustic-based, so always try a test patch first. Chemical paint removers deliver the best results, remove varnishes and paints faster than sanding, and tend to be the least harsh. Sand the wood down super smooth. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. If you've managed to get some enamel paint on your skin, fabric, or a hard object, then the key is to act fast. Thanks for your suggestions. Please don’t laugh, I know it’s Ikea, not antique but I’m grateful all the same. I hope that helps and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page. paint, varnish, wax, stain and polish removers, contact our team of wood finishing experts, PeelAway 1: Revealing the Beauty of 90 Year Old Windows, Barrettine Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover, Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint – Gloss, Reinvent Your Home Office: Walls and Ceilings, The Dining Table: The Family Centrepiece of Christmas, Exterior and interior doors and door frames. Hello, Does paint have to be removed from windows before Osmo County colour is applied? P.S. The dried poultice is then removed with a spatula, pulling out the dissolved paint from deep detailing, nooks and crannies to restore the intricate detail and design of the original piece. Any ideas greatly received. The alternative is the Peelaway Sample Pack. Bare in mind that if you have oil or wax on the surface, the White Spirit may remove some of this. I would like to uncover the wood but not sure what is best to try – do I go for something like Peelaway? Use a different part of the white cloth for each application to avoid transferring paint residue back onto the wood. Oh dear, lilac and lime green does not sound like and attractive combination on your beams. Is that normal? It has ,I think Douglas fir( hardwood) I bought paint remover from cloverdale paints it is called 1820, that did not work. Its worth trying to use a scrapper gently first to see if the paint will just come away. Paint thinner is a mineral oil-based solvent used to remove paint from many different surfaces, including fabric. It can remove up to 3 layers of paint at a time and clings to vertical surfaces making it a great all-round paint remover. Only apply a little to a rag and rub the stain. Decided to stain it using Sikkens Ebony. Hi KT, One room has the same varnish on 10 year old pine floorboards. How to Get the Raw Wood Furniture Look. Thanks! If this test area fails to work then you could try the Peelaway 1. Tip: If there’s dried paint in-between floorboards or other small cracks, use soap-and-water or solvent on a pointy-ended cotton swab—”the kind they sell for makeup,” says MacMillan—or an … We highly recommend Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover, one of the best wood strippers on the market for day to day paint and varnish removal. Thanks sounds exactly what I am looking for. -Lindsay 2. PeelAway 1 is better suited to paints from the 1970’s and prior, the old-style metal and lead-based types. Color Trends Painting suggests you mix warm water with a mild soap and begin scrubbing off the paint with a dampened rag. As it is possible that some of the paint is very old then it would be worth considering the Peelaway 1 Paint Remover a water-based formula designed to remove up to 32 layers of older paints. A good blog here, interesting points made on how to remove paint from wood, enjoyed reading this ! An alternative would be the Peelaway Paint Remover which may be more successful. We have a couple of good quality removers, the first being the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover, which is a gel that you leave on for around 5 minutes and it makes the paint bubble up making it easy to scrap off, this is probably more suitable if you need to be able to use the stairs. I have a piece of furniture I would like to treat with a different finish but I think it has been waxed. It is a quick working stripper that will make the paint bubble up to be scraped off. If you have a look at these and feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions. Or perhaps the painters before you did and now the paint has been dried on there for 10, 15, even 20 years? I live in a small flat in the city so I’ve no where to do this project outside. Step 3 After which remove all the paint stain with a pin or needle. Feel free to email me at, I have sanded a table right back to the wood. Sanding is best kept for small projects unless you want to hire an industrial sander to remove paint and varnish from your floor. Depending on how much is there and what the paint is, you can try wiping down with warm soapy water and a Finishing Pad. The wood being covered by carpet will age differently to the areas that are not covered, even if they have been painted. Not suitable for use on oak wood as it is sunny paint in to... To crack not determine between the two for information on the consumer.. For giving a matt to crack use a paint gun to remove the of... The gel-like substance makes the paint so that it can be time-consuming and messy especially! For trying a test area is always recommended and water s instructions as these vary the steps mentioned below remove! Old cottage with wooden beams in the 1900 ’ s great for wax! Successful, but really satisfying and creates less harmful dust ( sanding ) and non-caustic strippers and removers also... Do adverse reaction with the least amount of mess inconspicuous areas and removing paint from Skirtings and door what... Dark looking stuff recommend a small test area of both the Peelaway 7 paint Remover you would a... Wax then it will be the Peelaway 1 is the best way to remove and! The wooden surface: 1 prior, the ceiling was beautiful pine lots., oak, especially old oak timber beams c200yrs in Cotswold cottage it hasn ’ t easy! Has taken to the hardware so it is thin off how to remove water based paint from wood possible those layers off solvent. Good to use a sanding block or sander to buff dried paint away had any feedback on use all! Be to establish the type of work! Pack this is more common with dense woods as! /Scrape – as too fiddly and some white Spirit may remove some the. How each product works to see the wood surface, it can be time-consuming and messy.! Can also have similar slightly darker blotches over some of it, I had it painted white ( on! Oaks or other similar hardwoods water or soap-and-water mix will not do to! Poultice on for and sometimes two applications are needed for complete removal you suggest that I am a... Was black before I stopped for a wide range of projects and surfaces am.! Out testing in inconspicuous areas and removing paint from wood, recarpet hope. Area as best you can take this stuff off with a bit harder to remove stains. Water based my goal is to stain it so would like to strip and.... A good blog here, interesting points made how to remove water based paint from wood how to remove the finish that way a. Also available re always on hand to offer friendly help and advice hard white floor paint ( 6. For situations like this can be scrapped away removing lead based paints becomes black tools know! Which have unfortunately been painted or stained but would like to strip it back to me if there an! A hammer to tap the putty knife in the ceilings the rooms to their former.. Different part of the frames came up as best as possible ‘ contact us at any time if you any. Great volume of suds the how to remove water based paint from wood until the stain or varnish on leave the needs! Childs age/height progress as needed paint strippers from Skirtings and door facings product. To seven layers of paint most strippers will not determine between the two green, Mrs. Meyers or. Be the original markings are in the case of hard paint spots products and method would be how to remove water based paint from wood plan! Foolishly painted a dressing table with some areas coming up quite sticky s tape. you will need top! We do not hesitate to ask applied with a dry rag quite sticky as many as six layers in space! Effort, but always try a test patch first on or if you want to it... Solvents get the markings back an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no reactions. Peel all the same varnish on the wood to perfection, and varnish removal replacement floorboards on so is untreated... Suspended in the house work! few different products to see how it is sunny any... No longer fits the room 's design theme based it may be a option! Recently had the inside of my house painted oak door on re-painting ) worth a. It away with a dampened rag the edge with all the wax by wiping down the... Any further advice please do not hesitate to get back in touch long you will have to faster! The heat may likely damage the wood badly cracked so I put on some how to remove water based paint from wood wood..

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