The path is not waymarked and has many variations. Had a great evening with John at the cafe. Our Cape Wrath Classic route takes a selection of the best bits of this fantastic wilderness, walking from Cape Wrath to end in the fishing village of Lochinver. It is around 320km (200 miles) long and passes through some of Scotland's wildest and most spectacular scenery. No planning. Alex Roddie walked it solo this summer; here are his top tips for success. Cape Wrath Trail 19 Days, 250 Miles, Self-Supported Walk, Solo. Starting the 4th of May 2019, Megan Parker, Forest Manager in our Dingwall Office will walk the entirety of the Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland’s most remote and rugged long-distance trail. March 13, 2019 at 10:19 AM Some things, however, definitely took us by surprise. There is no single definitive route. When it comes to awe-inspiring long-distance walks across the British Isles, there are only a handful with the sort of Odyssean pull as the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. The CWT is one of those routes that become part of a bucket list or a "one day" kind of adventure - don't let this happen. all the best John. In this series, I look back on my three-week solo hike along the Cape Wrath Trail: Scotland’s most challenging long-distance trail. May 9, 2018 - ... but how my Harry Potter fangirling was satisfied anyway. I kept a daily log on the walk and in the months that followed I expanded this into a … Along this journey through some of the most difficult terrain the Scottish highlands have to offer, I had to deal with marshy trails, missing supplies, friendly Scots and being completely shut off from the modern world. This is how I deal with potential fears. I look forward to the final instalament! Solo across Scotland on Cape Wrath Trail. I prepared extensively for the Scottish trip. Now I’m a freelance, I can (kind of) afford to allow myself time to complete the Trail in my own time, at a pace that suits the conditions and my own fitness. Just putting one foot in front of the other and experiencing whatever the trail gives to me. In fact it's only 200 - 250 miles. Here's our advice after spending two weeks on the Cape Wrath Trail, with links to the most helpful articles online and our own (slightly adapted) itinerary. The Cape Wrath Trail does not offer hikers the luxury of certainty: flexibility is a critical part of the trailblazer’s mountain kit. I met several walkers who did the trail north (from the Cape) to south (Ft. William) and actually had to skip Cape Wrath due to it being inaccessible. Cape Wrath Trail Backpacking Gear List, Explained Philip Werner Gear Lists , Scotland The Cape Wrath Trail travels up the west coast of Scotland, beginning in Fort William, and ending at Cape Wrath which is the northernmost point of Britain. The Cape Wrath Trail travels up Scotland from Fort William to Cape Wrath, an isolated lighthouse at the most north westerly point of Britain. Covering 330km (205 miles), the Cape Wrath Trail twists over Britain’s wild northwest from Fort William to Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly point of the British mainland. I'd read tons of trail descriptions and copied multiple ones to my kindle. Nonetheless, my trip was amazing! You’ll enjoy a genuine wilderness experience coupled with warm highland hospitality and a chance to see a fantastic range of wildlife. I was planning on completing the West Highland Way, which I did, and then hoped to do parts of the extremely difficult Cape Wrath Trail… Day one: Durness to Cape Wrath Upon embarking on a solo long distance walk, one expects that they will encounter their fair share of hardship along the trail, and that their original plans will morph as conditions change and various obstacles arise. It's often touted as Britain's toughest long distance walk, due to its pathless sections, remoteness, and Scotland's fierce weather. The Cape Wrath Trail is considered the UK's toughest long distance walk. Cape Wrath - the most north-westerly point in Britain. There is a lot of really great info online about the Cape Wrath Trail. Pack light. Other resources online make it sound incredibly hard, but I think it is manageable for any prepared hiker. Crossing such empty country, it is for the experienced backpacker only. Playing next. I'd read tons of trail descriptions and copied multiple ones to my kindle. Starting on Thursday 6 th May from Banavie station Fort William and reaching Cape Wrath late morning on Tuesday 18 th May. It's not the longest. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete and is considered the most difficult long-distance walk in the UK. Two cousins embark on thru-hiking the 330km Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. It made the Cape Wrath Trail seem all the more appealing; I felt more confident than ever that this would be the attempt that took me all the way to Cape Wrath’s storm-blown lighthouse. Nothing but wet: A fitting description for the sopping, bog-ridden, loch-riven world through which the Cape Wrath Trail wends. It's also arguably the best. Arrived there in the afternoon, after completing the Cape Wrath Trail. It’s for fit, experienced and able walkers. Introduction to the Cape Wrath Trail (South) This is the southern section of our Cape Wrath Trail.This 6 day walk starts at the remote Kinloch Horn and takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery that the Scottish Highlands have to offer, finishing where the trail passes near Ullapool. The Cape Wrath Trail is considered the hardest hiking route in the United Kingdom. A broad track cuts up the first of the trail’s many glens, Cona Glen. The Cape Wrath Trail is a challenging route from Fort William to Cape Wrath. As my confidence grew, so did the scale of the coronavirus crisis. I was planning on completing the West Highland Way, which I did, and then hoped to do parts of the extremely difficult Cape Wrath Trail… Not much people go there, but crazy guys seem to be over represented, which provides John with a lot of funny anecdotes ! There are a million different variations, directions, and ideas when it comes to this route. Ben Turner, who served in the army for seven years, will attempt to break the record in April in a solo effort that will endure him running non-stop on the 230-mile Cape Wrath Trail. As much I enjoyed the former two, it was the 10 days I … It is for that reason I like to keep an open mind; I… Even so, such knowledge doesn’t prepare you for quite how hauntingly wild it gets. The Cape Wrath Trail is a 230 mile, 3-week challenge through wild and magnificent landscapes, such as Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt. The Cape Wrath Trail was designed to thrill – and makes a point of avoiding roads. I prepared extensively for the Scottish trip. Report. The Cape Wrath Trail. Located in Scotland, it runs from Fort William, through the Highlands and Western Scotland, to the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the northwestern-most point of Scotland. The Cape Wrath Trail is challenging and frustrating, mostly because the "Cape Wrath Trail" is something that someone (probably on the internet) made up. Another option is to walk the epic Cape Wrath Trail. Stretching approximately 230 miles (370 km) from the Highland hub of Fort William to the remote lighthouse of Cape Wrath, it is an unmarked and sometimes trailless route that passes through the wild and spectacular landscapes of northwestern Scotland. Castleberg Outdoors. The Cape Wrath Trail is regarded as the toughest long-distance route in Britain and offers unparalleled freedom and adventure to the experienced and self-sufficient backpacker prepared to walk for many days in remote wilderness. Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that runs through the Scottish Highlands and along the west coast of Scotland.. It will be a trail of two halves and I know I will enjoy all of it without any trepidation at all! Sourlies bothy. The trip basically consisted of three hikes: the Skye Trail, a loop around Cairngorm NP, and the Cape Wrath Trail. The reason the mileage is approximate is because there is not an actual trail. This is my Cape Wrath Trail, which I walked alone and unsupported in 2004. 17-dec-2016 - ... but how my Harry Potter fangirling was satisfied anyway. The Cape Wrath Trail is the wildest and toughest long-distance hike in the UK.

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