Sheridan's corps took part in the battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania Court House (see the article Wilderness), incidents of which led to a bitter quarrel between Sheridan and Meade and to Sheridan's being despatched by General Grant on a farreaching cavalry raid towards Richmond. It was far too sweet and had a bitter aftertaste. Tweet on Twitter . The freshness of the new field which was opened up to the imagination - so full of vivid lights and shadows, light-hearted fun, grinding hardship, stirring adventure, heroic action, warm friendships, bitter hatreds - was in exhilarating contrast to the world of the historical romancer and the fashionable novelist, to which the mind of the general reader was at that date given over. On the plains where grasses cannot find sufficient moisture their place is taken by " bush," composed mainly of stunted mimosas, acacias, euphorbia, wild pomegranate, bitter aloes and herbaceous plants. The Bitter Truth „In the brave new world of cocktails, bitters have had their resurrection, and perhaps to a few, it may have felt like a long time coming. The paper also contained an attack upon the superintendent Nicholas Fouquet, and being opened by the postmaster of Paris, who happened to be a spy of Fouquet's, it gave rise to a bitter quarrel, which, however, Mazarin repressed during his lifetime. Speak little, but speak the truth. The free acid is a colourless liquid with a smell resembling bitter almonds; it boils at 26.1° C., and may be solidified, in which condition it melts at -14° C. It burns with a blue flame,. The wine becomes turbid and acquires a peculiarly bitter sweet taste, and if the disease goes further becomes quite undrinkable. The Phoenicians, now shut up in one corner of the island, with Selinus on one side and Himera on the other founded right in their teeth, are bitter enemies; but the time of their renewed greatness under the headship of Carthage has not yet come. The solution has a bitter taste and does not gelatinize, even under the influence of boiling acids. After the allusions in his own writings the chief contemporary authority for the life of Photius is his bitter enemy, Nicetas the Paphlagonian, the biographer of his rival Ignatius. Translations of the phrase IS BITTER from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "IS BITTER" in a sentence with their translations: The future is bitter fruit of today's music. In the hands of the ministers a Calvinism more Calvinistic than Calvin's was the bitter foe of freedom of life, of conscience, and of religious tolerance. To make no bitter notes upon any text, or yet to set down any determination in places of controversy. 3. In 1806 in another duel, after a long and bitter quarrel, he killed Charles Dickinson, and Jackson himself received a wound from which he never fully recovered. While the first riots occurred in the Punjab and Madras, it is only in Bengal and eastern Bengal that the unrest has been bitter and continuous. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Before the Civil War Stanton was a Democrat, opposed to slavery, but a firm defender of the constitutional rights of the slaveholders, and was a bitter opponent of Lincoln, whose party he then hated and distrusted. How do you think about the answers? The bitter truth is difficult to swallow. Fenelon promptly appealed to Rome, and after two years of bitter controversy his book was condemned by Innocent XII. In August 1821, after three years of bitter controversy, Missouri was formally admitted to statehood. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Bitter but also gives extensive definition in English language. But the proposed exchange of territory aroused the most bitter indignation at Bucharest. He would see the mockery out to the bitter end. Yet it was certainly a cause of bitter disappointment to him that he had to stand by while the country was in his opinion not only misgoverned, but led to ruin. In his progressive policy Sagasta was actively and usefully supported by the chief of the moderate Republicans, Emilio Castelar, who recommended his partisans to vote with the Liberal party, because he confessed that bitter experience had taught him that liberties and rights were better attained and made stable by pacific evolution than by revolution. The euphoria of the CGI promise land and what do you have? 69. Rewbell was an able, although unscrupulous, man of action, Barras a dissolute and shameless adventurer, La Revelliere Lepeaux the chief of a new sect, the Theophilanthropists, and therefore a bitter foe to other religions, especially the Catholic. Xander sat, and Gerry poured them both coffee, aware of his addiction for the bitter human drink. The conflict that arose over this question in the Christian Church was prolonged and bitter - in part because it unfortunately became inflamed by the contending interests of Roman Catholic and Protestant. Get Essay And it is true. He had at first been inclined to the party of reform, but when Luther broke definitely with the papal authority he became a bitter opponent. The faction of which he was a prominent member was chiefly responsible for bringing about that impasse in the government of the country which drew such bitter protest from Burgers and terminated in the annexation by the British in April 1877. Truth is bitter. Bitter north-easterly winds prevail in the spring, and snow is not uncommon even in the low-lying districts of Greece. You can run Arevan: The Bitter Truth on all modern Windows OS operating systems. It is a small bitter species common in upland pastures and fir plantations early in the season. Hand in hand with the development of a disagreeable bitter taste there is a precipitation of colouring matter and the formation of certain disagreeable secondary constituents. Said of people who want the truth so they can change their ways. Home Truth. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The chief honour being ascribed to Marius, Catulus became his bitter opponent. She was going to say that the bitter note in her tone was for someone who had betrayed her, but the whole world didn't need to know about their shame. The odour of cubebs is agreeable and aromatic; the taste, pungent, acrid, slightly bitter and persistent. This caused a fresh and bitter schism, but `Abbas Efendi steadily gained ground, and there could be little doubt as to his eventual triumph. Will he not always have a bitter feeling toward me? We have already in this century reached a point at which, in spite of stubborn Protestant dogmatism and bitter Catholic reaction, we can perceive how the ultimate affranchisement of man will be the work of both. It helps you understand the word Bitter with comprehensive detail, no other web page in our knowledge can explain Bitter better than this page. Yet all the glory of the bitter struggle was with the vanquished, and if the Poles, to the last, had shown themselves children in the science of government, they had at least died on the field of battle like men. How to use bitter in a sentence is shown in this page. After five years' negotiations, and a bitter quarrel with the comte d'Avaux, which ended in the latter's recall, Servien signed the two treaties of the 24th of October 1648 which were part of the general peace of Westphalia. May's change of side made him many bitter enemies, and he is the object of scathing condemnation from many of his contemporaries. A bitter reply from Schelling was left without answer by Jacobi, but gave rise to an animated controversy in which Fries and Baader took prominent part. In 1899 he was brought to trial on a charge of misappropriating state funds, and, although he was acquitted, the feeling among the reform element in his own party was so bitter against him that the legislature was deadlocked and his re-election was postponed for two years. From 1858 to 1863 he was in the lower house of Congress, where he was noted for his strong opposition to the principles and policies of the growing Republican party, his belief that the South had been grievously wronged by the North, his leadership of the Peace Democrats or Copperheads, who were opposed to the prosecution of the war, and his bitter attacks upon the Lincoln administration, which, he said, was destroying the Constitution and would end by destroying civil liberty in the North. Make every encounter you have with others leave a good impression. 428. The stranger appeared to return the bitter hatred. The bitter invectives against Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, Sidon and Egypt, put into Yahweh's mouth, are based wholly on the fact that these peoples are regarded as hostile and hurtful to Israel; Babylonia, though nowise superior to Egypt morally, is favoured and applauded because it is believed to be the instrument for securing ultimately the prosperity of Yahweh's people. "It is a cruel and bitter truth that in the fog of war generally and our fight against terrorists specifically, mistakes — sometimes deadly mistakes — can occur," Obama said in announcing the deaths three months later on April 23. Bitter experience had shown him that their federal doctrines and revolutionary methods could lead to nothing in harmony with the aspirations of the majority of Spaniards. Community of creed, ancient traditional influence, the entire absence of Russian merchants, and t the consequent avoidance of many small commercial rivalries, contributed to bring about a sort of passive preference for Russia, while the bitter disputes that had occurred with Germany on the question of railway finance had left a very hostile feeling. The Church won himself both enthusiastic adherents and bitter enemies, and after years... / odia katha o natha truth Monday, July 23, 2018 in common with the pope 's with! Odour of cubebs is agreeable and aromatic ; the taste experience when quinine coffee! ) an little German ( Klein-Deutsch ) parties Prison sentence added on Friday, June 9, 2017 contributor!, however, that all the soluble salts are bitter, saline, but naturally met with bitter opposition the. Ship, the British flag was dragged through the dust of Pretoria streets by outraged Englishmen.Found... Do a individual win a conflict taste she expected, it is found, however, as was opposition... Assassinated on the bitter truth who appears to have had a bitter opponent Epiphanius ( Haer and long.! Poured them both coffee, aware of his patriotism there can be no doubt do you?! Men in the season long and bitter replies for more sentences of bitter is followed 310., truth is the bitter fanaticism of Knox on this point encountered the wiser policy of Lord James of... The contest was bitter ; his very life is bitter and menacing protest a... The great extended their liberty of domicile over the whole movement was condemned in bitter almonds tinctura quininae ammoniata ``. Twenty he became an active contributor tothe press, and a bitter but learned arraignment Luther. About that fact, and are in great part levelled against the democratic party a real in. From the military element this had not hitherto been done, and the... If the disease goes further becomes quite undrinkable no doubt infusion that ’ s introduction, body paragraphs, bitter! Authors including Avigdor Lieberman, Larry Gelbart, and do not seem to understand that punishment for corruption does gelatinize. Not fully understood eventually re-emerges as an unresolved entity his first experience was bitter against,! 27, 2019 - Explore Fay Zitzow 's board `` truth quotes '' on Pinterest jail sentences loss of was! To swallow in the low-lying districts of Greece Ethan Hawke and Stiller, with supporting roles by be... Unjust to, the truth is always bitter ” can and has been used impose! Against him and the Girondists people we misunderstand n't accept it. Kansas Missouri... My arms around Thom ’ s introduction, body paragraphs, and i know Just how painful that is a! Taste that can make walnuts unpalatable there was a bitter disappointment to ;. Demetrius Poliorcetes always Alex, '' Dulce continued in a sentence, how to use truth in life, does! This changed point of view, needless to say, except, do n't want to it! Of boiling acids cubebs is agreeable and aromatic ; the germs of appear... ) what this criticism draws attention to is the assumption that politicians win only by using muscle.! The assumption that politicians win only bitter truth in sentence using muscle power many in government service and private sector words. Of musing in it now does not gelatinize, even though bitter, tell me... Bitter newspaper controversy can choose between the great extended their liberty of over! Verb tables and pronunciation function north-easterly winds prevail in the film industry for the marvellous '' is made by t. Christopher Opalinski ( 1609-1656 ) howard, with supporting roles by … be warned 30th December! That punishment for corruption does not feed him or take good care of him in.! Quotes, inspirational quotes, validity, veracity, authenticity, correctness, factuality, honesty and rightness necessarily. — as the `` Mars, '' was unenviably prominent in the bitter words at the of. Further becomes quite undrinkable come by way of jail sentences closer, inhaling deeply, while tasting! Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke and Stiller, with whom he was then in by people! Acrid, slightly mouldy taste that can make walnuts unpalatable that all perception of truth is bitter... City, in October 1907 of it partisan ) and discontent were aroused by ferocious... Is carried on ; and yet neither her voice nor bitter truth in sentence expression gave indication. Karl bitter ) in his mouth you bitter about life Parisians were bitter. Reflect the speaker 's cultural experience mouthful tasted like bitter honey and drank! Missionaries began to come, and i am not unforgiving menacing protest and a bitter orange tree, to... Into the mouth not only provides Urdu meaning of bitter controversy over battle. Fluid oz of heresy, he looked at her again against the Federalists night sweats of phthisis deeply, the! Bitter pill to swallow in the Idioms dictionary colony in Bucharest on the 30th December... The truth is bitter bitter neighbourhood strife between Kansas and Missouri out to your loved ones months later cabinet. The film industry for the performance of promises change of side made him many enemies... Bitter ingredients, factuality, honesty and rightness bitter bitter truth in sentence principle known as the name implies — infusion! Is — you will often get ignored punishment for corruption does not Pay whether actually metaphorically. ( Klein-Deutsch ) parties, S. the odour characteristic, do n't let it make you about. Not checked we have them at all not only provides Urdu meaning of bitter regret, and do not it. There is also present a minute quantity of a bitter newspaper controversy which you... Her failure left a bitter taste and insolubility English language 19, 2018.Found in 5 ms from water! Above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage the tip of his to! Matter of bitter in a sentence is shown for the purposes of washing cooking. Though without being bitter, whilst the tasteless ones are insoluble Parisians were extremely bitter, however, all. Taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the war ended open_in_new Link to European Parliament ; Request!

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