I am staying in the pueblo but will want to enjoy the beach, too. Many of them have a consummation minimum. Gracias! It has dreamy views of the ruins and it’s also a good beach to take a snorkeling tour from. Luxury Real Estate for sale. It’s hard to access the beach unless you go through one of these hotels, as the resorts attempt to preserve some sense of exclusivity for their guests. Popular attractions Playa Paraiso and Tulum Beach are located nearby. The Solo Girls Guide To Traveling Without Fear, The Solo Girls Guide To Becoming A Digital Nomad, What I Learned Traveling Solo in Colombia as a Woman, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O06JnmTp2GM. Ok let’s get down to it, where are the best beaches in Tulum? On the north side as it’s less built up and the roads are wider. 3. Splurge in one of our 8 Junior Suites, or choose our equally lovely Deluxe or Rooftop. Answer 1 of 2: So it sounds like all/most beaches are lined with commercial property. The main town of Tulum (referred to as Tulum Pueblo) is about 3 miles from the coast, and Tulum National Park takes up the area between them. Tulum Beach 2.5 mi. Tulum National Park 2.7 mi. At night, join the clubbing scene and be part of the vibrant life. I have heard that it is pretty easy to crash some resorts beach as long as you are buying food/drink. With 18 luxurious, rustic cabanas and bungalows set on the pristine white-sand dunes of Playa Pescadores, our accommodations provide an … However, most of them will allow you to walk through the property and head to the beach. One of the best beaches anywhere, and I know of whence I speak. Playa Ruinas. Fine-grained bleached sand, and gentle waves that lap the shoreline. You can reach this small, beautiful, white sand beach via a staircase from the Tulum archeological ruins. Public access is easy here and you will find plenty of places you can enter easily. Tulum Beach is beautiful but past "Mirador Tulum Beach" access is limited. Use it to browse through the hotel packages and compare the prices. If you want to go to the south Tulum beaches, you need to just follow the road around to the right. It’s actually a bit more tricky when you want to leave as they don’t like you to pass back through unless you really did by a drink! Drive – Personally I always rent a car and drive in Tulum. Playa Paraiso 1.8 mi. It’s a nice flat ride to the beach from Tulum town and most of it is on a bike path. But if you book a tour then will take you out to the reef in a boat. I don’t really drink alcohol these days and find navigating Tulum much easier (and cheaper) in a car. Taxi – If you don’t want to bike or rent a car then I would recommend taking a taxi. Rustic-Chic Bungalows & Cabanas on the Tulum Beachfront Escape and unwind on the oceanfront of the Yucatan Peninsula enchanting Tulum. Do make sure you ask around though and negotiate the price as if you don’t mind haggling with the vendors you can get a great deal. When you reach the end of the road you have two options. Anyway, Secret beach is the best beach in Tulum, Mexico if you want to get right off the beaten path. My first night of vacation I like to try and go for a quick dip in the ocean. If not there is some on-road parking and car parks on the south side. Tulum Beach Keeping in mind that we all have different ideas of what the perfect vacations looks like. The beach is beautiful here. It’s also a very wide section of the beach so overcrowding isn;t so much of an issue here. Because it’s so close to the ruins it is a popular beach with tourists and it’s one many of the tours visit. Gran Cenote 4.8 mi. This area has a very relaxed, bohemian feel to it. If you prefer to rent a sun lounger and umbrella the cost is around $200 pesos for the day. That said all of the beaches in Tulum are stunning and so it doesn’t really matter where you go as you can expect white sand and turquoise-colored waters. What to do. Best for Families: La Zebra. Coco Tulum may come across as an elite beach club as the all-white decor blends perfectly with the white sand and sky-blue waves. It’s going to be a long bike ride and if you drive be prepared for a bumpy ride as the road through Sian Ka’an is well known for being terrible. Although to be honest I’ve never personally done this because they are pretty infrequent but if you see one you can flag it down. Set about 6 km from Tulum Archeological Site, Yaxiik Villa 23 by Nalum offers accommodation with an outdoor pool and free WiFi. It will take you down past the big supermarket. Another beautiful Tulum beach on the northern side. By far the easiest way to get onto the best public beaches in Tulum Mexico is to just walk on through the entrance to one of the beach clubs. Playa Paraiso is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not just in Tulum. Ruins. It’s not a long or a hard walk, but there isn’t much shade and the sun is punishing. COPYRIGHT © 2020 CABAÑAS • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Since then I’ve navigated a successful career in digital marketing, published two books about solo travel, and firmly established myself as a travel influencer. Tulum’s reputation for stunning aesthetics rests largely on … “ Real Tulum experience Night sleep 10/10 Staff 10/10 Beach 10/10 Special experience 10/10 This is the way to do tulum the right way It’s very chilled - you can go to b tulum … They can be a bit hidden… or just walk through a hotel and tell them you are going to the beach club! It’s why they named it paradise beach after all! As you walk along the beach, you cannot resist the urge to step into one of these clubs for a bite or a drink. Share. Also, if you are planning on spending the day at the beach sometimes it’s worth going to one of the beach clubs in Tulum? It also means you can lay on a sun lounger and have access to the restrooms. Be sure to take your own supplies here with you though as this whole area is totally underdeveloped. 4. It normally works just fine. Tulum Archaeological Site: Beach access - See 29,470 traveler reviews, 31,640 candid photos, and great deals for Tulum, Mexico, at Tripadvisor. The town is found on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and has stunning natural beauty all along the Boca Paila – a strip running alongside the sea. P.S. Personally, I normally go to a beach club as I like to spend the day there so having bathrooms, a sunbed, and food and drink available are important to me. When I’ve tried to do this with my Mexican friends it’s always hit and miss if we get away with it or not. I’m staying on the jungle side down by aura beach club and Agua hotel. Are you ready to book your trip? If you do this just make sure you bring your own food and drink and a beach umbrella if you have one for some shade. Some places call themselves a Hotel and Beach club but don’t allow outside guests (I’m looking at you Be Tulum*), and others don’t call themselves a beach club but allow access to non guests. I won’t arrive until around 8-830 pm and as far as I know Aura closes at 9. Tulum Mayan Ruins 2.7 mi. Tulum in 5 days, beaches and suggested paths, When does sargassum hit Tulum? Slightly more secluded than Playa Paraiso with no restaurants or vendors it’s quieter here than the other beaches. I’m staying on the jungle side down by aura beach club and Agua hotel. Don’t be put off by the barrier, it’s a public road. Above everything else, enjoy your stay and toss your troubles away. Why? and unoccupied lounge chairs just waiting for your butt (yes, yours!) So, in this blog post, I’m going to share the best beaches in Tulum and give you some tips for getting on the beach without having to pay! Take a look at this blog post on the best Tulum beach clubs for more info about my favorite ones. You can also cash in on the discount packages offered from time to time. Use of beach beds and beach area in front of rooms is for exclusive use of our guests. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, We have just arrived in Tulum, staying in town close to road to the beach. Located 2.1 km from Paraíso Beach, the property provides a garden and free private parking. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Located about 75 miles to the south of Cancun, lies the mostly untouched stretch of beach land that is Tulum, Mexico. In Tulum, however, this doesn’t necessarily ring true. North Tulum beach is still very open to beach goers. Shade spots from the palms as you sit on the sand (extra points!) The North Tulum beaches, and the South Tulum beaches. On the north side of the beach road. While in Tulum, Mexico,  take some time out to sample what the city’s shops have to offer. Colectivo – Another option is a local colectivo. Yes you can find a way to the beach at south Tulum beach packed with hotels. They are better if you don’t want to shell out for a beach club. This makes it easy for you to access the beach. To get to the northern beach in Tulum you will need to go around the roundabout thing and turn left. Then just keep on walking right on through to the other side. Tulum is actually pretty spread out so if you are not staying in the beach hotel zone of Tulum then you will need to get yourself to the beach. This beach is the perfect one to visit if you are also visiting Tulum ruins as it’s right below the archeological site. Instead, the beachfront is lined up by beach clubs and cabanas. If you want some peace and quiet and to escape the crowds this is the beach for you. The stairs are located as you traverse the path to approach the Castillo along the cliffs overlooking the water. Las Palmas Public Beach 1.5 mi. 6. These hotels seem to forget the 20 meter federal land belongs to the public. While at the beach, you can relax and build sand castles with your children or swim in the nearby ocean. You walk far out in the water and its still shallow. If you do walk, coverup and bring plenty of water. You must walk through a resort/boutique motel to access. A BEAUTIFUL PLACE FULL OF MAGIC AND TRADITION. Parking can be pretty tight on the south side as the roads are narrow, but there is generally lots of parking. There are facilities a short walk away on the other beaches, so if you do get hungry then you can always take a walk to the next Tulum beach along. If anyone asks you, tell them you are going for a drink. There are some hotels which charge a small fee in order to access the beach. I’m Claire Summers, a travel obsessed digital nomad with an inability to pack light and a weakness for tacos. With so much coastline to choose Plan your trip to Tulum early in advance especially if you are travelling during a peak tourist season. Tulum is a beach bum’s paradise with long stretches of silky-smooth sand, where only the gentle swishing of turquoise waters disturbs the shore. Book the Tulum/free Access Beach/free Breakfast - Stay at this B&B in Tulum. Because most of the time I can simply just walk right on through the hotels and resorts acting like I belong there and 9 times out of 10 no one will question me. The Beach Tulum Hotel features 28 rooms with fabulous amenities in an eco-friendly upscale style. The north beaches in Tulum are less developed, and in my opinion more beautiful. Parque Nacional Tulum is 3.2 km from the holiday home, while Tulum … Tulum is really spread out and you really need to know where to find the best parts. For this, you can normally get lunch and a soft drink or 2. Tulum Beach is beautiful but past "Mirador Tulum Beach" access is limited. In the daytime, you can sit on the swing and enjoy the breathtaking view of the wave, or you can spread a towel and lay under the sun while you sip a chilled drink. If you want to pay money that comes in form of buying things from hotel. The hotels are all apparently supposed to allow access through their properties to said beach. Find out the one that plies from your region. Most of the spots are packed that are free. If you are visiting a beach club most of them have free parking. But wow, it’s worth it. At 34 I sold all my worldly possessions that wouldn’t fit into 3 boxes (or my backpack) and hit the road. Here’s the thing most of the fancy beach clubs and beach hotels in Tulum don’t want you to know… All beaches in Mexico are public. What recommendations do you all have for best beach access on bikes from town? Nonetheless, Tulum’s south beach … This is the best beach in Tulum Mexico if you want to eat the best ceviche in Tulum! South Playa is basically all of the Tulum beaches in the south of the hotel zone aka where all of the fancy hotels and beach clubs are. My first night of vacation I like to try and go for a quick dip in the ocean. However, this elegant place is in one of the cheapest places to travel.. Santa Fe Beach was one of Tulum’s original hangout spots before the tourism boom. And for me, it lead to a fair bit of confusion. Given Tulum’s growth in popularity as a vacation destination and the rise in short term rentals, you should expect to pay above average rent in Tulum than in other areas of Mexico. Tulum doesn’t have the best snorkeling.

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