Winter assumes correctly that Weiss has had problems with their father, so she presents Weiss with two options; Either Weiss could stay in touch with their father and his resources, or she could turn him away and explore as much as she could of both Remnant and herself. Klein Sieben | Asher Mora | God of Light | May Zedong, Team NDGO 21 RWBY watches Anime and TV » by LordDeadwing Following Volume 7 the character of RWBY are summoned to watch TV and Anime to recover and rest. She is first mentioned in "A Minor Hiccup". Comment. Like Weiss and other members of the Schnee family, she can also Summon versions of her past enemies to fight for her. Crushed underneath the ceiling of her house after the Nuckelavee caved it in. Jaune Arc | Saber Rodentia | James Ironwood | Tags. Yang pulled her motorcycle out of the hangar of the airship and she shivered from a cold gust. Temporal Theme Naming: Women with seasonal names in RWBY are all very plot significant. Feb 23, 2020 - Explore Kiya's board "rwby winter" on Pinterest. This proves to be the final straw for Winter, and it leads to her attacking Qrow. Enjoying it so much she decided to share the glory with her other female family members such as her sister Winter Schnee and her mother Willow Schnee, both of whom needed a good dicking. Angel of Death: RWBY x Mercenary Male Reader... 32.6K 597 2.2K Pyrrha Nikos, AKA the "Invincible Girl," the four-time champion of the Mistral Regional Tournaments, and a mascot for the cereal brand, "Pumpkin Pete's." Roy Stallion | Kobalt | Winter Schnee Aka- you're in the White fang and you plan to escape yet Marrow leaves without you. basically l wrote every season of RWBY in this. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weiss accordingly introduces Winter to Ruby, whom she finds "underwhelming" but nonetheless thanks for "taking an interest" in Weiss. However, before they can depart, the pair is stopped by Qrow Branwen, who proceeds to insult Winter and her boss, James Ironwood. Of the people I can see dying: Raven (at the end of Yang's arc), Ironwood, Ozcarpin (and for good this time). She wears a blue coat with a white trim, hoodie and sash. Winter shares her last name with the rest of her family, which is German for "Snow," following the color naming convention on Remnant. His luck hasn't changed here. Her Summons take on a white-blue coloration and emit a soft glow. She then goes on to criticize Weiss' "novice" performance in the Vytal Festival tournament, refusing to even classify it as a victory. Arslan Altan | Nora Valkyrie | See more ideas about rwby winter, rwby, rwby fanart. Her glyphs have many of the same effects that her sister's do, most notably including the ability to exert forces on herself and objects, which Winter uses to increase her speed to super-human levels and boost jumps. He is the uncle of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long and is the younger twin brother of Raven Branwen. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Weiss arrives at Vale's Cross Continental Transmit System tower to contact the Schnee Dust Company'sworld headquarters in Atlas for information. After some time, she was called back to Atlas by General Ironwood as he closed the kingdom's borders. Despite Weiss' ecstatic greeting, Winter's initial response is very cold, refusing to tell her sister either the reason for her presence or its duration. Penny Polendina | Nadir Shiko, Team BRNZ Octavia Ember, Team STRQ Weiss Schnee (younger sister)Whitley Schnee (younger brother)Jacques Schnee (father)Willow Schnee (mother)Nicholas Schnee (grandfather) † Unnamed Great-Grandfather † Her skills with her weapon are impressive, and although she was unable to land any serious blows on Qrow, she was able to parry and match all of his attacks for the duration of their fight. Winter was the unofficial second in command of the Atlesian military. At first glance, Winter appears to be a cold, dignified, and distant person who prefers to keep her emotions subdued and speaking in a very high-class, eloquent, almost robotic fashion. Team RWBY Brawnz Ni | Winter is shown to be ambidextrous or having some skill in wielding two weapons at once, as shown by her unique sword and dagger combination against Qrow Branwen in "It's Brawl in the Family.

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