Over one hundred and fifteen depression glass patterns were made in pink glass. Green Cameo Ballerina Depression Glass Footed Divided Relish Dish. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Pink Cherry Blossom is one of the most beautiful depression glass patterns and it is also the most reproduced. The shakers measure 4.25 inches tall. Hoosier Collectibles. Depression glass often has bubbles, imperfections, and marks because it was made using an inexpensive process and cheap materials. If Depression Glass was to be produced today, it would likely not be acceptable in the market due to a range of flaws associated with it. Miss America, with its raised diamond pattern, and the Mayfair open rose design were both manufactured by Hocking Glass Company, which crafted traditional place settings, including dinner plates, cup and saucer sets, and elaborate vases and candy dishes. Obtained via premiums in cereal boxes, purchased in dime stores, and given away as prizes in movie theaters, the colorful glass brightened the lives of homemakers facing harsh economic times. Jubilee Depression Glass. $65 OFFER. Jeannette Bottle Works was one of the primary producers of Depression glass. Pink Depression Glass Footed Bowl with Etched Border, Flowers. Pre-Owned. Home Goods Galore $42.14 . Common items like cups and saucers, bread and butter plates, and sherbet dishes can usually be found at a reasonable price. The glass wares have become expensive because they have become collectibles over the years. Collectible Depression Glass and Vintage Items Galore. C $14.15. While serious collectors long for a pitcher or salt and pepper pair to complete American Sweetheart sets, it can be difficult to make the monetary sacrifice, which can be upwards of $750. There were access to raw materials and power. Thank you! Website. Shop today! Get the best deals on Pink Depression Glass. Go. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Did you know, however, that it didn’t receive the popular name until much later, even though its making dates back to 1500’s Venice? Tip 1: Know your history. With such high production, the price on a pair of glass tumblers during the Depression was only five cents. Made by all the glass companies at the time, pink was cast in many hues, from light pink to almost a dark peachy pink, depending on how long the glass companies let their batch glass "cook" and what quality controls were in place for color stabilization. She's written over 400 articles on antique collecting for The Spruce Crafts. Pink Wheel Cut Depression Glass Canoe Shape Pickle Dish. Pre-Owned. 0 bids. Vintage Pink Depression Glass Bowl Candy Dish . I recommend several books to help you, Collectors’ Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene Florence (later editions have helpful piece guides) , Elegant Glass by Coe and Coe and Collectible Glassware from … Cameo Pattern. $45.00. $35.00. Look for some of these distinguishing features: 1. 0 bids. The Mayfair three-legged console bowl and the Miss America divided relish dish are both rare pieces that can run into the thousands of dollars—if you can locate one. This is the first book to extensively cover only Depression Era pink glass; pink was the most popular color of glassware then and has retained its popularity to the present day. However those flaws are the characteristics used by collectors to identify original glass wares that were produced in the depression era. Depression glass was always made using bright colors. $45 OFFER. Popular and very expensive patterns have been reproduced. Pink Depression Glass Cereal Bowl Dogwood Pattern 1930s Era Pink Macbeth Evans ChickenScratchStore. Thus, a lack of wear can be a telltale sign of authenticity. Genuine depression glass was made by about 20 manufacturers, most commonly in colors like amber, pink, and green and more rarely in hues like purple, blue, and yellow. A few pieces of Delphite and opaque yellow have been found. Be a diligent shopper to find the best deals, and don't forget to haggle for a better price, when appropriate. Opaque glass 4. or best offer. Description: Pink, Depression Glass. Pink Depression glass can be surprisingly versatile in bedrooms, as well. There are no patterns exclusively made in pink glass. The Last Supper tray also came in aquamarine or teal colored. Will post more when I rearrange my displays :) Be a dear and subscribe! While a number of patterns have been heavily reproduced in pink glass, like Cherry Blossom and Madrid, other patterns only have one or two items that have been reissued, making it easy to keep track of what to avoid. Depression glassware was given away at movie theaters and gas stations to customers as a means of gaining business and keeping people coming back for more. The company was established in 1899 after a merger between the glass companies of Thomas Evans and George A. Macbeth. SET OF 4: Pink Depression Glass … $5.00. Interesting Gold Pattern along the edge. Engraved Pink Depression Glass Wine Cocktail Dessert Glasses Mixed Lot of 20. Pink Depression glass made it's high point from the late twenties into the mid-thirties, with a quick resurgence in the late 1940's. 3 GORGEOUS PINK DEPRESSION GLASS GLASSES~HOBNAIL PATTERN~BALL STEMS~13 cm tall You can learn tell-tales for most pieces that help you select only real, authentic 1930s-produced glassware but some pieces are darn hard to be certain.

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