Follow the track past several houses until it comes out onto the moorland. First person view of The Bad Step being traversed from the direction of Camasunary Bay to Loch Coruisk. Returning to the jetty you head back to Elgol with the great bulk of Blaven dominating the scene to your left. The water is used for an indoor farm fish is the nearby steading. After crossing some stepping stones and walking around the eastern shore of the loch, we start our climb up Sgurr na Stri. It can be reached by foot from Elgol or Sligachan, or by taking a boat trip from Elgol. Interesting hosts they have an on-board library and as you head across Loch Scavaig they provide an interesting perspective on life in this wild and scenic part of Skye. The circuit is boggy and has one ‘bad step’ where care is needed in bad weather, but this is a hike to remember. Along the way we should see seals – up to 150 or more on sunny days! It includes a traverse over the ledge of rock called the ‘Bad Step’, which is ominous. Sitting right in the heart of the Cuillins, Loch Coruisk must be one of Scotland’s most beautiful freshwater lochs. The Isle of Skye is famous for its local music and culture, and probably the most famous song which mentions the island is “The Skye Boat Song”. En route there are a number of bad steps of which the Bad Step itself is probably impassable without some basic climbing skills. We travelled as a couple and brought our dog on the Bella Jane to Loch Coruisk which travels from Elgol. The hike from Kilmarie to Coruisk via the Bad Step is one of the most spectacular and challenging of Skye's low-level walks (11 miles round-trip; allow at … Loch Coruisk is a 10.6 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Isle Of Skye, Highland, Scotland that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. All rights reserved. The full circuit around the loch is 7 km and takes 3.5 to 4 hours. Definate trip to take, especially in good weather. If walking only one side of the loch, the south side has easier going and the best views. Loch na Cuilce from summit of Sgurr na Stri: Loch na Cuilce and Loch Coruisk from the summit of Sgurr na Stri: We returned to the Coruisk Hut via the same route before spending our first night in the hut. You will then climb up to a large rock slab with exposure down to the sea and the Bad Step, which is a short grade 1 to 2 scramble. Other Options which are NOT easy - It is possible to use the boat to travel out to Loch Coruisk and then walk back to Elgol or across to Sligachan. Stay safe on the mountains with detailed weather forecasts - for iOS devices or for Android devices. The path is gravel with regular puddles. Includes advice and useful links. It is a hard trail requiring good boots, energy and general mountain skills. The circuit of Skye’s Loch Coruisk is one of Scotland’s most dramatic mountain walks. If you opt for the comfortable journey by boat, you will go past a seal colony and then have some time to walk along the shores of the loch. County/Area - Highland. Persönliche Anmerkungen: Lebensgefahr und Lebensgefährtin. Regular updates on how Covid 19 will impact on walking in the UK More info. Most of the walking is rough but not difficult. The following notes received from I H Cairns may help put the overall difficulties into perspective on the two options outlined above - "You should not underestimate walking to Coruisk via the Bad Step or from Coruisk to Sligachan. A fire beside the Sea and the Coruisk outflow/river. Can be reached by booking a boat trip with Misty Isle Boat trips from Elgol, highly recommended. A path is readily distinguishable and follows the cliff top above the shore to Glen Scaladal and then on to the beautiful Camasunary Bay. We used the excellent boat service provided by Anne and Gordon Smith aboard "Kaylee Jayne". Sailing to Loch Coruisk is only the start of the adventure. Some undoubtedly would prefer to be led up by a rope. To get to the Loch catch a boat from Elgol to Loch na Cuilce. This is a truly wild, special place. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and nature trips. Continue up the path. There is an option of starting one of the walks with a sea boat trip, visiting a seal colony and the picturesque Loch Coruisk, before setting off a cross-island walk. Sadly Loch Coruisk is not as well loved as the view of Wasdale Head in the Lake District because it is really difficult to get to Loch Coruisk as I found out on this walk. Loch Coruisk is a beautiful place and so serene. After passing the southern flanks of Blaven you get you first glimpse of the Black Cuillin across the bay and this easy half day will take you into the bowels of the jagged Cuillins. Highland Walk Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye. Loch Coruisk is a place of inspiration. As expected this Isle of Skye tour is unique and it takes you away from the crowds. below its mighty crags is picturesque Camasunary with two white-washed buildings helping to add scale to the rocky mass of Blaven. Falling creates further problems as it is a lonely place. Route Map Walk Grading. Author - Lou Johnson. The fifth stage of the Skye Trail follows remote Glen Sligachan to the beautiful bay at Camasunary where there is an MBA bothy. The superbly sited but inaccessible Loch Coruisk is surrounded by the bleak grandeur of Black Cuillin peaks, with island-speckled sea at its back. Loch Coruisk walk, Skye. The path raises and drops as you pass over this first section. Name: Loch Coruisk, Highland Place type: Inland Water Location: Grid Ref: NG 4842 2057 • X/Y co-ords: 148422, 820570 • Lat/Long: 57.20660019,-6.16750089 General fitness needs to be good for both walks. Length - 2.0 miles / 3.3 km. Those heading for Sligachan also have to contend with some potentially hard walking especially if is wet and boggy underfoot. From here a vertiginous cliff path with fantastic views across the water to the Cuillin reaches Elgol which has a shop, cafe, B&B and seafood restaurant. However be warned if you return to Elgol there are two river crossings which can be difficult in spate. A rucksack with spare clothes and a decent food supply would be needed. Am Basteir to Bruach na Frithe to Sgurr nan Gillean, Sgurr nan Eag, Sgurr Dubh Mor, and Sgurr Alasdair Circular Walk, Isle of Skye, Elgol, Camansunary Circular Walk, Isle of Skye and Loch Cill Chriosd Circular Route, Sgurr a Mhadaidh, Sgurr a Ghreadaidh, Sgurr na Banachdich. The walk from Elgol to Loch Coruisk starts near the top of the hill on the Broadford to Elgol public road as it drops down to the shore. Everywhere you look there are crags and mountains of spectacular proportions. Here we will walk the entire length of Britain’s shortest river - Scavaig. Whilst you are very likely to get wet feet from the boggy terrain, this is a small price to pay for the superlative mountain scenery along the way. As soon as you have turned the corner you are in a magnificent rocky amphitheatre. Er misst etwa 2,5 Kilometer in der Länge aber an der breitesten Stelle nur rund 400 Meter. However, there are two potential problems. The trip across Loch Scavaig passes quickly with your attention focused on the jagged skyline of the Black Cuillin. Pass through the gate and on up the track. Returning to the scene of my Sunday washout, Sligachan, I walked to a loch where those who know say is the greatest view in Britain. The journey to Elgol is a fine excursion with excellent views of mighty Blaven as you skirt the shores of Loch Slapin. The exposure is significant - 40 to 60 feet down to deep and cold water and there is no alternative route. The metal farm gate has a wooden kissing gate on the left hand side. Ascent - 200 feet / 61 metres . location only). Start - OS grid reference NG516135 Lat 57.144986 // Long -6.107971 Walk: Coruisk via the Bad Step in Scotland. I find it hard to describe just how incredible a day it was, it was full of love, joy and laughter. You can't walk all the way round in the one and a half hours ashore but you can go on one boat and come back later in the day on another. Digital Mapping Guide - a simple guide of how to start using digital mapping. After moving slowly past the colonies of common seals basking on the rocks just off the coast, Anne and Gordon drop you off at an isolated jetty in Loch na Cuilce, which is close to the Loch Coruisk memorial Hut marked on Ordnance Survey maps. There … The last glacier retreating about 10,000 years ago. Length - 2.0 miles / 3.3 km. Standing at the outflow of Loch Coruisk and looking out towards Eigg (I think Rum is off to the right an Soay just out of shot) The walk day My buddies on the trip to Skye had awoken in the drizzle and pretty much all headed up the Dubh Slabs, to then climb the Cuillin Ridge. Please ask permission to use site content and images. The path is rough and very boggy, with numerous river crossings. It was a good walk in from Kilmarie on the Elgol Road, up over the Am Mam pass and down to the remote settlement at Camasunary. Sadly all good things come to an end and disembarking you know that some day you will return perhaps to spend more time in magical Loch Coruisk. Time - 1 hours 10 minutes. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, and nature trips. The Path Less Traveled – A Walk Around Loch Coruisk Our group (minus eldest daughter who is taking the picture) ready to explore Loch Coruisk. In addition shortly after leaving Loch Coruisk you have to contend with the "bad step" and an awkward section of path with some exposure. With well over an hour to explore follow the path up to the point where the waters of Loch Coruisk flow down to the sea. Loch Coruisk is a popular tourist destination for walking, climbing and hiking. - many seabirds and, if we are lucky, even dolphins. Walk 1166 - printer friendly version Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye Walk. Coruisk is believed to have been formed around 280,000 years ago by glacial activity. We met Penelope and Martin at the jetty and sailed to Loch Coruisk. I speak with recent experience having spent two nights camping at Coruisk in September and walking both these routes". Start - OS grid reference NG516135Lat 57.144986 + Long -6.1079706Postcode IV49 9BJ (approx. Coruisk to Sligachan again requires good boots and energy but this is simply a hard walk and no more. Loch Coruisk (in Scottish Gaelic, Coire Uisg, the "Cauldron of Waters") is an inland fresh-water loch, lying at the foot of the Black Cuillin in the Isle of Skye, in the Scottish Highlands.. Loch Coruisk is reputed to be the home of a kelpie or water horse, a shape-shifting creature that can assume human form. Copyright © 1997 - 2020 Walking Britain. HIKING AROUND LOCH CORUISK ON SKYE. Loch Coruisk truly is inspirational. Inside the Coruisk Hut: Inside the Coruisk Hut: The next day, Bob, Cliff, Deirdre and I set off for Marsco. The trail is … Eine Wanderung um den See hat zirka 7 Kilometer – das Gebiet ist allerdings sumpfig. At the head of this we reach Loch Coruisk, but the best views need to be worked for. Few, however, realise that there is a direct connection between the Skye Boat Song and Loch Coruisk. It is advisable when taking the walk to Loch Coruisk to wear sturdy shoes or walking boots. A fantastic walk into the heart of the Cuillin mountains without any need to scale the heights. On a misty day good map awareness would be needed to get out of the immediate Coruisk area up and over the hill to Glen Sligachan. It’s a 11km one-way hike from Sligachan and 9km from Kilmarie. Loch Coruisk is separated from the sea by the River Scavaig known as one of the shortest rivers in the UK and is just a short walk from the jetty at Loch na Cuilce, a path for walkers is from here that will lead you around the Loch and into the Mountains if you are adventurous. Video - Elgol Boat Trip to Loch Coruisk . Key information: Loch Coruisk . Coruisk to Camasunary via the Bad Step is described in the Scottish Mountaineering Club's "Skye Scrambles" as a grade 1/2 Scramble. Author - Lou Johnson. Take a picnic or just walk around this beautiful loch. Living on the isolated island of Soay, "Kaylee Jayne" is their sole means of transport to and from their home. location only) Go to Highland Walks ... Unbelievable boat trip and walk. Once at the loch you can either retrace your steps (7miles) or, in good weather, leave Coruisk via its south seaward shore.

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