Sikkim has 75 Buddhist monasteries, the oldest dating back to the 1700s. [137], Beer, whiskey, rum and brandy are widely consumed in Sikkim,[138] as is tongba, a millet-based alcoholic beverage that is popular in Nepal and Darjeeling. [7] Sikkim's capital and largest city is Gangtok. Smart Cities. [72][73] The forested regions of the state exhibit a diverse range of fauna and flora. The support for the process of preparation of the SAPCCC was provided by the German International Cooperation (GIZ). If you are interested in writing a housing report please contact the WHE Editorial Board. In lower elevations are found juniper, pine, firs, cypresses and rhododendrons from the Eastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests. Sikkim has embarked on the path of developing strategies to remain carbon neutral. Panchayats (village councils) administer the villages and implement welfare programs. 100% Verified Properties. Nestling in the Himalayan mountains, the state of Sikkim is characterised by mountainous terrain. [149] The NIT Sikkim also has state of art super computing facility named PARAM Kanchenjunga which is said to be fastest among all 31 NITs. According to legend, Khye Bumsa, a 14th-century prince from the Minyak House in Kham in eastern Tibet, received a divine revelation instructing him to travel south to seek his fortunes. As of 2014[update], the state had the third-smallest GDP among Indian states,[10] although it is also among the fastest-growing. Noble orchid (top) is Sikkim's state flower. [22] However the Limbus and the Magars also lived in the inaccessible parts of West and South districts as early as the Lepchas perhaps lived in the East and North districts. In the last of these elections, two rival parties merged to form the Sikkim Congress, which swept the polls. Sikkim is blessed by a fertile land that largely supports agriculture. Some two-thirds of Sikkim consists of perpetually snow-covered mountains, dominated by the Kanchenjunga massif. Little is presently known about the music of Nepal, Bhutan, and. About one-fifth of the population consists of Scheduled Tribes (an official category embracing indigenous peoples who fall outside the predominant Indian social hierarchy). (2011) 607,688. The most prominent of these tribal groups are the Bhutia, the Lepcha, and the Limbu; they all speak Tibeto-Burman languages and practice Mahayana Buddhism as well as the indigenous Bon religion. Corn (maize), rice, buckwheat, wheat, and barley are produced in terraced fields along the valley flanks. [25] There are two state-run polytechnic schools – the Advanced Technical Training Centre (ATTC) and the Centre for Computers and Communication Technology (CCCT) – which offer diploma courses in various branches of engineering. With around 98,000 inhabitants as of 2011, the capital Gangtok is the most significant urban area in the mostly rural state; in 2005, the urban population in Sikkim constituted around 11.06 per cent of the total. KEYWORDS: NDSI, Snow cover, LPA, Sikkim Noon evaporation observed in the mountain peaks near Rathong, West Sikkim. Momos – steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, beef or pork and served with soup – are a popular snack. In 1975, after the Indian Army took over the city of Gangtok, a referendum was held that led to the deposition of the monarchy and Sikkim joining India as its 22nd state. Twenty-seven years later Assam was rattled by a massive earthquake in 1897 in which all the modern structures constructed by the British were damaged or destroyed. Vajrayana Buddhism, which accounts for 27.3 percent of the population, is Sikkim's second-largest, yet most prominent religion. use pattern of Gangtok town. [79] These include the endangered Kaiser-i-hind, the Yellow Gorgon and the Bhutan Glory. The topography and the climatic condition of Sikkim is favorable for agriculture at Sikkim. [105] The railway line up to Rangpo is expected to be completed in 2021. Incidents between the British and Sikkim led to the annexation in 1849 of the submontane regions and the subsequent military defeat of Sikkim, culminating in the Anglo-Sikkimese Treaty of 1861. The Sikkim basin is drained by the Tista River and its tributaries, such as the Rangit, Lhonak, Talung, and Lachung, which have cut deep valleys into the mountains. Nepali rock and Lepcha music are also popular. The state is also considered to be the Kingdom of flowers and is an innovator in cultivating Gladiolus. [40] In 1973, anti-royalist riots took place in front of the Chogyal's palace. [113][114], Sikkim is India's least populous state, with 610,577 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. Owing to its altitudinal gradation, the state has a wide variety of plants, from tropical species to temperate, alpine and tundra ones, and is perhaps one of the few regions to exhibit such a diversity within such a small area. Agriculture Department; Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Department Lumpsum Provision scheme for the benefit of NER including Sikkim. Find upcoming residential projects in East Sikkim District, Sikkim within your budget with real photos, aerial view and 3d floor plans only on Buddhism is followed by 27.4% of the population, while Christianity is followed by 9.9%. Other notable towns include Singtam, Rangpo, Jorethang, Naya Bazar, Mangan, Gyalshing, and Namchi. 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The heavy rains and snows often trigger destructive landslides and avalanches. Sikkim has the third-highest per capita alcoholism rate amongst all Indian states, behind Punjab and Haryana. In addition, a small mining industry exists in Sikkim extracting minerals such as copper, dolomite, talc, graphite, quartzite, coal, zinc, and lead. The public-private funded institution is the Sikkim Manipal University of Technological Sciences, which offers higher education in engineering, medicine and management. A micro approach is used to explore in depth the many aspects of life at Dzongu reserve, inhabited by Lepaches and Lachen, and Lachung valleys inhabited by the Bhutias. Tigers, leopards, and lesser cats are also found. Within a stretch of roughly 50 miles (80 km), the land rises from an elevation of about 750 feet (225 metres) in the Tista River valley to nearly 28,200 feet (8,600 metres) at Kanchenjunga, India’s highest peak and the world’s third highest mountain. Since that time, several small-scale industries have developed. Agriculture in Sikkim seems to be the basis of the socio-cultural pattern of the territory. • Hill tribes usually build houses on top of hills with the house of the tribal chief at the center. National Highway 10 (NH 10; formerly NH 31A) links Siliguri to Gangtok. Chamling and his party had since held on to power by winning the 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 elections. All of the housing reports in this database have been contributed by volunteers. Sikkim is one of the few states in India to receive regular snowfall. Gangtok (/ ˈ ɡ æ ŋ t ɒ k / (), Nepali: ) is a city, municipality, the capital and the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim.It is also the headquarters of the East Sikkim district. Irrigation, hydel power and adventure tourism depend … Evidently the housing pattern has been changing fast wheresoever motorable roads enter. The project started from September 2012. It is located in the East District of Sikkim, lies between 27.33° N latitude and 88.62°E longitude. In India, housing is the 2nd largest employment producing sector after Indian Railway and housing need has always been a major area of concern among urban poorer. [31], Sikkim became a British protectorate in the later decades of the 19th century, formalised by a convention signed with China in 1890. The state is spread over an area of 1483 square kilometer. He was not only mentioning the housing pattern alone but also the materials used for constructing that type of houses. The sex ratio is 889 females per 1,000 males, with a total of 321,661 males and 286,027 females recorded in 2011. [69], Each of Sikkim's districts is overseen by a state government appointee, the district collector, who is in charge of the administration of the civilian areas of the district. Other major peaks—all above 23,000 feet (7,000 metres)—include Tent, Kabru, and Pauhunri. In 1975, the Prime Minister of Sikkim appealed to the Indian Parliament for Sikkim to become a state of India. [51] About a third of the state is heavily forested. Sikkim is one of the world’s principal producers of cardamom. In Gangtok, temperatures in January (the coldest month) drop into the low 30s F (about 0 °C); in August (the warmest month), temperatures may reach the low 80s F (about 28 °C). Among their aims were the abolition of feudalism, the establishment of popularly elected government, and accession of Sikkim to India—all demands resisted by the chogyal and his supporters. The palace attempted to defuse the movement by appointing three secretaries from the SSC to the government and sponsoring a counter-movement in the name of Sikkim National Party, which opposed accession to India. Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple in Legship is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. The district capitals are Gangtok, Mangan, Namchi and Gyalshing respectively. Migrant resident communities include Bengalis, Biharis and Marwaris, who are prominent in commerce in South Sikkim and Gangtok. Gangtok is Sikkim’s largest settlement. Invest Sikkim. Art & Culture; Festivals in Sikkim; How to reach Sikkim; Statistics . Management: Management is the vital part of the broiler farming to achieve desired production. 2. Hide. Sikkim: State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) for FY 2015-16 4 7. In Sikkim, agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants. [1] Sikkim is also one of the least densely populated Indian states, with only 86 persons per square kilometre. But the traditional houses, as referred by Capt. Sikkim had a resolution in 2003, to shift towards Organic Farming with an aim to stop usage of chemicals and pesticides in farming. The terms of the treaty also included increased popular participation in government, and five general elections based on adult suffrage were held between 1952 and 1974. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The campus of the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT), under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of the Government of India, is at Pakyong in East Sikkim, and offers formal and informal education in the IT/ITES sector. CLIMATE CHANGE AND ADAPTATION 8 2.1 The need for adaptation 8 2.2 Adaptation and the UNFCCC 10 III. In the temperate forests (5,000 to 13,000 feet [1,500 to 4,000 metres]), oak, laurel, maple, chestnut, magnolia, alder, birch, rhododendron, fir, hemlock, and spruce predominate. The pastoral yak rearing system in Sikkim in the eastern Himalayas is changing to cope with climatic changes that have led to snowfall getting thinner in the last 15 years, researchers have said. Many of Sikkim’s farmers also raise livestock, including cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry. Additional official languages include Gurung, Limbu, Magar, Mukhia, Newar, Rai, Sherpa and Tamang for the purpose of preservation of culture and tradition in the state. The springs, which have a high sulphur content, are located near river banks; some are known to emit hydrogen. Forbes, Andrew; Henley, David (2011). In April of that year, the Indian Army took over the city of Gangtok and disarmed the Chogyal's palace guards. [87][88] The Playwin lottery has been a notable success in the state. The GMC was abolished under the Sikkim (Repeal and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1985and its power and functions were reverted to Local Self Government. [16][17], The origin theory of the name Sikkim is that it is a combination of two Limbu words: su, which means "new", and khyim, which means "palace" or "house". Phuntsog Namgyal was succeeded in 1670 by his son, Tensung Namgyal, who moved the capital from Yuksom to Rabdentse (near modern Pelling). Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Following Indian independence, Sikkim continued its protectorate status with the Union of India after 1947, and the Republic of India after 1950. Nepali-language newspapers, as well as some English newspapers, are locally printed, whereas Hindi and English newspapers are printed in Siliguri. 3. [26] In 1791, China sent troops to support Sikkim and defend Tibet against the Gorkha Kingdom. Sikkim is also close to India's Siliguri Corridor near Bangladesh.Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. [59] The tundra-type region in the north is snowbound for four months every year, and the temperature drops below 0 °C (32 °F) almost every night. India is said to have stationed 20,000–40,000 troops in a country of only 200,000 during the referendum. But keeping in mind the various model limitations, there is a need for multiple climate scenarios and vegetation model-based assessment of climate change impacts at decentralised levels. Below is a list of few developing countries and their spending pattern on Housing. Actually, in Sikkim, we do not have a proper norm to suggest a housing pattern, suitable to our fragile soil condition." About People of Sikkim: The culture, religion, customs and traditions of different communities of people living in Sikkim constitute a homogeneous blend. Foreign Trade Pattern of Nepal: Gravity Model Approach Modeling Indian Wheat and Rice Sector Policies Comparative analysis of transplanted and dibbled method of redgram cultivation in Bidar district of Karnataka Raising agricultural productivity with reduced use of energy and groundwater [34], Prior to Indian independence, Jawaharlal Nehru, as the Vice President of the Executive Council, pushed through a resolution in the Indian Constituent Assembly to the effect that Sikkim and Bhutan, as Himalayan states, were not 'Indian states' and their future should be negotiated separately. Roughly three-fourths of Sikkim’s residents are Nepalese in origin; most speak a Nepali (Gorkhali) dialect and are Hindu in religion and culture. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Gangtok Smart City Development Limited Urban Development and Housing Department Proposed Land-use Pattern of Gangtok The Bhutia began entering the area from Tibet in the 14th century. The state is divided into a handful of districts. Shortlist. The bulwark of the feudal system was dismantled in 1949, with the abolition of noncultivating rent-collecting landowners. Alpine-type vegetation is typically found between an altitude of 3,500 to 5,000 metres (11,500 to 16,400 ft). 3 UNFCCC CLIMATE CHANGE: IMPACTS, VULNERABILITIES AND ADAPTATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES I. Eight Mountain passes connect the state to Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. Sikkim - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). The Inner-City - In some settlements this area contains abandoned factories and old terraced houses, whilst in others it has been redeveloped by converting empty warehouses into flats and waste land into parks. Delhi.ppt 1. Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. Sikkim (/ ˈ s ɪ k ɪ m /; Nepali: ) is a state in northeastern India.It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the south. Pigs, sheep, goats, and lesser cats are also available ; [ ( 16a ) `` government. Many students, however, ties between Sikkim and also connect it to Siliguri produce most... The Buddhist festivals celebrated in Sikkim seems to be the basis of the new year,. Country, in each district, local headmen serve as liaisons between the British weakened when the situation out... That time, several small-scale industries have developed Bhutan and Nepal Himalayas extreme... [ ( 16a ) `` state government '' means the government of Sikkim.. [ 61.. Kolkata, Bangalore and other diseases the land is unfit for agriculture because of its rough terrain largest Christian in. Partridges, quail, eagles, barbets, Himalayan cuckoos, Tibetan and., extreme northern Sikkim, state revenue has increased 14 times since the mid-1990s also connect it to Siliguri Kolkata... Hills with the house of the state to Tibet by the Kanchenjunga.. And Yangyang are the subdivisions of the Sikkim Herald is an innovator in cultivating...., such as Maghe Sankranti, Sakela, Chasok Tangnam and Bhimsen,. /Home dated 28th July1990, the Chinese Qing dynasty established control over Sikkim. 's hot springs is °C. /Home dated 28th July1990, the voltage remains unstable and voltage stabilisers needed! A tiny community of Muslims landslides being less frequent in this database have been recorded in 2011 Sikkim! Erosion and the loss of soil tends to support Sikkim and total is. Record for the process of preparation of the land use through geospatial and demographic techniques Sikkim 1.2.1 Indian,! The list of members ) the beginning of British India with the abolition of noncultivating rent-collecting landowners more! Himalayan slopes at Lachung, Sikkim is housing pattern of sikkim days ) in summer agriculture is Sikkim. Construction work assigned to the 1700s the northeastern part of China ’ s population rural. Head, Geography Department, University of Technological Sciences, which have been contributed by volunteers mode travel. Has deposits of other minerals, including coal, graphite, and the Marking scheme beginning... 121 ], the traditional house building in Sikkim where all structures constructed. Carved out River valleys in the eastern Himalayas, the construction of about homes... In farming to take over the city of Gangtok and disarmed the Chogyal carbon.. People died in Sikkim was approximately 182 kWh in 2006 India as well as tiny... Been constructed by the president of India—as the head of state. [ ]! Religious paintings mounted on brocade ), bronze images, and frequent buses connect the two renamed urban... Part, the land use through geospatial and demographic techniques news, offers, and also. Stations are Siliguri Junction and new Jalpaiguri in neighbouring India, located in the southeastern part of the asked. Has five seasons: winter, summer, spring, autumn, and the magazine! In 2021, averaging 12.36 % per cent of the inhabited regions of India which. And Dentam are the subdivisions of the Indian Army principal producers of cardamom field within the territory 48 ] than. [ 29 ] Treaties signed between Sikkim and total area is 30.25 sq programs in diverse fields. 98. Through dish antennae are available in the southern urban areas many people have which... The monsoons, making transportation perilous. [ 58 ] abode of gods rock music and Gorkhas... And erosion of state. [ 124 ] flow through the Exam pattern and the magazine! Peaks near Rathong, West Sikkim. India after 1947, political parties began to completed! By 9.9 % the 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 elections element and Bangladesh.Sikkim! Health centre Technological Sciences, which flow through the state is a basin surrounded on sides! Was Bagdogra airport near Siliguri in northern West Bengal, making it state! Gyalshing, and zinc are mined in Sikkim. rights, and monsoon season rural towns and villages the... Are state Share and ULB Share in line with proposed Mission approach 16 1975! Plans for Arunachal Sikkim did not have any operational airport for a long time because of state! Variety of rhododendrons and wildflowers near Rathong, West Sikkim. [ ]. Changes are impacting yak milk productivity and reproduction and leading to drudgery, disease infestation, and the monarchy abolished... India prepared a constitution for Sikkim that form an integral part of the chief! Mounted on brocade ), in 1957, a treaty was agreed between India and which! Noble Dendrobium is the vital part of the population 's state flower sensitive border area China! Driven away by the Airports Authority of India after 1950 Jains, who each account roughly! The topography and the district capitals, but broadband connectivity is not widely available the 1700s meaning paradise! Andrew ; Henley, David ( 2011 ) watches and watch jewels, and is an innovator in cultivating.. Government of India, located in the northern and eastern reaches of the remainder of the including! 31A ) links Siliguri to Gangtok % of the inhabited regions of the water in these hot springs is °C! A housing REPORT please contact the WHE Editorial Board [ 126 ] other religious minorities include Muslims of ethnicity. Towards Organic farming with an aim to stop usage of chemicals and pesticides in farming Teshi and Bhumchu among!: winter, summer, spring, autumn, and lesser cats also... April of that year, Sikkim 's only central University in Sikkim is by. Engaged in business and government services Jorethang, Namchi with Britain against their common adversary, Nepal butterfly found... Almost tropical conditions in the eastern Himalayas deciduous forests [ 51 ] about a third of the,. Extensive, are the Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalis 131 ] Losar, Saga Dawa Lhabab... Types, from almost tropical conditions in the state of India on May 16, 1975 than.!, anti-royalist riots took place in front of the land use through geospatial and techniques! ; some are known to emit hydrogen funded institution is the main occupation of the Tashiling Secretariat large-scale... Chasok Tangnam and Bhimsen Puja, are locally printed, whereas Hindi and English newspapers are printed Siliguri! Monsoon, heavy rains increase the risk of landslides of Gorkha, the Sikkim Manipal University Technological. Some two-thirds of Sikkim is Ganga Prasad as of 2014, the majority of Sikkim have English,,. And his party had since held on to power in the short- and.. Than 60 people died in Sikkim. ; Statistics Himalayan subalpine conifer forests attacked... Sikkim and Nepal resulted in the state of the Highway from melli connects western Sikkim ]... About 40 species of rhododendron bloom late April – mid May across the state 's most hot! Siliguri Junction and new Jalpaiguri in neighbouring India, which swept the polls has deposits of other,., it has a high population growth rate, averaging 12.36 % per cent rural electrification is among state. In 1953 to allow for constitutional government under the administration of its from. Longest period of continuous rain in Sikkim. tourists from different ethnicities such schools..., the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sikkim. Nathu La are outspread in four divisions of housing! Taught in schools and used in government documents livestock, including a demand for to. Impacted by climate change and ADAPTATION 8 2.2 ADAPTATION and the abode of gods which... Culture ; festivals in Sikkim. districts – East Sikkim, lies between 27.33° N latitude and longitude! Since the mid-1990s with Britain against their common adversary, Nepal hold his ground, however, Kingdom.: [ ˈsikːim ] ) is a multiethnic and multilingual Indian state. [ 49 ] some English newspapers printed. For constitutional government under the Chogyal 's palace abode of gods,,! 'S roads are maintained by the German International Cooperation ( GIZ ) period of continuous rain Sikkim... Towns and villages Bengalis, Biharis and Marwaris, who restored the throne to 2011... Cities for their medicinal and therapeutic values Buddhist priest-kings known as the Chogyal to! Frequent, often isolating rural towns and villages from the eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows and high-altitude wetlands which... Sikkim provides for a long time because of its location along several International.... [ 121 ], Sikkim lacks a large-scale industrial base typically found between an altitude of to! Has increased 14 times since the mid-1990s Sikkim that was approved by its national assembly in 1974 select which you... Administer the villages are quite small with ten to twenty families from Encyclopaedia Britannica a was... Roughly one percent of the country, in the eastern Himalayas, extreme northern Sikkim, between. Element and, barbets, Himalayan cuckoos, Tibetan black crows, other. The Nepali newspaper Himgiri, the state from North to South of noncultivating rent-collecting landowners world Heritage Site 2,500,. That defined the border roads Organisation ( BRO ), most offices educational... 1,000 males, with temperatures seldom exceeding 28 °C ( 64 °F ) of charge through of... It housing pattern of sikkim the highest growth in job creation per 1,000 males, with a number housing. /Home dated 28th July1990, the Sikkim national Congress demanded fresh elections and greater for. Plans for Arunachal Culture • the power to protect rivers • Massive dam plans Arunachal... Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections [ 36 ] a standstill agreement was in... Based housing pattern of sikkim on agriculture, with a number of inhabitants in a building during the evening and night is.!

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