This can vary from one species to another and it also depends on the shop humidity and temperature. It is recommended when you use yellow woodworking glue to use a type of glue that has an extended open time. I'm very happy with this product. They respond very quickly and truly make your order feel personal. Does just as the name says. Most panels will warp if both sides are not veneered. BUT... this adhesive makes life much easier. I used Heat Lock and paper-backed Ash veneer on a domed chest and I got perfect results. approximately 20 square feet of veneer and 20 square feet of substrate, approximately 160 square feet of veneer and 160 square feet of substrate. Would you recommend this product to a friend? It is a thick veneer with no place fo glue to squeeze out except the edges. Allow both pieces to dry. I dont have a vacuum press yet but sometimes I think there is no reason to get a system because this glue does everything I need. The Heat Lock veneer adhesive was the answer for my entryway wall. As long you stay under the 12 hour heat set window I can’t imagine you’d have problems with the Titebond. Features include a thermostatic heat control, non-stick coating, specially shaped shoe with rounded edges and metal stand. I use this glue extensively for paper backed as well as unbacked and I achieve great results on both. They make a 60 second video, post it on YouTube, and now they are an expert who swindles thousands of people. There are at least 50 projects out of my shop with Heat Lock and I have not had a single call back from a client. My veneers look great and the product works awesome. The integrated glueing device allows the joining by one only process. Overall, I think this is the best product for part time woodworkers. Highly recommended. Just apply. If the bond is poor, the water will cause any loose or poorly adhered areas to bubble up. The only veneers with some issues are bubinga, figured mahogany, and maple. So today, I'm ordering 5 more gallons. I couldn't justify a vacuum press and the Heat Lock adhesive bonded really well. The Official Website of this Non-Professional Woodworker ™. This is a phenomenon that affects all forms of veneering including vacuum press work. With a brush or roller coat the back of the veneer and the substrate with … Can I use Heat Lock for seaming two or more veneers together? Traditionally, hide glue in the pearl form is used for hammer veneering because of its consistency and long open time. I tried this stuff and it works beautifully. We are very excited to find a great glue like this. Contact 01428 751358; Newsletter . Iron-on veneering is the latest craze in woodworking because it's easy, convenient, and inexpensive. What should I do? I've never attempted this before and am a bit overwhelmed by the older process of using exotic glues and big"presses." edge banding is ideal for 3/4-in. How is this used? The second I used good old fashioned contact adhesive. No caustic fumes like contact cement and a very strong bond. I'm going to do a floor, so I made a sample with Heat-Lock and put it at the front door. Our portfolio contains polyurethane raw materials for thermo-activated adhesives with a recommended activation temperature of 50°C to 100°C. These tips show you how to get great results. On some irons, this will be the "cotton" setting which is approximately 193°F. The cross polymers in Heat Lock (which are what makes it so durable) start to set up within a few hours after the veneered panel has dried. Polyurethanes for solventborne heat-activated adhesives Desmodur® Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives Dispercoll® Dispersions for eco-friendly, waterborne adhesives. The more even and strong clamping you can do, the better. Carrier Material The carrier mainly consists of long-fibrous cellulose. I removedd the toothpick, wiped off excess then ironed immediately. Much easier to work with and much stronger than contact cement. Was a nice curley maple veneer on a hardwood substrate. PVA is thermal glue - it can be reheated and it works fine.

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