Results (6) Emulator Issues #12042 (New): Dolphin fully f ... 10, requiring restart, when playing specific Donkey Kong Country Returns with D3D12 Backend **Game Name? Still requires me to increment the slider by 30 ticks (70 ticks from the right). The game features the ape, Donkey Kong. Works with current releases of Dolphin..wbfs : Larger size. .nkit.iso : Smallest size. The game freezes when waiting in a specific barrel to launch into another barrel that has a 1-up balloon rotating around it. Retro Studios get back Donkey Kong is a Platformer adventure with famous characters .It has amazing levels that reignite . Travel through each unique levels with the help of Diddy Kong, and other members of the Kong crew along the way. ... Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Works with Dolphin and Wii consoles..iso : Largest size. He understandably wants them back! line of video games. New Play Control! The screen just froze there every time, and the emulator couldn't recover. Math: 4 months ago: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (GC) The animals in Donkey Kong Country Returns WII ISO Island have oppress Donkey Kong’s Banana store.He stolen his keep back of bananas . Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a Wii re-release of the original Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for the Nintendo GameCube and was released under the New Play Control! The Dolphin Emulator compatibility list contains all the games we tested, sorted by how well they work on the emulator. 3 years ago: Donkey Kong Country Returns: 11 months, 2 weeks ago: Donkey Kong Jr. 3 years ago: Donkey Kong Jr. Pixelated Donkey Kong in DK Country Returns Support When running Donkey Kong Country Returns on a resolution above native, Donkey Kong and Diddy appear pixelated while the background scenery and foreground objects (including enemies) render correctly. The game was announced at the E3 20104. You must traverse through the vast jungles, deep mines, and high mountains to retrieve your stolen banana hoard from King K. Rool. [Donkey Kong Country Returns (USA)] [Mario Kart Wii (USA)] [Rayman Origins (USA)] [super Smash Bros Brawl (USA)] [Wario Land - The Shake Dimension (USA)] ... could anyone help, I would like to configure under dolphin Hs to detect original wiilote etc. Works with Dolphin and Wii consoles. The Wii version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is somewhat changed from the original GameCube version, including new levels, modifications of old … Donkey Kong Country is a platforming game developed by Rare Ltd, featuring Donkey Kong, one of Nintendo's iconic mascots. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the fourth game in the Donkey Kong Country series. This code disables the bloom effect.SF8E0 4E82A0 4E800020 ConfigurationThis title does not need non-default settings to run properly.Version CompatibilityThe graph below charts the compatibility with Donkey Kong Country Returns since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. Donkey Konga is a GameCube rhythm game starring the ape Donkey Kong, developed by Namco and published by Nintendo. @Armada651 Changing the StereoConvergence value in Dolphin-x64\Sys\GameSettings\SF8.ini seems to do nothing for me in Donkey Kong Country Returns with the latest version of your PR. Instead of the standard GameCube controllers, the game is intended to be played with a special controller called the DK Bongos that resemble two small bongo drums. ** Donkey Kong Country Returns **Game ID? It is the sequel to Donkey Kong Country 3 and it is also the first Donkey Kong Country-line game in over a decade. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a 2D platformer developed by Retro Studios for the Nintendo Wii and released by Nintendo on November 21, 2010. ** (right click the game in the game list, Properties, Info tab) SF8E01 (0001000053463845) **MD5 Hash? In Donkey Kong Country Returns on Dolphin 5.0-12247 x64, I've discovered a recurring freeze on stage 1-5 Canopy Cannons.

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