Anne felt a great kinship with Plath, and like her, often expressed a death wish in her poems. The phrase “confessional poetry” burst into common usage in September of 1959, when the critic M.L. Her father and husband, none of them is loyal to her. A. Alvarez says that “the poem, despite everything, is ‘a love poem’” (qtd in Marsack, 46), because “Daddy” is often a word used in a more intimate way than “Father.” If Plath really hated her father … As it is, confessional poets they did it well and all that because they found the literary and more, the poetic characteristics that fitted them best and set them into the confessional mode, and Sylvia Plath is a representative of confessional poetry through public confession and an … She is struck between love and hatred towards her father and her husband. ‘Daddy’ is one of her most famous poems because of very the hard metaphor she does about the Holocaust. Confessional poetry as a genre was first characterized by the critic M. L. Rosenthal in 1959. Even though confessional poetry is based on the biography of the author, equating writer and ‘I’ persona is a misleading approach to the poets, as it often leads to overstatements. Her good friend Sylvia Plath, whose poetry stands squarely in the realm of the confessional movement, might have taken issue with that. That seems (to me) very difficult to refute, unless you are a glutton for the confessional mode. Poem, “Daddy” is also about sufferings of a woman. Following is a sampling of 10 poems by Anne Sexton, as complex and talented an artist as they come. They give a look of literary respectability to voyeurist passions: no gain for poetry, nor for her. In “Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton: Passion, Perfection, and Death through Poetic Confession”, Jan R. Harris presents the two poets as women whose aim First, the title of the poem “Daddy” shows great contradiction to the whole poem. A Psychoanalytical Study of Sylvia Plath’s Confessional Poetry with special reference to “Daddy” and “Cut” *Mariam Sami Confessional poetry is a rebellion against the demand for impersonality in poetry by T. S. Eliot and the New Critics. Confessional Poetry and Fabricated Honesty – A Study of Anne Sexton’s “Briar Rose” and Robert Lowell’s “My Last Afternoon with ... particular regard to her father’s addiction to alcohol. Popular poetry is an ally of true confes-sions, an alliance that never will end. She wrote confessional poetry; it means personal poetry, the poetry of the ‘’I’’ in which the author uses literature to confess personal experiences, private feelings, traumas, depressions or difficult relationships. The death poems—say a third ofAriel—are bad for anyone’s soul. Plath, in the poem, gives an account of a girl with Electra complex who gives her father, who passed away, a godly status. “Daddy” also reveals Womanhood in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry. The poems and stories of Sylvia Plath have not lacked for posthumous analysis by academics and authors in the five decades since her suicide. It has become a potent force, and its practitioners the poetic voices of our time. ABSTRACT Sylvia Plath, being one of the confessional poets, confesses her emotional self in her poems. She cannot understand who is more responsible for her annihilation: her husband or her father. The poem ‘Daddy’ was written by a confessional poet Sylvia Plath in the year 1962, which was published posthumously in the year 1963. Her problems with mental health started at the age of twenty five and lasted for the rest of the poet’s life. “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” are very famous poems and it is interesting to apply the theory of a modern critic Cleanth Brooks who says that ‘Irony’ is a part of structure of a poem which brings the real charm of the poem … Considered a "confessional… Rosenthal coined it in his review of Robert Lowell’s Life Studies in the Nation.The book, which contained poems that unsparingly detailed Lowell’s experiences of marital strife, generational struggle, and mental illness, marked a dramatic turn in his career.

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