Community of Christ has 250,000 members in more than 60 nations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Text: Jeremiah 23:9-40 I. And you still get to keep Joseph Smith while shedding virtually ALL of the uncivilized aspects of Modern LDS homophobics and misogyny. We practice Common Consent and so we are able to vote on when or when not to include new words from the prophet in our Doctrine and Covenants as sacred scripture, and many other policies/doctrines that would be binding on the church at large, such as accepting believer’s baptisms performed in other denominations. In this three-part series I interview Community of Christ Prophet-President Stephen M. Veazey. I want to take clips from the video to share on Facebook. All LDS problems solved! Community of Christ is headquartered in Independence Missouri. Veazy’s formal attitude on the CofC website and how he is as a human person. I think my life is empty without it. Of course, the best solution is to just get it done and throw JS under the bus and back over him a few times before leaving him behind as road kill, but if you need a half-way house on the way out of Mormonism, the Community of Christ looks ideal. 31:4–8. I have a question. I particularly liked the conclusion. (Used by permission, Library-Archives, Community of Christ.) Prophet–Presidents and Presidents of the Community of Christ including all Presidents of its institutional predecessor, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. = Ordination of Women: Not sure of the date, but women were given full equality with men decades ago. This is a very interesting interview as it is completely different than the LDS General Authorities. Represent Christ primarily as ministers... of prophetic visioning and worldwide church leadership. According to his bio: Stephen M. Veazey is … I see it lacking in mine. Just like the John Hamer podcasts, this one is very precious for me and I will listen again and again. Formal reorganization occurred on April 6, 1860 at the, In 1995, Wallace B. Smith named his successor and retired to emeritus status in 1996, On 29 November 2004, McMurray resigned as President of the Church. The prosperity focus of Mormonism vs. the grace and love of Community of Christ. Sometime during the 1840's, a portrait of Joseph Smith was painted. = Gays are welcomed with open arms, including married gay couples. Lehi, Nephi. As a life-long member of the RLDS/Community of Christ church, I can say that 1) the church does not practice and has not since the time of the Reorganization (April 6, 1860) practiced baptizing the dead; 2) members do not wear special garments, as that is not part of the CofC doctrine; 3) the Temple is open to everyone to enter. On occasion, prophets may be inspired to foretell the future for the benefit of mankind. Manuscript page from Joseph Smith's New Translation. It’s a very important tool for me, a frame of thinking that gives me a good feeling. As a longtime friend of the Veazey family, I can vouch for their genuine kindness and devotion to the ministry of Christ. 2) interviewee responds that we try to be moderate. While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called the "Utah Mormon" church (which holds the allegiance of most of the world's Mormons) is known for its former practice of polygamy, the Community of Christ never accepted that doctrine.Originally insisting that Joseph Smith had nothing to do with it, the church's leadership in … It is clear in the Bible/BofM that adultery is a sin, but what about all of the other sins listed too? It has been proven time after time the LDS General Authorities…well any LDS leadership for that matter, are quick to punish their congregation, while the CofC is understanding and more Christ like blaming the nature of man for short comings. Their leadership seems to fully embrace the teachings and compassion of Jesus extended unconditionally to everyone, regardless of genitalia or attraction proclivities. Copyright © 2019 Mormon Stories. If the the oft quoted proverb “By your fruits ye shall know them” has any validity, then what this church has become over time testifies to their humanity and Christianity. As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License. They were organized on 1860-APR-6 in Amboy, IL. The church is reducing it's budget by $1.21 million and laying off 18+ people. I suppose in one sense you could say many of Joseph’s Nauvoo teachings were rejected. Hosea 11:1. c. He would be a child in Nazareth. It broke down the wall of prejudice I was experiencing and I was able to listen without problems. The list of denominations in the Latter Day Saint movement includes: . The Book of Mormon production was well under way … 10:9–10; 1 Ne. In April 2002, Steve was set apart as president of the Council of Twelve and was the director of Field Ministries. The Prophet learned about Satan through the Bible translation and the Lord made that information directly relevant to the latter-day Church in D&C 29. Community of Christ International Headquarters is located in Independence, Missouri. In venues where gay marriage is not happening yet, the CofC will perform Covenant Ceremonies for gay couples. He voiced support for continuing to explore church online Geeze! It summarizes the vibe I get from CoC. Current status : The Community of Christ was formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- the " RLDS Church ". It healed my soul to hear of other people who could take the same events and writings and be so intelligent and loving in how they implemented them in their lives and used them to bring them closer to God. The Community of Christ states that it recognizes that "perception of truth is always qualified by human nature and experience" and it therefore has not adopted an official religious creed. Wouldn’t it be something if the general authorities of the LDS church were this open and honest. Veazy, the focus and approach of the Community of Christ, its efforts to be transparent and inclusive. I’d certainly consider joining the CoC if my husband would, especially after hearing this (Thank you Dr. John and Prophet-President Steve). I think they have the capacity, but would probably see it as a sign of weakness. Figure 2: Close-up of page 6 of Old Testament Revision 1, showing Satan’s rebellion. Thanks for your question. The Community of Christ was formerly (1872–2001) known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS). Currently this painting is in the hands of the Community of Christ Church (formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I am glad Pres. His responsibilities also included Church Planting Ministries and Young Adult and Campus Ministries. This list gives 15 ways in … One of his counselors in the First Presidency is female. His early demise left the fledgling church with a political power struggle. At the founding of the church, Peter quotes the prophet Joel - Acts 2:14-21 A. :o), However, CofC perfectly fits in my idea of Plan of Salvation, time and insight will tell how it will come together. Now if only there were a CoC congregation meeting regularly in Anchorage Alaska where we live, and if only my TBM husband could become convinced that Joseph Smith III was the rightful successor instead of Brigham Young, then we might actually have an opportunity to share the same religion again. This one left me with the same impression I had after hearing the MS interviews with John Hamer, that Community of Christ is what a church SHOULD be, what churches should have been all along. 1 Ne. In the video link below, Community of Christ Prophet-President Stephen M. Veazey speaks about the importance of diversity in Community of Christ leadership. 156:5b It shall also be for a strengthening of faith and preparation for witness. The congregation with Community of Christ Church in Sarnia celebrated 100 years in the community Saturday with an open house and a visit from the international faith's president. Prior to his ordination on June 3, 2005, he served as a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles, the leading missionary quorum of Community of Christ. (Courtesy of Community of Christ Archives.) Thank you both so much for this glorious interview ! Not only all of the above, but Stephen Veazey actually believes the most important thing his church can do is practice the teachings of Jesus Christ above all other considerations. Joseph Fielding Smith whom was an LDS Apostle for 60 years later became the tenth prophet of the Church said this about the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS). The solution for many gay Mormons and oppressed female Mormons is now dirt simple: You get to keep the Joseph’s Mythology you’re not ready throw under the bus yet, PLUS you solve ALL of the annoying, insulting problems that The Brethren hold dear with no sign of relenting … like the following: = Discrimination against Blacks: RLDS figured that out after the Civil War. Why punish people at all? Linda thank you for expressing your position because it summarizes what I was thinking perfectly. Wow! The included persons have served as President of the organization. A part of the foundation of the church were prophets - Ephesians 2:19-20 B. Stephen M. Veazey is president of Community of Christ. But what I found most interesting this there is still discipline in the CofC for second offence adultery and a few other sins. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LATEST PODCASTS Donate, John Dehlin November 23, 2015 Best of Mormon Stories, Faith Promoting Stories, Johns Favorites, Progressive Mormonism, Top 100, Top 25 Faithful 26 Comments. This group, who refused to follow Brigham Young after the death of Joseph Smith, formed their own Church with Smith's son as their prophet leader. I would have really liked to have grown up in the version of the gospel. He is a preacher of righteousness. In Community of Christ, while the church president is recognized as a prophet, members also assemble and vote on proposed changes in doctrine and … So the church body could vote against any revelation or teaching put forth by the prophet that would be binding on the church. A prophet denounces sin and foretells its consequences. Thank you. The included persons have served as President of the organization. Community of Christ is the new name of what was formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And not only all of the above, but he says that honest, open inquiry and study of all available sources of information and history is fully encouraged, and a wide variety of conclusions about Joseph Smith, Golden Plates, historicity of the cartoons, etc., is all tolerated. Your email address will not be published. This is a very important inspirational vision for me Joseph Smith gave us. Required fields are marked *. Thank you, John, for arranging the interview, and thanks to Stephen for being willing to speak so openly about the issues. 156:5d It shall be the means for providing leadership education for priesthood and member. Canada West Mission 7603 190 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5T 5H6 Canada 877-411-2632 Hosea. Promote community by… promoting holistic "signal communities" of Christ's peace throughout the world. So members and nonmembers of the Church are welcome to enter all parts of the Temple as we understand it to be a House of God for all peoples and a place of preparation, worship and healing; 5) historically the RLDS/CofC church taught the three glories (Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial). Excommunication (which means ex-communion – no sacrament for you for now) is rare, and ‘expulsion’ from membership is only for murderers and repeat adulterers. This helped me to see a distance between the LDS Brethren, Pres. Nephi. This is a great gift Joseph Smith gave us, it’s a pitty it’s not in the CofC, I’m holding on to it. I’m missing The Plan of Salvation in CofC. e. Salt of the earth people! Is this something you allow/encourage? Pres. A message from the Community of Christ's prophet. The Community of Christ and Polygamy. It opened a possibility for me to be more open and positive toward CofC. In this Sacred Grove, God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to young Joseph in … The Community of Christ was formerly (1872–2001) known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS). Community of Christ is the new name of what was formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Credit: Courtesy Community of Christ Library-Archives, Licensed to Joseph Smith Papers Project.

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