Another thing we’ve learned we can count on is the return of our hardworking farmworkers each season. The cantaloupe, rockmelon (Australia and New Zealand), sweet melon, or spanspek (South Africa) is a melon that is a variety of the muskmelon species (Cucumis melo) from the family Cucurbitaceae. California Cantaloupes Sweet Season Giveaway! As you know, the early season cantaloupe fields are set to harvest at the start of May, originally it was predicted they would start harvesting on May 5, and that date has moved up to May 2, so California cantaloupes will be here even sooner that we thought. And, if you don’t already, “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for current updates and cantaloupe inspiration! If you haven’t heard, California is in the midst of a severe drought, so conserving every drop of water is extremely important. April 11, 2019 Foodanswers. Now there are only 8 days until we can all enjoy them! © 2021 California Cantaloupe Advisory Board. The San Joaquin Valley’s westside district is the heart of California’s melon loadings. Even in the warm desert growing areas the tiny plants are subject to frost damage when temperatures drop. California cantaloupe field images courtesy of Five Crowns Marketing. The Arizona crop currently is healthy and is producing excellent fruit. Oct 21, 2020 - Great beauty shots of fresh California Cantaloupes. And, as promised, we have another update from the California cantaloupe fields in the two major cantaloupe-growing regions of the state. There are a few ways to ripen a whole cantaloupe if it was picked to soon, but not when it has been cut into. Sweet Stuff Blog. For melons already cut, you can try to get it to soften a bit by placing it in a container with a little lemon juice or orange juice. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in the California cantaloupe fields throughout the season. Cantaloupe is in-season now. Save 90%. All Rights Reserved. July is here and that means we’re already about half way through the season. The season in Texas is a big hit with a huge production filling the stores till late October and November. Find out more at #recipes #california #cantaloupes #fresh. This planting and harvest schedule allows California farmers to produce a steady supply of your favorite fruit all summer long and into the fall. California cantaloupe farmers are gearing up for the California cantaloupe season coming up in just a few short months. You will find the first Cantaloupe of the year during April and May in states like Florida, and California. Recipes With California cantaloupe season just around the corner, California cantaloupe farmers are very busy! Cantaloupe production in California. See more ideas about cantaloupe, recipes, beauty shots. Farmers. All Rights Reserved. For the best answers, search on this site Starting shortly after Christmas, cantaloupe farmers in the Imperial Valley of California began to plant the first of their early harvest cantaloupe, which they germinate from seeds in the fields. Here below are images from the domestic season in AZ and CA. How cool is that? SUBSCRIBE NOW. Feb 11, 2015 - A countdown to California cantaloupe season | Following the lifecycle of a California cantaloupe from seed to fruit. 531-D North Alta Ave. Dinuba, CA 93618 T 559-591-5715 F 559-591-5744 info[at]californiacantaloupes[dot]com. Try them on their own, add a few chunks to your salad, or use them in these great recipes. While we’ll miss having our favorite sunny, sweet and safe melon this Winter and Spring, it’s nice to know we can count on seeing them in stores once again come April. However, the good news is that cantaloupe production won’t be slowing down anytime soon. They mature on the vine until fully ripe, so you can enjoy their uniquely sweet flavor in every bite. As you can see, these early cantaloupes planted in mid-winter are grown under plastic, this provides frost protection and promotes growth. Stay tuned for the next crop update when you’ll see how holes are punched in the plastic to let the little plants acclimate to the outdoors before the plastic comes off! Footer Links and Social Media. Season. Once a cantaloupe is harvested off the vine, it will no longer sweeten. With California cantaloupe season just around the corner, California cantaloupe farmers are very busy! And, as promised, we have another update from the California cantaloupe fields in the two major cantaloupe-growing regions of the state. Harvests are abundant too which allows retailers to promote the Organic Cantaloupes at reasonable prices. **Countdown to California cantaloupe season UPDATE** The California Cantaloupe Advisory Board represents a commitment to the highest level of safety and quality for all cantaloupe consumers. July typically marks the start of Central California’s cantaloupe season, and hopes are high for a better season than spring. California Cantaloupe Season is Almost Here! Also, the plastic acts as a sort of hothouse and self-irrigation system, which conserves water during these early stages. Welcome to the official Facebook page of California Cantaloupes! King O’ The West honeydew, western cantaloupe, and orangedew are at their peak from August through October.

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