It’s also known as ‘Troy of the East’ by the British. The place is a top hit among adventure enthusiasts and nature seekers. This is the amazing Places to visit near Chennai within 200KMs. Your details are safe with us. This temple is built by Vijayanagara kings among 16th and the 17th centuries. Nahan: Situated within the lush green valleys of Shivalik range, this is a small town filled with big treasures. It’s also called as “French Riviera of the East”. Sri Venkateshwara National Park The city has a nickname called 'The Fort City' due to the Marvelous Fort which sits at the heart of Vellore city. The place holds the amusement park, Multi-cuisine restaurant, and cottage. The Karthigai Deepam Festival is grandly celebrated in Karthika Maasam. Location: Srikalahasti (116 KM from Chennai). Chennai has many tourist places to visit like Waterfalls, Beaches, Temples, Shopping Malls and much more awaiting for you. 23273. This place is ideal for trekking and picnic and is one of the best tourist places around Coimbatore within 200 kms. Numerous quality beach resorts … Needless to say, this world renowned temple is a must visit on a trip to Chittoor. Cholamandalam Artists? This is perfect Places to Visit near Chennai within 200 KMs. The Zion Church. Pick the destinations suiting your travel expectations from a huge variety of places. Tourist places near Bangalore within 200 kms are a matter of discussion, for sure. 601 active cases 517 in last 7 days. Arka. It’s one of the midpoints for all tourist places and here many endless places are available. Nellore is a beautiful city lying on the banks of River Penna, a Municipal Corporation in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This is famous for historical and heritage place. While you are pursuing tourist places near Delhi within 200 kms. Art gallery contains the exhibitions of amazing collections arts. One of the best tourist attraction places in Chennai is Kanchipuram. Srikalahasti Temple Many places which are surrounded by Vellore are the dense greenery, Amirthi Zoological Park, Sripuram, Balamurugan Temple, and Margabandeswarar Temple. Anciently known as Vikrama Simhapuri, it derived its name from "Nelluru", a combination of Tamil words "Nel" and "Ooru" where Nel stands for Paddy and Ooru means Place. Zaine - November 21, 2018. Here is the list of 24 Places to Visit near Chennai Within 200 Kms. That Fort is One Of the Oldest Fort in India. Addition to that this place is famous for distributing the Paddy, Sugarcane and different variety of crops. This is the 2nd largest brackish water in India. This place is one of the best places to visit for people who are fond of art and sculptors. Gingee is the Best Tourist Place Near Chennai within 200 kms Its a Villupuram District. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry Nature trails, historical sites, beaches, or pilgrimage, whichever travel itch you have, there are multiple spots within 300 kilometres of Chennai you can visit to take a break and feel rejuvenated. Lying in the midst of scintillating virgin charms and cutting edge technological hotspot, the Pulicat Lake has something for everyone. The place also has a Shiva temple and Pulicat Lake nearby. Puducherry was the largest French colony in India and the French influence on the city can still be seen. This place has divided with 3 sections as the Universal Kingdom, the Aqua Kingdom and the Snow Kingdom. The entire stretch of the trek is about 6 kms which would be 12 kms … Nellore is a beautiful city lying on the banks of River Penna and a Municipal Corporation in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Located in Sri Venkateswara National Park, Talakona Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the region and a famous picnic spot. Srikalahasti name formed from the group of three words, that is ‘Sri’ define as a spider, ‘Kala’ define as a serpent and Hasti define an elephant. Entry Fees: INR 50 and INR 50 – Handycam. The beauty and adventure of this place are trekking by the group people. The remarkable Balaji temple is discovered in Tirumala. Sri Venkateswara Temple We are no stranger to the saying 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. Patu Ru. Come and enjoy the natural treasures of this one of the most exotic hill terrains of South India. Tourist Places Near Chennai Within 500 kms includes Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Vellore, Chittoor, Pondicherry, Yelagiri, Tiruchirappalli, Thanjavur and many other places. Sathanur Dam Yelagiri is small hill station, in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Located on the seventh peak, Venkatachala, of the Tirupati hill, this temple houses the most breathtaking idol of Lord Venkateshwara, and it is said that a look at the idol is sure to leave one spellbound. The Balamurugan temple is situated on top of the hill in Ratnagiri. The place is located on East-coast road. Facebook Check out the list of amazing tourist places near Chennai within 200 km for a fun weekend getaways. Have to reach the temple by footpath or motorable road. The first visitor has to cross the small bridge. This mesmerising beach is an appealing part of the Bay of Bengal, with its smooth and silver sand situated on Marina, the second longest beach in the world. The people believed that happen in the temple who truly pray with a pure heart. Location: Nettukuppam (20KM from Chennai). Lying at the boundary of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Pulicat Lake is the second largest lagoon in the country. Known For : Chennai is one metropolis where everyone is very competitive, but that doesn't mean one has to shy away from having some fun and relaxation. Don’t worry; let here the list is ready; you need to pack your bags. Everyone can easily reach the falls; frequently transport facility available to the falls. This is a perfect place for the visitors to feel and relax their life. Jalakandeswarar Temple Kanchipuram is best Tourist Places in Chennai around 200 KMs. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Kochi and also one of the top beaches in Kerala. Last updated on April 12th, 2020 at 03:35 pm. Varadharaja Perumal Temple The place is ideal to spend a peaceful time as it is still not on the radar of the maddening tourist crowd. This is the best place to hangout with your friends and family. Another attraction of this place is memorable boat riding in the lake. The waterfall is situated around dense forests and greenery. St. John's Church. The resort has 13 km away from Mahabalipuram. 0. 3 Must Visit Tourist Places Near Bangalore Within 200 Kms. Ramanagara, scarcely 50 kms from Bangalore’s edges, is one place frequented by shake climbing and bouldering fans by the drove. It is advisable pack lots of sunscreen, hats and the best smile one can ever put on. Required fields are marked *. All those places are located on ECR road. The best place to spend a time with family, friends and loved ones. Akasaganga Teertham Cholamandal Artist’s Village. You can plan this place to create sweet memories with your friends and family. Tirupati – Temples And More. 20 Best Bars In Chennai – To Enjoy the Nightlife, 12 Best Camping Places In and Around Chennai – Chill Out Nature, 15 Romantic Places in Chennai to Visit with Your Partner in 2020, Tourist Places Near Chennai Within 500 Kms, List of 10 Entertainment Places in Chennai 2020 for Family, Friends and Kids, List of Best Places for One Day Outing in Chennai, 10 Breathtaking Waterfalls Near Chennai Must Visit In Your Life, 31 Exciting Places to Enjoy New Year Party in Chennai 2020, 8 Guest Houses In Chennai To Stay Your Vacation In 2020, 8-Seater Share Boat Ride – INR 120 Per Each(20 Minute Ride), Afternoon – Adventure Park and Artist’s Village. Widely known for its 'Kanchipuram sarees' and also referred to as the 'golden city of thousand temples', Kanchipuram has various temples of religious and cultural importance spread all over the city. Vellore is popularly known for Fort City, Cultural Heritage, and Best Hill Stations. Google +, Marina Beach The best spot for plan two-day trips near Chennai. You can also visit the Vedanarayana Swamy temple to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Team Outing Places and Activities Near Chennai, 'A Place of Magic' - This Girl Gang Explores The Quaint Hamlet - Shangarh - In Himachal, This Houseboat Cruise in Kerala Is Straight Out Of Your Dreams With Its Splendid Experience, From InstaTourism to Slow Travel, Here's Travel Trends You Need to Know So You Ain’t Left Behind in 2021, Not Your Average 67-Years Old, Linda Turned Into A Travel Influencer With 56k Followers After Her Divorce, Best Winter Destinations to Head Off To This Season for a Refreshing Start to the Year. The attraction is also famous for trekking and has several trekking routes running around it amidst the scenic natural surroundings. Mahabalipuram is the best weekend getaway for Tourist places near Chennai within 200 KMs. The water is believed to have medicinal properties and comes from an unknown underground stream. Bidadi Five Rathas. Let’s have a look at the places to visit near Bangalore within 200 km and find out what special these places hold in them!! Feb 12, 2019 - Are you getting tired with your work and need to relieve stress yourself? One of the famous tourist place and this beach filled with white sand. As the place has got many options, we have shortlisted some of the tourist places to visit in Chennai within 200 Km, that you must definitely visit while you are in Chennai. 2. The broken bridge is the famous spot of this place. Entry Fees: INR 5 for Indian & INR 100 for Foreigners. It holds the various fun and adventure activities for all generation of peoples. Nagalapuram placed nearby Arai village and one of the frequently visited places near Chennai. Auroville. A town that offers a significant history adorned in its countless temples and ashrams, Thiruvannamalai is where Hindu Mythology takes the form of stunning architecture. It’s a paradise place for bird watching and photographer. This fantastic destination is a natural beauty and also serves as an asylum for birds under the name of Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. ECR is the perfect places to visit near Chennai within 200 KMs for your weekend. Pondicherry . Additionally, this place is one of the Padai Veedu of Murugan. Kanchipuram temples are having a unique and marvelous architecture and constructed during 685-705 AD. The fort was historically considered most impregnable and it was called the 'Troy of the East' by the British. The sanctuary is home to wide range of migratory birds that migrate in large numbers in winter. Murugan temple is a famous place in Thiruthani. Best place for who loves art and craft. Who all are loves the water sports must visit this place and feel relaxes. 15 Weekend Getaways from Chennai – To Traverse Around Chennai. Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is the best heritage and favorite hot spots place in Chennai. Known For : This is the largest zoo in South East Asia. There are Two Forts Named King Fort and Queen Fort. This city has excited with curious, attractive and interesting places to visit, which is suitable for Peoples of different age groups. Known as the "Troy of the East" by the British, Gingee Fort rises out of the Tamilian plains. Entry charges: INR 15. Tied up together still, and surviving the storms of time, Tranquebar is the ultimate destinations for those who lose themselves, when it comes to History. Hotels in Chennai, Head To Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary For Some Sweet Time Gazing At The Flamingos, Best Hill Stations Near Chennai For a Perfect Getaway, Mesmerizing Waterfalls near Chennai to Ease the Heat, Places to Visit near Chennai Within 100 Kms, Places to Visit near Chennai Within 300 Kms, Places to Visit near Chennai Within 400 Kms, Places to Visit near Chennai Within 500 kms. Chennai is truly a hub of worthy destinations that will rejuvenate your soul, and if you are ready to travel some longer distances, you can discover the most beautiful places to visit within 200 km from Chennai. Another famous of this place is Sri Vedanarayana Swamy Temple. 1. Location: Tirukalukundram (71 KM from Chennai). You don't need to travel to far off destinations to cherish each moment of your stay in Chennai. Aurobindo Ashram This place has amazing rock-cut cave temples. Narasimhaswamy Temple The famous Lord Siddheswara Swamy Temple is nearby this falls. Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary Any urbanite living in Chennai can attest to the fact that the hectic urban lifestyle, the fast pace of the city, and the scorching heat can tire you out. This beach is a part of the VGP Universal Kingdom, which is a famous amusement park and lies on the East Coast Road. Originally the site had a small fort built by the Chola dynasty during 9th century. With a whole list of places to visit near Chennai within 200 kms, no weekend has to go to waste. If you are new and wish to find places to visit near Chennai within 100 kms, then Nagalapuram is the perfect place. The island of Sriharikota (home for famous ISRO) separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal. Devarajaswami Temple. There are many tourist places near Chennai within 300 kms. Road Trips From Chennai You Should Be Taking This Weekend! Pulicat Lake is formed from the backwaters of Bay of Bengal. Kamakshi Amman Temple It is a solitary retreat for those who seek to enjoy the raging sea up close but in a peaceful environment. Temple is located in hilltop and Thiruvallur District. Famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves, Mahabalipuram also offers beautiful white sand beaches and an exotic shopping experience to the tourists. The 15 km of long golden beach is very clean, shallow, and famous attraction for swimming and sunbathing. The Mamallapuram Dance Festival is the best outstanding event of this place. MGR Film City, Read More The best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms in winters are: 1. You can still explore the old sea port that used to exist there. Be mindful of the surroundings, the area near the waterfall is slippery. Chandragiri is well-known for the fort, constructed in the 11th century, with an altitude of 183 meters. The fort is one of the prominent tourist places to visit near Villupuram & Chennai also among the best places near Chennai & Pondicherry for a day trip. Known For : This is the perfect place for wildlife photographer and animal lovers. We value your privacy. With a whole list of places to visit near Chennai within 200 kms, no weekend has to go to waste. This could be a good way to explore the much-awaited destinations on your travel list. 28 Tourist Places in Chennai Around 200 KMs. Likewise an Old Dutch Fort and a cemetery with an extraordinary design made of finely carved headstones. This area spread over with 1490 acres and you can see around 170 various species of animals and birds. Apart from the water sports, the beach has a match with the heaven of white sand and clean blue waters. The majestic fort has three different hilltop citadels and a massive boundary of thick walls and cliffs. Sculptures build of granite, wood, copper, and bronze. This beach is situated near to Mahabalipuram and surrounded by greenery. Location: Pondicherry (170 KM from Chennai). This falls located inside the dense forest called Kaambakam. Annamalaiyar Temple. Kaigal falls is located near to Kanipakkam, its best hot spot for who loves the nature. Lepakshi, a small village located in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, is about 120 km north of Bangalore. List of Top 30 Places to Visit in Chennai Within 200 Km 1. Check out these places to explore your fun with friends and family. This beach attached with the resort and one of the best tourist places near Chennai within 200 KMs. Tirumala’s Venkatesawara temple is one of the most important, most visited and richest pilgrimage sites in India. Government Museum, Chennai Known For : Near the falls you can visit the temple of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Tirupati is another famous pilgrimage destination, which people from all over the world like to visit. Known For : Punganur Lake Nature Park Jalagamparai Falls. Nagalapuram. It’s the best weekend getaway from Chennai. This village is spread over 10 acres of land this shows contemporary art. Some of the vibrant temples of Kanchipuram are Ekambareswarar Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, and Devarajaswami Temple. The people say every day in noontime two eagles have visited this temple; they are sons of Lord Brahma. It’s located in Chittoor District of Narayanavanam Mandal. The interior architecture of this temple makes the visitor attract more. Known For : We guarantee that weekend trips will never be the same!! It is about 235 km from Madurai, and 282 km from Chennai. Best things to do: Visit Sri Venkateswara Temple, Venkateswara Museum, Sri Venkateswara National Park, Regional Science Center, Narayanagiri Gardens, and Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park among many others Golden Beach located between East Coast Road and Mahabalipuram. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu. This is the most popular Tourist Places in Chennai around 200 KMs. Ramalingeswara Temple The bird sanctuary is the interesting place for the viewer, its located in the middle of the lake. Gingee Fort, also known as Chinji or Jinji, was modified by Kurumbar while fighting the Cholas and again by the Vijayanagara Empire during … The town gate Thirumala . After that Shivan temple is situated on the way to falls; MahaSivaratri function is grandly celebrated. This beach is a famous tourist place and located in Covelong or Kovalam. Its also create a calm environment. It has an abundance of tall rock slopes on its outskirt, famously known as the ‘Sholay Hills’. Southern India is blessed with some of the most serene destinations and attractions which will leave anyone spellbound. The footpath has 365 steps, it synchronous with 365 days of the year. The River Penna is lying in Nellore. This place located between the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The calmness it offers during the sunset is unmatchable. Best Places To Visit In Chennai Within 200 Kms Among all the major and metropolitan cities in India, Chennai occupies a curious and interesting place for tourist in the hearts and minds of people who are aware and have experienced the incomparable vibe and also the aura that permeates throughout this city. Known For : Considered as one of the cleanest and beautiful beaches in Chennai, VGP Golden beach is one of the most sought-after destinations in the area by family and friends. The famous festivals could be celebrated at this temple are Aadi Krittikai, Float Festival, Brahmotsavams, ValliThirumanan, ShriMahakandaSashti, and Thai Pusam. The sanctuary has been present more than 200 years. Gingee Fort or Senji Fort is largest surviving forts in the state. Mahabalipuram Beach Distance from Coimbatore to Monkey Falls: 71.1 km & 2 h 12 min Located on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal near the village Covelong, Kovalam Beach was given the name 'Covelong' by the British due to their inefficiency of pronouncing "Kovalam". Both Having A Great Atmosphere. Known For : Known For : Moreover, the Vedanthangla Bird Sanctuary is near to Kanchipuram. The best place to spend a time with family, friends and loved ones. Tirumala is situated close to Tirupati. Also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls, Tada Falls is a mesmerising waterfall located in the dense woods of Siddulaiah Kona. The places have attracts travelers to make their plan for a whole day with temples, beaches, national parks, cultural and historical heritage. MGM Dizzee World amusement park contains more than 50 fun and entertaining games. Top 15 Tourist Places Near Chennai Within 500 Kms. Location: Kanchipuram (74 KM from Chennai). The best picnic spot of Chennai with a backwater of Bay of Bengal. An ancient city in the northeastern part of Tamil Nadu, Vellore is located on the banks of river Palar Vellore. This place covered by 30 hectares. Not many of us must be aware that a lesser known tourist places near Bangalore within 200 kms is just beyond the international airport. This beach attached with the resort and one of the best tourist places near Chennai within 200 KMs. Kumbakonam is known for its temples and mutts (monasteries). Also, it’s linked with two of the nine celestial bodies. The holy town of Tirupati is one amongst the 8 most scared places of Lord Mahavishnu and is highly revered, glorified and worshiped. 1 Ramanagaram. This village surrounded by 10 acres of land and established in the year 1964. Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple. Places to Visit near Coorg. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary and Kanchi Kudil in Kanchipuram are two of the must-visit places near Chennai within 100 kms . This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Chennai and an ideal weekend getaway near Chennai. Famously also known as Nagala Hills, this is the place to pump up your adrenaline with the various adventurous activities proffered in this scenic village. Your email address will not be published. Known for its amazing wildlife, lakes, gardens and churches, this place has been proven to be a relaxing one where people come in to take a break from their city life. Kumbakonam is one of the famous places of pilgrimage in Tamilnadu and among the popular places to visit near Chennai. Surrounded by majestic hills and gurgling waterfalls, this place is ideal to take a break from the buzzing city life and spend some peaceful days amidst soft breezes, flourishing trees and gushing waterfalls. The beauty of the village is banks of Bahuda River lying to this place. Just about 87 kms from Chennai, the Nagalapuram falls is a great trekking spot. At a distance of 23 Kms from Mahabalipuram and 35 Kms from Chennai (on Chennai - Mahabalipuram Road) Covelong/Kovalam is a famous beach resort and one of the popular tourist places to visit near Chennai. Another name referred as “Silk City and Golden City of a Thousand Temples”.The popular weekend getaways for spend time with your family in a historical place. Location: Bakarapet (191 KM from Chennai). Situated 56 km from Tirupati, the small town of Kanipakam is the abode of great deity Vinayaka. Known For : Paradise Beach, Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram Auroville . Best of Chennai in 2 days: What to Do and Where to Go? As we all in all know Delhi, called the dynamic city on account of such a significant number of reasons. Best time to Visit: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Except Tuesday), Entry Fees: INR 30 – Adults, INR 10 – Kids, Photography: Allowed, INR 25 – Camera and INR 150 – Handy Cam. The saltwater creek of Ennore joins the sea here forming an estuary of sorts. Location: Thiruvannaamalai (195 KM from Chennai), Your email address will not be published. Known For : This village is the largest self-supporting artists’ in India. The Best Tourist Place for your Weekends is Chennai. Don’t miss this place to visit because it’s surrounded by greenery. Hidden like a jewel behind the lush green forests of Andhra Pradesh lies a serene and tranquil place named Nagalapuram. It holds the various fun and adventure activities for all generation of peoples. Chittor is a district laden with important temples, one of them being the Kanipakkam Vinayagar Temple. Buildings, churches, and temples are constructed in French culture added more attractions to this city. Nagalapuram is best places to visit near Chennai within 200 KMs. The gallery is spread over 10 acres and was established by the brilliant artist KCS Paniker in 1966. The reason for this discussion is the splendour ambience in their atmosphere. The architecture and history mark the important spot of this place. There are numerous attractions in Tirupati town along with Kanipakam, Chandragiri, Chittoor, SrinivasaMangapuram, KapilaTheertham, Tiruchanur, Talakona Falls, Srikalahasti, etc. Best time to Visit: 10:00 AM to 8:45 PM(Except Friday), Location: Chandragiri (145 KM from Chennai). Here is the list of 23 Places to Visit near Chennai Within 300 Kms. Kaliasa Kona is also known as Kailasantha Kona. Arulmigu Vedagiriswarar Temple is a famous spot in Tirukalukundram. A legend says that the region where the city now stands was once upon a time surrounded by Velan (Babul) Trees giving the place the name Vellore. Young people crowd the near to spots of visits in the midst of closures of the week. This village is near to the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The beauties of the beaches are Walk down the Beach at Sunset, Catch Lots of Fish, exciting Water Sports, and Old Church Ruins. This place creates a lifetime experience for a day outing with your family and friends. Kodagu or Coorg, close to the famous heritage city of Mysore, is a place where nature is at its very best. Dakshina Chitra: INR 100 – Adults, INR 30 – Kids and INR 250 – Foreign Visitors, MGM Dizzee world: INR 699 – Adults, INR 549 – Kids, Location: East Coast Road (31 KM from Chennai). The land of Vellore has seen glorious days of many empires such as the Pallavas, the Cholas, the Vijayanagara, the Rashtrakutas, the Carnatic and the British. The foundation of the water is originated from the split in a mass rock. 1. A visit here will let you experience the best relaxing holiday in its calm surroundings. It’s the best pilgrimage center in India. Overflowing with a rich and vivacious yesteryears, this place has showcased its potential to allure the visitors with its extravagant shrines and pristine beauty. Karikili Bird Sanctuary. The falls is sited in Sri Venkateswara National Park of Chittoor District. Don’t forget to visit this place, because the architecture of the temples is fabulous.

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