“I make the costumes for the Three Kings and my oldest son has already donated a bag full of presents,” she said in Spanish. While Puerto Ricans do celebrate Christmas, this event is not over even when the new year passes. Here are the baskets my kids will be using this weekend, made by their abuela: The basket is normally decorated with bows made out of wax paper, but we’ve had trouble finding such paper. 50+ Latin Food Recipes for Your Slow Cooker! Growing up, she remembers seeing Three Kings Day celebrations on TV at a time when her family wasn't able to afford to get her gifts to commemorate the occasion. Kids in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay do both. "We take down our tree on Jan. Last year, after not celebrating, I resolved to celebrate Three Kings Day this year. Isabel Encalado moved from Ecuador to New York 25 years ago. The night before, children around Puerto Rico gather grass or hay in shoeboxes and place them under their beds for the Magi’s camels or horses in exchange for presents. I agree that this site may use cookies for tracking behavior and user patterns. Ishel Vidal's youngest son looks at a nativity scene under his Chirstmas tree in Houston. Also known as the Feast of the Epiphany, it marks the biblical story of the three Magi — Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar — who, guided by a star, found baby Jesus and brought him gifts. The Puerto Rican Tradition. March 22 Emancipation Day: Día de la Abolición de Esclavitud: A Commonwealth of Puerto Rico official holiday. The observance had its origins in the eastern Christian churches and was a general celebration of the manifestation of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Here are the baskets my kids will be using this weekend, made by their, Then, the night before Three Kings’ Day, on. She's now doing the same with her children. Little Christmas, Three Kings Day, or Twelfth Night all remain the official end of the season's "Twelve Days of Christmas" --counting from Christmas evening on December 25 to the Ephiphany on January 6. Also known as Epiphany or Theophany, Three Kings Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God in his Son as human in Jesus Christ. Three Kings Day, the Christian holiday also known as the Epiphany, is an important tradition in Puerto Rico. Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico in 1873 while the Island was still a colony of Spain. Once in New York, she got her family involved in an annual Three Kings Day celebration organized by the Democratic Club in Queens. SAN JUAN (AP) – Gov. Epiphany is one of three major Christian celebrations along with Christmas and Easter. Nearly 60 percent of first-generation Latinos say their parents often took them to cultural celebrations such as Mexican "posadas" — which celebrate Mary and Joseph's pilgrimage to Bethlehem — or "quinceañeras" to celebrate a young woman's 15th birthday. Besides opening her gifts, Hernandez said the Three Kings would hide her shoes somewhere around the house and she had to "go on a scavenger hunt" to look for them. The photographer and her husband have opted to give their children, ages 14 and 7, most of their holiday presents on Three Kings Day, celebrated Jan. 6., instead of on Christmas Day. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Ishel Vidal's children celebrate Christmas but get most of their presents on Three Kings Day. When it comes to the Three Wise Men, some acknowledge it could be a losing battle. After Vidal emigrated from Mexico to Texas when she was a little girl, her parents reinforced the Three Kings Day tradition by explaining to her and her sisters that, "while Santa Claus was a good man who delivered toys to children in need, their family would always celebrate the Three Wise Men.". The day celebrates The Three Kings, Melchor, Baltazar and Gaspar who followed the Star of Bethlehem to visit the Baby Jesus to offer gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. , We finally made it to the pool this summer! Vila said her grandson, 10, jokes that whatever present he doesn't get on Christmas, he keeps his fingers crossed that he'll get on Three Kings Day. Three Kings Days Around the World Three Kings Day is celebrated with different traditions and different names around the world. These originally were to honor the Magi. Literally, Three King’s Eve is just as exciting as Christmas Eve! Postal customers should expare advised to expect: There will be no mail collection in Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico Post was not sent - check your email addresses! "But I refuse to let my daughter and my grandson miss out on their culture.". Kids write their wish lists to their favorite king (Melchor, Baltazar or Gaspar), and they leave out snacks for the Three Kings (and grass for … Photo from Photobucket - Click on image for original source. “I always had that dream — having a big celebration.”. "In it, they explain what toys they would like and why they feel they deserve them," Vidal said. Claudia Deschamps is a former anchor and reporter for Univision and Telemundo. Three Kings’ Day is a celebration that takes place on January 6th every year. For most people in Puerto Rico, preparations for Three Kings Day begin as soon as Christmas ends. The Tradition of the Three Kings. Three Kings Day commemorates the biblical journey of the three kings —Balthazar, Caspar, and … On the days immediately following Three Kings Day, the Octavas and Octavitas are celebrated. Pernil. 12.". Three Kings Day! But this year, the holiday has a special … Explain everything! In Puerto Rico, Epiphany is an important festive holiday, and is commonly referred as Dia de Los Tres Reyes Magos, or Three Kings' Day. Here, in Puerto Rico, Santa does come on Christmas, and December 25th is a celebration, but tradition dictates that Three Kings Day is the big deal. Three Kings’ Day, also known as Epiphany or Dia de los Reyes Magos, is a celebration of the three kings who brought gifts to Jesus when he was born. "I reinforce the message that we celebrate the Three Wise Men because they had a direct link to Jesus — not Santa," Vidal, 36, said. In Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised, Three King’s Day is an official holiday. Tuesday is Three Kings Day, a day children across Latin America receive gifts. He also helps his children prepare shoe boxes full of grass for the camels and leave glasses with milk for the kings to drink. Ian Miguel González Zayas shares a moment with one of the Three Wise Men at a Three Kings Day celebration at the Ponce Art Museum in Puerto Rico, on Sunday. In Puerto Rico, the biggest celebration of the Christmas season is focused mainly on January 6, the day of the liturgical celebration of the Three Kings. "Who wouldn't like to keep the Christmas celebration going?!" Others help us improve your user experience or to allow us to track behavior and user patterns. In Puerto Rico, Christmas is merely the midpoint of the holiday season. But as an adult, the celebration focuses more on the “Rosca de Reyes,” a sugary bread that contains a baby Jesus figurine. Government offices and many businesses close, but the malls are busier than ever! This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. , Site performance & analytics, User behavior & pattern tracking, Advertising, Affiliate links, Pollo Guisado Recipe (Puerto Rican Style Stewed Chicken), Simple Lenten Recipes: Shrimp & Vegetable Noodles. Ce, Happy Monday! SAN JUAN, PR — All Post Offices in Puerto Rico including Vieques and Culebra will be closed on January 6th in observation of Three Kings Day. "On a plate next to the shoes, we leave grass for the camels. Three Kings has also become a cultural tradition in towns and cities across the U.S., with museums and organizations organizing events and parades. Sila Calderon announced that starting 2004, she would change the way gifts are handed out to children who arrive to La Fortaleza from all over the island to take part of the Three Kings Day celebration in Old San Juan. IE 11 is not supported. Read our full privacy policy to learn more. She reports, writes and produces stories for NBC Latino and NBCNews.com. In Puerto Rico, the weeks leading up to Three King's Day are a joyous time of song and celebration. she said. Three Kings Day, also known as El Dia de los Reyes in Spanish and Epiphany in other countries, is a long held Latin American tradition. Follow NBC Latino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The number of Latino cultural activities experienced by Americans with Hispanic ancestry declines across generations the farther they are from their immigrant roots, according to the Pew Research Center. 4️⃣0️⃣ We did it. "Some of us lose those traditions when we move to the States," said Jossy Vila, 51, a Maryland resident who is originally from Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans have been American citizens since March 2, 1917. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve reunited with my family in Puerto Rico for the holidays, and the longing to recreate these memories in my own kitchen has weighed heavy. In Puerto Rico, children fill up a box with grass for the Magi's camels. Place a gift next to the basket. I agree that this site may use cookies for site performance. According to him, instilling the tradition has not been difficult since his kids love the idea of getting presents on both Dec.25 and Jan. 6. They definitely do in Ishel Vidal's household in Houston. A Commonwealth of Puerto Rico holiday. Another favorite Christmas dish … Three Kings Day, or Epiphany, is one of the most important holidays on … #mondayvibes #mondayse, #ad Can you imagine paying $1,300 for prescription, ✔ My boy finished all 7 #HarryPotter books. First, you will need either a plain shoebox or a basket made from a shoebox. In the middle of the night, after your child is sleeping, throw out the grass and replace it with candy. Santiago, who recently moved from Puerto Rico to be with family in Florida, remembers when Three Kings Day in the island was the highlight of the holiday season. Three Kings Day (Día De Los Tres Reyes Magos) on January 6th is a huge celebration here in Puerto Rico; even more so than Christmas Day for a lot of families. In 2021, Epiphany falls on Wednesday, January 6. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On January 6th, Puerto Rico celebrates el Día de Reyes or Epiphany, a commemoration of the visit the Three Wise Men made after Jesus was born. Each person cuts their own piece, secretly hoping they don't get the Jesus figurine — whoever gets it has to cook food for the Candlemas Day celebration on Feb. 2, another Christian holiday. MAIN Holidays Christmas Three Kings - Feast of the Epiphany. Hernandez's family sits together to eat the bread. Three Kings Day. While it's been a rich holiday tradition in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, Chia Santiago, 91, can attest to how the celebration has taken a back seat to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — unlike during her childhood days. Her family would travel 53 miles on Christmas Eve from the island's capital city to the town of Villalba, where her grandmother would host a huge party she would be organizing for a week and children would get their gifts. It is always celebrated on Chia Santiago sits in front of a Christmas tree. Three Kings celebration at Epcot, photo by Cristine Struble. Written by Tim McDonnell www.joyholidayfamily.com This has … It is traditional for children to fill a box with fresh grass or hay and put it underneath their bed, for the Wise Men's camels. By continuing to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. On the night of Jan. 5, her children put one of their shoes under the tree and inside the shoe, they left a note they wrote for The Three Wise Men. Contact. The food choices are shredded beef tamale with avocado crema and cilantro rice, roasted pork with mashed yucca and pickled green bananas and Three Kings bread. Part of the fun tradition of Three Kings Day involves what children do the night before Jan. 6 to make sure they get gifts from the Three Wise Men. Happy Three Kings Day! At Epcot, the Three Kings Festival Marketplace offers three traditional food offerings and two beverage choices. As she remembers days of parties mostly at homes — "there weren't nightclubs in those days," Santiago says, adding that her grandchildren tell her, "That doesn’t exist anymore — you lived the golden years.”. It is a public holiday in many countries and marks two events in Jesus Christ’s life, according to the Christian Bible. Many stores have a sort of “second Christmas” because the Three Kings bring gifts to the children. 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