Arid upland plains and parched hillsides take the place of the rich verdure and luxuriant arborescent growth of Imeretia, Svanetia and Mingrelia, the districts which occupy the valleys of the Ingur and Rion and the tributaries of the latter. in circuit, and of suburbs containing luxuriant gardens. Vegetation is exceedingly luxuriant and varied. It is adorned with several pretty gardens with a luxuriant southern vegetation. Through bright windows, at every corner, might be seen gay companies in At the eastern end steep cliffs rise from the water, and luxuriant vegetation covers the hills. Luxuriant in a sentence. Covered in luxuriant vegetation, it is ringed by a fine sand beach. Immediately to the south and west of Kandahar is a stretch of well-irrigated and highly cultivated country, but the valley of the Arghandab is the most fertile in the district, and, from the luxuriant abundance of its orchards and vineyards, offers the most striking scenes of landscape beauty. Luxurious means (1) marked by luxury or (2) characteristic of luxury.Luxuriant means (1) characterized by rich or profuse growth, (2) producing abundance, or (3) excessively florid or elaborate.So luxurious often has to do with monetary wealth, while luxuriant describes types of abundance that do not necessarily relate to monetary wealth. above the sea, it presents a succession of beautiful valleys and steep mountains, covered with rich woods and luxuriant vegetation. 1, Tall, luxuriant plants grew along the river bank. There is no more valuable border flower, and when well placed in the rock garden it is effective, especially if the luxuriant shoots are allowed to hang down. luxuriant Definitions. goddess. It is picturesquely surrounded by luxuriant gardens, and enclosed by walls and towers, which date partly from the Lombard period. Growing under the shade of these are several varieties of rose, honeysuckle, currant, gooseberry, hawthorn, rhododendron and a luxuriant herbage, among which the ranunculus family is important for frequency and number of genera. abundant or lush in growth, as vegetation. 2. 4 years ago. Galba and Domitian possessed country houses here. luxuriant. See luxuriant used in context: several books and articles. To a certain extent this is indeed the case; but though Vaishnavism, and especially the Krishna creed, with its luxuriant growth of erotic legends, might have seemed peculiarly favourable to a development in this direction, it is practically only in connexion with the Saiva system that an independent cult of the female principle has been developed; whilst in other sects - and, indeed, in the ordinary Saiva cult as well - such worship, even where it is at all prominent, is combined with, and subordinated to, that of the male principle. Heavy rainfall, high temperature and fertile soil combine to cover the greater part of the state, and particularly the alluvial regions and the coast swamps, with a most luxuriant subtropical vegetation, both arborescent and herbaceous. Now there is a zone of the equatorial Andes, ranging between about 4000 and 6000 feet altitude, where the very best flavoured coffee is grown, where cane is less luxuriant but more saccharine than in the plains, and which is therefore very desirable to cultivate, but where the red man sickens and dies. On the drier and higher mountains of the interior of the chain, the forests become more open, and are spread less uniformly over the hill-sides, a luxuriant herbaceous vegetation appears, and the number of shrubby Leguminosae, such as Desmodium and Indigofera, increases, as well as Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Umbelliferae, Labiatae, Gramineae, Cyperaceae and other European genera. Libitina may, however, have been originally an earth goddess, connected with luxuriant nature and the enjoyments of life (cf. in height, form a luxuriant undergrowth in the ohia-lehua and the koa forests, and the islands are noted for the profusion and beautiful colours of their flowering plants. Extract from : « Imogen » by William Godwin; Nor could Nature, here in her most luxuriant mood, relieve it from its sordid aspect. above the sea, the limit of the luxuriant growth of that hardy conifer in Britain; and in moist valleys or on imperfectly drained acclivities Norway spruce is more suitable. The city, formerly enclosed by walls (now ruinous), is surrounded by luxuriant gardens, and its houses are buried among the fruit and other trees which grow alongside of the irrigation canals. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In both the Castiles the central plateau has a naturally fertile soil, for after rain a luxuriant vegetation appears; but drought is common, owing to the insufficient volume of the rivers, and the failure of the Spaniards to extend the fine system of irrigation which the Moors originated. The palaces, completed in 1627, are now in ruins, but the gardens with their luxuriant vegetation and gigantic cypress and orange trees are well worth a visit. Anonymous. Example sentences: It is full of the finest grass, and its soil is rich and luxuriant. The field experiments on leguminous plants at Rothamsted have shown that land which is, so to speak, exhausted so far as the growth of one leguminous crop is concerned, may still grow very luxuriant crops of another plant of the same natural order, but of different habits of growth, and especially of different character and range of roots. It is well to feed down a luxuriant crop when the plants are level with the ridge tops. In the time of the Arabs these were the chief canals, and the cuts from the main channels of the Nahr `Isa, Nahr Sarsar, Nahr Malk (or Nahr Malcha), and Nahr Kutha, reticulating the entire country between the rivers, converted it into a continuous and luxuriant garden. Further inland the higher country becomes more open and the forests are less luxuriant. producing abundantly, as soil; fertile; fruitful; productive: to settle in luxuriant country. The houses being seemingly embowered in the luxuriant verdure of the Sahel, the effect is imposing and picturesque, and has given rise to the Arab comparison of the town to a diamond set in an emerald frame. Luxuriance In A Sentence . richly abundant, profuse, or superabundant. Owing to the diversities in altitude the flora of Bolivia represents every climatic zone, from the scanty Arctic vegetation of the lofty Cordilleras to the luxuriant tropical forests of the Amazon basin. Founded in 1854, it is well-built, provided with boulevards and surrounded by luxuriant gardens. The luxuriant growth of palms is the most characteristic feature of the vegetation. Luxuriant sentence examples. Sentence Examples. Our knowledge of the Triassic vegetation is far from extensive; this is no doubt due in part to the fact that the conditions under which the Triassic rocks were deposited were not favourable to the existence of a luxuriant vegetation. luxuriant definition: 1. growing thickly, strongly, and well: 2. pleasantly thick or full: 3. growing thickly…. use "luxuriant" in a sentence kathar with its luxuriant vegetation, described by Orwell with relish, provided the physical setting for the novel but not the plot. All Rights Reserved. in circuit, and of suburbs containing luxuriant gardens. They are now overgrown with luxuriant vegetation. The spur on which it stands is thickly wooded with oak and other trees; behind it the pine-clad slopes of the mountain tower towards the jagged peaks of the higher range, snow-clad for half the year; while below stretches the luxuriant cultivation of the Kangra valley. The formation of the larger islands is volcanic, their surface rugged, their vegetation luxuriant, and their appearance very 1 The notation n! It contains luxuriant forests of palmtrees, which constitute the chief wealth of the people. The vegetation is luxuriant except in the Rudolf region,. Some common synonyms of luxuriant are exuberant, lavish, lush, prodigal, and profuse. A luxuriant form, a skin mellow and ruddy as a ripe peach, and such eyes! . The birds with their plumage and their notes are in harmony with the flowers, but what youth or maiden conspires with the wild luxuriant beauty of Nature? It has several fine public buildings and the streets are lined with avenues of pear trees, while an abundant supply of water, luxuriant orchards, fields and gardens give it the appearance of an oasis in the desert. At the time of which we write, the vegetation of the isle was not very luxuriant. In Sikkim the mountains are covered with dense forest of tall umbrageous trees, commonly accompanied by a luxuriant growth of under shrubs, and adorned with climbing and epiphytal plants in wonderful profusion. in circuit, and of suburbs containing luxuriant gardens. Sentences Menu. Vegetation is luxuriant in the valleys, which are well watered with streams and, from their seaward termination in small bays, are themselves known as "bays.". These conditions are particularly characteristic of the northern regions; in the south the vegetation on the uplands is more luxuriant. Adjective forms related to the noun luxury are luxuriousand luxuriant. 8, This stretch of land was once covered with, 14, The virginia creeper was a little more, 23, There were two very large oak trees in front of our house with wide spreading branches and, 24, In summer, especially lush vegetation, holly leaves shiny shiny, elm tree with, 25, He was well over six feet, his hair was black and his eyes gleamed amber from between, 26, One yellowy hank was swiped forward from the nape of his neck, while the other originated from his, 27, She looked down at him, at the dark, even features, the long eyelashes and the, 28, The hair was already thinning and perhaps to compensate he had grown a, 29, And a woman stripped naked to the waist, her, 30, A tall, bespectacled figure, his face half concealed by a, 2, There were two very large oak trees in front of our house with wide spreading branches and. To take luxurious pleasure; indulge oneself. Synonyms for luxuriant include lush, rich, prolific, abundant, flourishing, rank, dense, thriving, exuberant and fecund. These spurs are covered with luxuriant vegetation, excepting their perpendicular faces and the slopes occupied by the suburbs. Definition of luxuriant written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. We know very little of the ancient methods of cultivating the vine, but the Romans-no doubt owing to the luxuriant ease with which the vine grows in Italy-appear to have trained it on trees, trellis work, palisades, &c. The dwarf form of cultivation now common in northern Europe does not appear to have obtained to any extent. Thus a shoot will grow more vigorously whilst waving in the air than when nailed close to the wall; consequently a weak shoot should be left free, whilst its stronger antagonist should be restrained; and a luxuriant shoot may be retarded for some time by having its tender extremity pinched off to allow a weaker shoot to overtake it. Some of the volcanic soil is barren, but much of the district is clothed in luxuriant vegetation. 2. The property of being luxuriant. Round most of the islands there is a luxuriant coral growth; but, as the reefs lie at no great distance, and follow the line of the coast, the inter-island channels are comparatively safe. luxuriant forests in many parts of the country. On the thick layer of black earth by which the steppe is covered a luxuriant vegetation develops in spring; after the old grass has been burned a bright green prevails over immense stretches, but this rapidly disappears under the burning rays of the sun and the hot E. Ranking during the early centuries of its existence as one of the greatest cities of Islam, Marrakesh has long been in a state of grievous decay, but it is rendered attractive by the exceptional beauty of its situation, the luxuriant groves and gardens by which it is encompassed and interspersed, and the magnificent outlook which it enjoys towards the mountains. The hair is long, black or very dark auburn, wavy and sometimes curly, but never woolly, and the men have luxuriant beards and whiskers, often of an auburn tint, while the whole body inclines to hairiness. luxuriant valley stands the old town of Lostwithiel ' . Find more similar words at! Lv 4. The clay and low-fen furnish a luxuriant meadow-land for the principal industries of the province - cattle-rearing and cheeseand butter-making. a sentence with luxurious and luxuriant? Because Amber prefers simple clothes, she does not buy luxuriant outfits. The country, which is very fertile and is covered with luxuriant herbage, has many villages and a considerable population. 68. The humble prince refused to live in the luxuriant eight-bedroom house he inherited. Luxuriant definition: Luxuriant plants, trees, and gardens are large, healthy , and growing well . Examples of Luxuriant in a sentence. The young trees vary in size of leaf, rate of growth, and in habit-some being dense and rigid, and others freer and more luxuriant. luxuriant growth in a sentence - Use "luxuriant growth" in a sentence 1. A circlet of gold coins bound her brow, shining in bright relief against the luxuriant masses of chestnut hair. Some of the volcanic soil is barren, but much of the district is clothed in luxuriant vegetation. The monarchy lay stifling in the midst of a luxuriant feudal forest which surrounded its only two towns of any importance: Paris, the city of the future, and Orleans, the city of learning. Relevance. South and south-west of this arid plateau lie the inhabited tablelands of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Geraes, where the climate is greatly modified by a luxuriant vegetation and southerly winds, as well as by the elevation. The year is divided into a dry and wet season, the first from June to December, when rain rarely falls, the streams dry up and the cameos are burned bare, and the second from January to May when the rains are sometimes heavy and the cameos are covered with luxuriant verdure. It meanders through dense forest cover and luxuriant bamboo vegetation as you head toward the peaks. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Its situation is very beautiful, the moist climate (mean annual rainfall, 74 in.) They do not represent the opinions of Vegetation is generally luxuriant, and forest clothes portions of the mountain slopes. If these be too luxuriant, they yield nothing but leaves; and if too weak, they are incapable of developing flower buds. Many species of indigenous palms abound, and in places the forests are indescribably luxuriant. Learn more. What does luxuriate mean? The vegetation of Transylvania is luxuriant, except of course in the higher mountain zones. The water-works and electric-lighting plant are owned and operated by the Territorial government, and to the plentiful water-supply is partly due the luxuriant vegetation of the city. Madeira Vine (Boussingaultia) - B. baselloides is a luxuriant trailing plant of the Spinach order with shoots 16 to 20 feet long, flowering late in autumn, the flowers small, white, fragrant, and becoming black as they fade. The surface of the summit (the highest point is variously stated at 3549, 35 82 and 3850 ft.) is broken into small valleys and hills, and is covered with luxuriant vegetation, its flora including the superb orchid Disa grandiflora and the well-known silver tree. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: adj. In the spring months, thousands of tourists visit the luxuriant gardens near the art museum. To the north-east of the Fort is the Lake, a ramifying sheet of fresh water, which adds greatly to the beauty of the site of Colombo, its banks being clothed with luxuriant foliage and flowers. But while the province in many parts presents a landscape of luxuriant beauty, it is a prey to the ravages of disease, principally malarial fevers due to the extensive swamps formed by waters stagnating in the forests, and to the frequent incursions of the Goklan and Yomut Turkomans, who have their camping-grounds in the northern part of the province, and until about 1890 plundered caravans sometimes at the very gates of Astarabad city, and carried people off into slavery and bondage. (verb) The forests throughout most of the state have a luxuriant undergrowth consisting of a great variety of shrubs, flowering plants, grasses, ferns and mosses, and the display of magnolias, azaleas, kalmias, golden rod, asters, jessamines, smilax, ferns and mosses is often one of unusual beauty. Far from impressed, the Arcadians immerse him in the Well of Truth, from which he emerges transformed into a … I'm afraid that his voice simply does not reach the same gorgeous peaks of luxuriant smoothness as the honeyed tones of some of his colleagues. 4), its mild climate, and its luxuriant vegetation (though in summer there was some malaria in the low ground). The town lies in the midst of luxuriant trees, and the noble sweep of the Tay, the effectively situated bridge, the magnificent grounds of Dunkeld House, and the protecting mountains combine to give it a very romantic appearance. The western side consists of stony but fertile plains, which are well cultivated and produce luxuriant crops of grain, with some cotton, vines, almonds and figs. Life here cannot help seeming dingy and poor in contrast with that luxuriance and splendour. fostering on the steep surrounding hills a vegetation unusually luxuriant for the latitude. In consequence of the deficient rainfall over the greater part of the country the flora is not luxuriant and there are no large forests. 2. His long luxuriant hair falls about a sensitive face. The female plant grows to a greater height than the male, and its foliage is darker and more luxuriant, but the plant takes from five to six weeks longer to ripen. The seats arewell-padded and upholstered in luxuriant soft leather. The construction of the coast road, the Via Severiana, from Ostia to Tarracina, added to the importance of the place; and the beauty of the promontory with its luxuriant flora and attractive view had made it frequented by the Romans as early as 200 B.C. . Thought not cluttered, the little room is luxuriant and dense. north of Santa Plena, there is an abundance of moisture and vegetation is luxuriant; 33 m. The wood is less abundant, and the vegetation less luxuriant. Except such as are of coral formation, the Antilles are hilly, not to say mountainous, their summits rising in places to an elevation of 8000 ft., and nearly all, prior to their occupation by Europeans, were covered with luxuriant forest, which, assisting in the collection and condensation of the clouds brought by the trade winds, ensured its own vitality by precipitating frequent and long-continued rains; upon the fertile soil. 2. 1 decade ago. The flora of Borneo is very rich, the greater portion of the surface of the island being clothed in luxuriant vegetation. The decline in stock-breeding resulted in a considerable growth of trees and chaparral over the greater part of the plain. There are luxuriant tropical forests in the coast region of Buganda, in Busoga, west Elgon, western Unyoro, eastern Toro, the central Semliki valley and north-west Ankole. 3, This new luxuriant yatch is near completion. Examples of luxuriant in a sentence, how to use it. Behind the luxuriant jungles of the sub-tropical coast, once over the main range, we find the purely Australian flora with its apparent sameness and sombre dulness. Definition (adj) marked by complexity and richness of detail Synonyms: elaborate. an epicurean banquet 2, Your hand luxuriant line entanglements into the city in whose laughter. Another form of luxurious is luxuriant. The Aleutian Islands are almost destitute of trees, but are covered with a luxuriant growth of herbage. Abundant in growth or detail. edge of the vast central plain of Asia Minor, amidst luxuriant orchards famous in the middle ages for their yellow plums and apricots and watered by streams from the hills. The vegetation of the island (mountain ash and birch) is remarkably luxuriant. Except in open lands like the Fens, the peculiarly rich appearance of the country is due to the closely-divided Wood- fields with their high, luxuriant hedges, and especially lands. But German realism lacks critical power, and is little better than a weed overshadowed by the luxuriant forest of German idealism. The word luxuriant preferentially means profuse (vegetation) or thick (hair). Rhubarb (Rheum) - Herbaceous plants of great vigour and picturesque aspect, and their fine leaves are well seen by the margins of shrubberies and in places where luxuriant vegetation is desired. In many districts the coffee and cotton plants are indigenous and luxuriant. Dictionary But while the province in many parts presents a landscape of luxuriant beauty, it is a prey to the ravages of disease, : 2. 72 examples: The ruins of the old city are now covered with luxuriant jungle extended for… There are 1 example sentences for luxuriant. A lower wall of wider circuit protects the luxuriant gardens in the outskirts. The ground was luxuriant with colocynth, whose runners and fruits looked festive in the early light. Certain large natural pits which are found in the plain behind, and have luxuriant gardens at the bottom, are supposed to have originated the myth of the Gardens of the Hesperides. Viewed from the sea, the top of one wall just appearing above the next produces a barren effect; but the aspect of the land from a hill in early spring is a beautiful contrast of luxuriant verdure. The plant-life of the Carboniferous was exceedingly luxuriant and varied, and the system is rich also in fossils of fishes, crustaceans, mollusca, insects and other forms of animal life. Above Yale, in the drier part of the Fraser valley, the absence of rain results in the same character of flora, while in the rainy districts of the lower Fraser the vegetation is so luxuriant that it resembles that of the tropics. There abound "beautifully laid out gardens, public and private, and solidly constructed roads, some of them bordered with bamboos and other delicately-fronded trees, and fringed with the luxuriant growth of semi-tropical vegetation.". But higher up the valley, and especially north of Pegu, the country is drier, and is characterized by a less luxuriant vegetation and a retarded and more scanty rainfall. Its bed is generally rocky; its banks are high and covered with luxuriant vegetation. How To Use Luxuriance In A Sentence? The humid climate causes the foliage here, as in other parts of Malaya, to be very luxuriant, and the contrast presented by the bright green on every side and the rich red laterite of the roads is striking. The vegetation is very much like that of southern Europe, but in consequence of the great humidity and the mild climate almost tropically luxuriant, and the forests from the shore of the sea up to an altitude of nearly 5000 ft. The droughts to which the island is recurrently subject are, however, a not unimportant drawback to the industry; and though the best ranges, under favourable conditions, are luxuriant, nevertheless the pastures of the island are in general mediocre. The Armenian highlands, which run generally parallel to the Caucasus, though at much lower elevations (5000-6000 ft.), are a plateau region, sometimes quite flat, sometimes gently undulating, clothed with luxuriant meadows and mostly cultivable. Considering, however, that it is generally believed that Bryophyta and vascular plants are descended from an algal ancestry, it is natural to suppose that, prior to the luxuriant vegetable growths of the Carboniferous period, there must have existed an age of algae. liana vines and luxuriant foliage are now in place. 0 0. masri. The old stone wall at that time was an irresistible invitation to … Examples were pulled from our literature database and sorted, but have not been approved by an editor. Vegetation is generally luxuriant, and forest clothes portions of the mountain slopes. florid, as imagery or … marked by complexity and richness of detail Last update: September 29, 2015 around Lexington, the country is clothed with an unusually luxuriant vegetation. North portal of Shrewley Tunnel was particularly luxuriant, due to the large amount of water about. The forest areas of India include the dense vegetation and luxuriant growth of the Tarai jungles at the foot of the eastern Himalaya, and wide stretches of loosely-timbered country which are a prevailing feature in the Central Provinces and parts of Madras. 3. the poet's luxuriant imagery. 77+3 sentence examples: 1. 35. German Translation of “luxuriant” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. 4. 6 Answers. to Ulban Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk (close :by the Shantar Islands), its peaks clothed from top to bottom with luxuriant forest vegetation, ascending 4500 to 6000 ft. Vegetation is luxuriant and comprises a great variety of tropical and sub-tropical species. The poet wore a luxuriant black moustache and imperial, and a slouched hat which shaded the forehead. For he wore a pair of long, luxuriant black whiskers such as haven't been seen since Victorian times. The climbing plants in the tropical forests are exceedingly luxuriant and the undergrowth or " bush " is extremely dense. Vegetation is luxuriant; magnificent forests clothe the mountains, and sandalwood, ebony and lignum vitae, besides a variety of palms, are found in them. Heaving in a distant sight more luxuriant green than ever. In addition to its inferior size, the coyote is also shorter in the leg than the wolf, and carries a more luxuriant coat of hair. Example Sentence. In this connexion may be mentioned the idea of a divinity, half male, half female, uniting in itself the active and passive functions of creation, a symbol of luxuriant growth and productivity. In the gorges and on the better-watered slopes of the mountains the herbaceous vegetation becomes luxuriant. Click for more examples 1. In the mountain region the soil is mostly a sandy loam composed of disintegrated granitic gneiss and organic matter; on the lower and more gentle slopes as well as in the valleys this is generally deep enough for a luxuriant vegetable growth but on the upper and more precipitous slopes it is thin, or the rocks are entirely bare. luxuriant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word luxuriant. The southern exposure of this littoral region, the shelter afforded against the bitter winds of the north by the lofty Caucasus range, and the copious rainfall all combine to foster a luxuriant and abundant vegetation. The most striking general fact as regards climate in the archipelago is that wherever that part of the south-east monsoon which has passed over Australia strikes, the climate is comparatively dry, and the vegetation is less luxuriant. 3. In every direction can be seen luxuriant valleys through which rivers thread their silvery way, wild chasms, magnificent waterfalls - that of Maletsunyane has an unbroken leap of over 600 f t. high, and thickets of tamarisk along the river beds, and on either side the jungle is high and more luxuriant than on the open plateau. 5, Hair that's thick and luxuriant needs regular trimming. . Polymnia grandis (Montagnaea Heracleifolia) - A half-hardy shrub with large, much divided, and elegantly-lobed leaves, about 3 feet long, presenting luxuriant masses of foliage. When the crop is luxuriant it is necessary to put a roller over it first, to facilitate proper burial by the plough. This intermediate mountain belt is covered with luxuriant vegetation. luxuriant growth, I saw the creature we were hunting. 1. marked by complexity and richness of detail 2. displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses 3. produced or growing in extreme abundance. 49. 4, Her luxuriant hair fell around her shoulders. 1 decade ago. In spite of the frequent overgrowth of a luxuriant imagination, the leading ideas of really primitive cosmogonies are extremely simple. The inhabitants support themselves mainly on the produce of their luxuriant gardens; but the increasing trade of Beira has withdrawn the bulk of the commerce from Sidon. Water is plentiful in the Elburz, and situated in well-watered valleys and gorges are innumerable flourishing villages, embosomed in gardens and orchards, with extensive cultivated fields and meadows, and at higher altitudes small plateaus, under snow until March or April, afford cool camping grounds to the nomads of the plains, and luxuriant grazing to their sheep and cattle during the summer.

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