Superboy is a hybrid construct whose source DNA in the New 52 are Kal-El, Lois Lane and Jon Lane Kent, a hybrid Kryptonian/Human from an alternate timeline. "Bryan Q. Miller Brings The Teen Titans To Smallville",, "Comic-Con 2010: Young Justice Goes Under Cover", "t-Young_Justice_Poster.jpg (250x375 pixels)", "Superman Doomsday DVD Official Site (DC Universe)", "In this semi-drunk movie about Superman's death, Elijah Wood is Cyborg Superman", "Gotham Actor to Voice Superboy in Animated Reign of the Supermen", "It's literally a dream come true to tell you that I've been cast as Superboy in @DCUO. More. Kon-El's power was temporarily shown to dwarf Jon's which may be the result of the addition of Lois and Clark's DNA. In a battle with Jericho, Superboy's body gets possessed by him and Jericho was able to exhibit heat vision and other Superman-like powers. Though this skill is useful, it definitely makes Conner feel a bit watered-down in comparison to DC’s other Speedsters. While DC Future State solicitations proclaim that “Clark’s son Jon has taken on the mantle of Superman,” the true identity of the top Kryptonian may not be so straightforward. He demonstrates X-Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision, and Heat Vision/Laser Beam. Conner’s super strength actually comes fairly close to matching Superman’s own. Once again, much like Superman, Conner has the ability to keep up his activities for a long period of time. The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. As someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, J. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally. They discuss the possibility of breaking up the team when they get back to the present, but Cyborg 2.0 tells them that the future developed the way it did because the team was not together during the "Crisis". As they both accept their deaths, an alternate timeline Booster Gold arrives to rescue the pair with the help of the Legion of Super Heroes. Once again, his half-human DNA inhibited his abilities for a while. Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in More Fun Comics #101. Tim is subsequently captured by Mr. Oz, but escapes with the younger present-day Tim Drake. We will compare Superboy vs Blue Beetle powers. Wonder Girl also changes her costume to honor Superboy as well, wearing a Golden Age Wonder Woman-themed T-shirt and denim jeans. Therefore, while he can certainly go for much longer than an actual human, he is nowhere near the same level as Superman or any other kryptonian in this regard. But over the years he's managed to carve his own legacy and win a large legion of fans. Dove. In a fight with the future Captain Marvel, he shields himself from a magic attack, an advantage the modern Superman has never had. See through any object. Dis Gye: Not surprising since … As clones were generally hated by Kryptonians, H'El believes this act will prove his loyalty to Krypton, but it instead triggers conflict between him and Superman, who doesn't wish to kill Kon-El. [34], The process that made Superboy's human physiology genetically similar to that of a Kryptonian was done in such detail that he was a living solar battery like Superman, had a weakness to Kryptonite radiation that made him physically ill, and it was theorized that there was a possibility for him to gain superpowers that did not derive from tactile telekinesis when he matured like Superman or if Superboy was aged to full adulthood as planned by Project Cadmus. Superboy is a founding member of Young Justice, a group of teenage heroes who intended to one day be the next Justice League. [11] Superboy later states that he has developed telescopic vision[41] and eventually figures out how to use his freeze breath. People Vs. Metallo. At the beginning of Teen Titans, he was given another civilian identity by Superman: Conner Kent, cousin to Clark. Almost all references to the character refer to him as "Conner". Harvest hoped that Lois and Clark's DNA could counteract the genetic disorder found in Jon's trans-alien DNA. Hercules. It has been revealed that Kon-El is a clone of Jon Lane Kent, Lois and Clark's son from an alternate-timeline future. Superboy, also known as Kon-El and Conner Kent, was a DNAlien designed to replace Superman after the hero's death touted as Superman's direct clone. No other member of the Superman family possesses this ability. In his first adventure he only demonstrated his vision powers, known as "penetra-vision". Initially, Superboy is known as "Experiment 13". This writeup covers Ultra-Boy’s first few appearances (Superboy #98 (July 1962), Adventure Comics #300 (September 1962), Adventure Comics #302 (November 1962), and Adventure Comics #304 (January 1963)).. Back then the only power he displayed was “Penetra-Vision”. To solve this problem, Harvest created the clone Superboy as a test and added two extra DNA strands with the human strand from Lois Lane and the Kryptonian strand from Superman. Air date 2/25/15 Written by Windindi Directed by Windindi Previous Next The Tick vs. Earthworm Jim Teen Titans Battle Royale Gohan vs. Superboy is a What-If? A March 23, 2006 court decision returned rights to the Superboy character to Jerry Siegel's heirs. He relocates to Metropolis, becoming the "super" at a tenement building called Calvin Gardens. One it comes to hoarding superpowers, Super boy might come out on top. La plupart sont des jeunes incarnations ou des clones de Superman. They'll likely be faster and stronger than their counterparts--Superboy and Impulse notwithstanding. Wonder Girl leads a memorial broadcast over the Internet, and she and hundreds of others pay their final respects to Conner in a traditional Kryptonian way. Although, he has been shown to eventually get faster in the. This ability has been used to move objects of a smaller scale and/or reduce the temperature of an object, making it easier to break. The series was written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini. Superboy Round 1: Random encounter. This article is a disambiguation page for Superboy. The younger Jon heroically sacrifices himself to destroy the elder Jon, obliterating them both through his TK, sending all the other Jons and Kons back to their respective timelines, dimensions and universes. I do not own either characters. It is revealed that the mourners are part of a resurrection cult supposedly based on Kryptonian theology, which Wonder Girl and Ralph Dibny refer to as the "Cult of Conner". Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. Goku Black vs. Superboy-Prime. It was published on April 15, 2015. After Superman announces a worldwide ceasefire, he talks to the Kents as he finds it nearly impossible to forgive Superman. Superboy, aussi connu par son nom kryptonien Kon-El et son alias humain Conner Kent, est un personnage de fiction et un super-héros appartenant à l'univers de DC Comics. This has protected him in several key situations, much like any other superhero. This ’power‘ of Penetra-Vision is, in DC HeroesRoleplaying Games terminology, actually several Powers. Not long afterward, Lex Luthor is able to co-opt Conner to reach his "full potential," which results in a brutal, mind-controlled attack by Superboy that levels the Titans. Astro Boy vs Superboy is a What if? OR, the first time Superboy was caught wearing another mentor's costume. As a Kryptonian, the base of all of Superboy’s powers is derived from the yellow sun. J. enjoys reading and writing comic books during his free time and truly has a passion for superheroes. [25] The New 52 Kon-El is also lightly referenced in Red Hood and the Outlaws when the Outlaws and the Suicide Squad explore a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. After the original Superman's return, Superboy began operating alongside him as an independent hero for a time, refusing to give credence to the idea that he was a "sidekick" of Superman's. Superboy and Wonder Girl's relationship is developed throughout Young Justice. Likewise, he can see things on a completely different spectrum of light that the human mind can’t even begin to process. Later, during Wonder Girl and Conner's first date, Superboy is forcibly sucked through a time portal to the 31st century. That was his term for multiple abilities including X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, and Telescopic Vision. He rejoined Cadmus and began working as a field agent with Dubbilex and Guardian. Moments later, he dies. As a "small child", he originally wore a blue patient outfit like Lex's clones and later wore casual dress cloths. Créé par le scénariste Karl Kesel et le dessinateur Tom Grummett, le personnage apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book Adventures of Superman #500 de juin 1993. His tactile telekinesis is condensed, enhancing his physical abilities, but also cutting into his sensory abilities and limiting the range of his power to the point that he has to be in direct contact with an object in order to mentally affect it. On the cover of Teen Titans #46, Match's insignia (a reverse version of Conner's) is obscured, and in Supergirl #18 (2007), Conner's "S" on his statue is covered. After the death of Superman at the hands of a kryptonian monster named Doomsday, Project Cadmus Executive Director Paul Westfield wanted to create a clone replacement of Superman that would follow the agendas of Project Cadmus as well as his own personal agenda. Young Justice Agendas Superboy vs Match, Round 2 NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Conner Kent (or Kon-El) is the indirect son of Superman and Lex Luthor. He was created by Dan Jurgens, and first appeared in Convergence: Superman #2 in July of 2015. [47], Even though DC Comics does not own the rights to the "Superboy" name, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio have stated that the decision to kill off the character had nothing to do with the court case, and that they could have just renamed the character. [48], In the Teen Titans' Secret Origins, a back-up story in the weekly 52 series, an illustration of Superboy had to be changed to one of Wonder Girl because of the legal dispute.[49]. Marvel-Northstar. The Genomorphs didn't teach Superboy about Halloween, trick or treating, or party outfit etiquette. Superboy-Prime, whose real name is Kal-El, was one of the many variations of Superman in the DC universe, but became unhinged following the destruction of his world and became one of the main antagonists of the Infinite Crisis storyline. Context. Under Knockout's training, Superboy learned new ways to use his tactile telekinesis such as projecting telekinetic force waves to blast pieces of ground and extending his field to another person. [29] Superman takes Conner to be examined by members of the Justice League, who warn him that his powers may eventually disappear in his lifetime. When he was confronted by Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, dubbed him that name upon realizing he was a clone,[46] his new moniker being an insult or slur, having "kon" meaning abomination in the Kryptonian language, and El was added, both mockingly resembling Kryptonian naming conventions and recognizing him as an offense against her family. Superboy can also manipulate solid masses such as volumes of sand or dust, causing the individual particles to fly apart in an explosive manner to create particle clouds or a forceful attack. Superboy's telekinetic abilities also enable him to hyper accelerate himself at amazing speeds. Though he was grown artificially using a mixture of the two’s DNA, Conner would often struggle with his true identity. Super Power Score and Level. 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The Evil Counterpart of Goku, faces off against the Evil Counterpart of Superman. The Titans of Tomorrow version of Conner later appeared in the Super-Sons of Tomorrow crossover where he along with his universe's version of Wonder Woman and The Flash travel back to the past to prevent their unhinged teammate Tim Drake (Batman) from killing Jon. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Superboy-Prime is an alternate version of Superman who grew up in a world where superheroes were merely comic books. Superboy later experiences the life of Kon-El, a descendant of the same Kryptonian soldier and a member of the second House of El established by his predecessor. While also a common power for several other comic book characters, Conner has actually shown little fault in regard to this power. He is unsure as to whether or not, being a clone, he even has a soul. Elasti-Girl. Soon after they are joined by Secret, Arrowette, Wonder Girl, and others. Let us not forget that Young Justice has a son of Krypton on their side. Anime Deku vs ic superboy Round 2: Like round 1 but manga deku vs bloodlusted superboy Round 3: The young justice league compete in the mha sports festival with class UA who comes out on top? In fact, before discovering his ability to fly, this was Conner’s main superpower. Now based in Smallville with a new civilian identity as Clark Kent's cousin "Conner Kent", Superboy is asked by Superman to accept Cyborg's invitation to join a new incarnation of the Teen Titans with his former Young Justice teammates Robin, Impulse, and Wonder Girl. He later joins the Teen Titans. Female Supervillains + Vanessa. He then dies with the planet, accepting himself as more than a "living weapon", in Superman #25. Created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett, the character first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993).[1]. In this new timeline, Superboy is introduced with an entirely different origin story. In Young Justice #1, it is revealed that Conner was a survivor of the continuity of the New Earth when Impulse runs into him while stranded in Gemworld. The telekinetic field also lets Superboy break free of an opponent's grip by pushing the field outward to force the opponent away and he is also able to create an air pocket around himself, enabling him to breathe in outer space. In year-long weekly series 52, which directly follows on from Infinite Crisis, although Conner is dead, he is not forgotten. [42], Because both Superboy and Superman as a boy absorbed less solar energy than Superman as an adult, Superboy is also less able to process the appropriate amount of solar energy as fast as Superman could: as a result, overtaxing his powers to the point of physical depletion would spell his death, as his body would literally begin to feed on itself, unable to absorb solar energy fast enough to restore itself.[44]. In order to save him, he sends Conner and the Titans to the Phantom Zone. During his time on Gemworld, he befriended a young widower and pretended to be her farmer husband in order to protect her family from soldiers, and awaited help from his dimension. [62] IGN also ranked Superboy as the 83rd greatest comic book hero of all time, stating, "This genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor often bears the weight of the world on his burly shoulders. Eventually, Young Justice retrieves Conner, and he returns to his Earth after a series of incidents that result in the group dimension-hopping. [20] Superboy memorial statues are erected in Metropolis[21] next to Superman's statue and in San Francisco outside of Titans Tower. Decide who is more powerful! Superboy is a clone of Kal-El himself, and he brings immense power to Young Justice's side of the table. When Cassie tells him that he had saved the Earth, Conner replies, "I know, Cass. It has become so powerful that when he escaped his test tube, he managed to destroy the entire laboratory and killed everyone inside save for Dr. Caitlin Fairchild. Thankfully, he would follow the likes of Superman and set off on his own adventures, trying to accomplish good however he can. DC Superheroes + Zealot. After failed attempts to acquire Superman's DNA (which included an attempt to steal his corpse),[2][3][4] Westfield decided to genetically alter a human clone to look like Superman and made the clone to be the closest human equivalent to a Kryptonian as they could based on their research. After DC's The New 52 initiative that relaunched the company's comics continuity in 2011, the character of Superboy was revamped as a clone derived from three DNA sources and designed by Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In the comic tie-in to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superboy was heading to Metropolis with Beast Boy and Kid Flash on the day the Joker nuked the city, killing both of his friends. Superboy first encountered his future teammate Robin after the latter called Rex Leech requesting Superboy's help in defeating Metallo in Gotham City while Superboy was judging the first "Miss Kryptonite" pageant in Hawaii. [31] He can also use his telekinetic field to deflect lava and prevent himself from being burned. 3. Meanwhile, in Teen Titans, the unconscious and injured Jon Lane Kent is recovered by the Beast Boy and Rose Wilson of the future timeline. This is yet another first in the diaspora like introduction of the Legion of Super Heroes. This prompts the Kid to turn to another reporter, Tana Moon, who breaks the story live on WGBS. DC vs. Marvel Comics (issues #2–3 titled Marvel Comics vs. DC) was a comic book limited series crossover published by DC Comics (Detective Comics) and Marvel Comics from April to May 1996. Two Evil Counterparts from different time era or different realities, of iconic alien heroes, are about to clash in a fight to the death. More DC Superheroes List … He also has developed Kryptonian level super strength, as shown when he battled the hugely powerful Superboy-Prime and even managed to damage him with some of his blows, when some characters such as Black Adam could not. While chasing a Red Lantern, he and Wonder Girl are attacked and tortured by Braniac before being released into the void of space without their oxygen masks. so that a cure could be found for Jon's illness. It was with this training that he was able to briefly pierce the control of the Black Lantern ring, using his heat vision to give Wonder Girl the clue needed to free him from it. The show ran from 1988–1992 in syndication. The Kents give Conner a classic Superman costume to properly restore the Superman legacy that Clark ruined. When he learns from Nightwing that Superman killed the Joker in retaliation, Superboy loses faith in his former idol. During their battle, Jon Lane Kent is seriously injured, but then Kon-El falls through a portal and is transported to Krypton's Argo City in the past, days prior to planet's destruction. See my previous fight. modifier Superboy (1988-1990), puis The Adventures of Superboy (1990-1992) est une série télévisée américaine en cent épisodes de 25 minutes, produite par Alexander et Ilya Salkind, inspirée par le personnage de comics Superboy créé par Jerry Siegel , et diffusée entre le 8 octobre 1988 et le 17 mai 1992 en syndication .

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