US-Pak Biosaline Res. 2014-15. NAAS Rating: 4.13. Pakistan Economic Survey 2014-15. Dissertation or thesis: A046 1616-301X Advanced Functional Materials 20.00 48. For full details, see Instructions to Authors page. NAAS Rating : ---. Publication marks for each paper will be calculated by multiplying NAAS Score of the journal with 0.40. Abbreviate to three letters, no stops, when necessary in Figs or Tables, e.g., May, Jun, Sep. It is usually convenient to divide the paper into 4 main sections, viz. 31:401-405. Zeger. Examples: presently (to mean currently or at present) In reference list: 8:1542-1549. Footnotes should not be used. Authors should check that all references in the text appear at the end of the paper and vice versa, and that the names and dates correspond in the two places. Journal Description Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences: An International Journal is a bi-monthly peer reviewed research Journal, published by the Center for Advanced Research in Agricultural Sciences, devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge covering all disciplines related to agricultural sciences. Asterisks should not be used to denote statistical significance. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for academicians, researchers and practitioners all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in all areas of Agricultural Science. From this description, readers must be able to understand exactly how the experiment was conducted and how the data were analysed. Contributors will receive a complimentary pdf of their paper on publication. Papers, written in English, must be submitted for review at Probability values (e.g. With editorial agreement, novel computer code may be listed in an appendix. A003 1944-8244 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13.50 4. Dates. Statistical Note for Authors Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences is published in English four times a year. Basket of Deplorables. A legend, describing the Figure and giving a key to all the symbols on it, should be provided at the end of the manuscript after the references. Main effects should be explained/ exploited only if interaction involving them is not significant. NAAS Score of Science Journals (Effective from January 1, 2020) 1 S.No. Format: tif In text: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait. Colour mode: Gray scale (also known as 8-bit) Khan, M.J. Jaskani, I.A. 0.58. Reclamation of two saline-sodic soil series through subsoiling and gypsum application using marginal water for leaching. (1988) (Ed. The underlying Analysis of Variance tables should be shown only if components of variance are of especial interest or if an unavoidably complex design has been used. Soc. Figures may not reproduce the same data as Tables and must be cited in the text. NAAS Score of Science Journals (Effective from January 1, 2020) 2 S.No. Jarvis (1994); Jarvis (1994a,b); Scott and Jaggard (1993); (Edmondson, 1998); (Scott and Jaggard, 1993; Jarvis, 1994; Edmondson, 1998); Ferris et al. Use kg/ha, or t/ha, not quintals. JASR publishes articles in all subject areas of Agricultural and Environmental sciences. Use of % should be restricted and used only to describe relative changes in responses. The journal is brought out with a view to present last information on specific topics of agricultural and the scientific may plan for future research on such topics. All abbreviations used should be fully explained at first mention. A short title, not exceeding 50 characters, should be provided for the running headlines. SI units are preferred. Sidhu, M. Saleem and K. Guerinik (eds. Impact Factor(JCC): 8.3083. 2013-14. pp.232-234. A002 0889-325X ACI Materials Journal 7.25 3. All rights reserved. densities (to mean population density). edu/data-sets/crops/9X100 If a paper is accepted, it must not be published elsewhere in the same form. NAAS Rating: 4.74 (2020) CrossRef @ IJPAB Journals. Physical, biochemical and moecular profiling of guava (Psidium guajava L.) germplasm. Colour mode: CMYK Authors should aim to combine the virtues of simplicity and statistical rigour in the analysis of their data. Papers accepted by a journal but not yet published should be given in the text as Ferris et al. Style and Editorial Conventions PJS Moves in X Category as Recommended by HEC . Aslam, M., M. Ismat, R.H. Qureshi, S. Nawaz and I.A. Anonymous. Numerals before units, including time, e.g. Too many headings and subheadings should be avoided. Follow the Concise Oxford Dictionary and, for scientific terms, the CAB Thesaurus, Wallingford: CAB International. We can put registered members of Publons' reviewer community in touch with partnered journals they would like to review for. Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences is an English language, peer-review scholarly publication which publishes research articles and critical reviews from every area of Agricultural sciences and plant science. Where there are three or more authors, the first name followed by et al. Publons users have indicated that they sit on Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences' editorial board but we are unable to verify these claims. Similarly, marks for paper in journal with NAAS Score 7.5 would get 3.0 and with NAAS Score 5 would get 2.0 and so on. Full instructions are available on the website at by clicking “Instructions to Authors” and “PakJAS Formatting Template”. Over 4 educational journals View all Journals. The title should be informative but concise and should not contain abbreviations. Where more sophisticated procedures are essential, great care needs to be taken in describing the method, and adequate references should be cited. 475–489. When in doubt, authors should seek the guidance of a statistician. 11. Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International(CABI): Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI): Universal Impact Factor : Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF): National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) Score-2016: 4.50: Web of Science Mehmood. If you are an administrator for Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, please get in touch to find out how you can verify the contributions of your editorial board members and more. JrnID ISSN Name of Journal NAAS Score 1. Months. animal sciences from India has been included in the NAAS rating list. diss., Dept. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Queries should be addressed to: Editorial Staff, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences Editorial Office, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-38040, PAKISTAN. 2600, 23000. In addition, the Journal publishes critical reviews from time to time, normally by invitation, on topics of interest to its readership. The uncritical and indiscriminate use of 'multiple comparison' procedures, particularly when the treatment structure provides a logical basis for testing, is inappropriate. Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Islamabad, Pakistan. The title should fully describe the contents of the Table and explain any abbreviations used in it. 0971-0108 . Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) NAAS Score: *3.65 (2020) [Effective from Janauary 2020 ] ... (University of Education & Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan) from Pakistan. The Analysis of Longitudinal Data. Colour mode: gray scale (also known as 8-bit) 2014. Normally a mean should be rounded to one-tenth of its standard error and the standard error given to one place of decimals more than the mean. Fig., Ed. 1990. Jaskani, M.J., M. Omura and I.A. A003 1944-8244 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 14.10 4. 1994. use 5 litres/day but 5 ml/l. Spelling should conform to that given in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Courtesy: NAAS. NAAS Rating : 4.13. 6. Statistical models with factorial structure must normally conform to the principle that factorial interaction effects of a given order should not be included unless all lower order effects and main effects contained within those interaction effects are also included. Queries should be addressed to: Editorial Staff, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences Editorial Office, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-38040, PAKISTAN. E-mail: The Journal welcomes concise papers presenting original research data or … Wiseman, J. Plant and crop science, soil science, animal science, environmental science and the relationships between them are covered. Numerical results should be shown in the tables and not repeated in the text. Excessive alterations due to amendments of the author's original agreed copy may be charged to the author. Experiments on animals must conform to the legislation in the country where the experiments were carried out. In general, use single quotes, e.g. Quotations. A001 1532-8813 AATCC Review 6.36 2. Available online with updates at https://usda.mannlib.comell. Over 4 educational journals View all Journals. In accordance with Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences' editorial policy, review content is not publicly displayed on Publons. 2000. Khan, I.A., M.J. Jaskani, M.M. P<0.01) may be quoted in the text. 2. Change of address may be given as a footnote. Please use the following style: A002 0889-325X ACI Materials Journal 7.45 3. E-mail: The Journal welcomes concise papers presenting original research data or … E-mail: The Introduction should set the work in context, present only essential background, and include a concise statement of the objectives; a detailed review of the literature is not necessary. The accuracy of presentation of each reference in the list should be carefully checked. Paddy yield affected by planting techniques in a salt-affected soil. Proofs are sent to authors as pdfs to enable them to check the correctness of the typesetting and must be returned within a week. A zero must always precede a decimal point, e.g. Hort. Publication marks for each paper will be calculated by multiplying NAAS Score of the journal with 0.40. Do not use stops where the last letter of the abbreviation is that of the complete word, e.g. Cole (eds. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) Score-2016: 4.50: Web of Science It owes its origin to the vision of the late Dr. B. P. Pal, FRS. NAAS Score of Science Journals (Effective from January 1, 2020). starting weights, ages) variation should be represented by ranges or standard deviations. Numbers. Workshop; Sept. 22-26, 1985. Use –ize, ization endings, e.g. NAAS Rating: 3.26. 1994. Soil & Environment is an Open Access Journal i.e. Khan (ed. m-²), 7 kg/ha per year. parameter (to mean variable, trait, character) J. Agri. Name of the Journal NAAS Marks 1. J. Years. Relevant details should be given of the experimental materials and design, and the techniques and statistical methods used. London: Royal Society of Medicine Services. A066 0971 -3441 Agricultural Economics Research Review … The symbols preferred are and , but + and × should be avoided. Prof. Pacian Jolanta A. It publishes the original review articles on specific topics on plant science, soil science, animal husbandry and Dairy Sciences. leaf area index (LAI), dry matter (DM), artificial insemination (AI), acid detergent fibre (ADF). Principles and Procedures of Statistics: A biometrical approach, 2nd Ed. McGraw Hill Book Co., New York. (in press) or (Ferris et al., in press) and in the reference list as 12 October 1999; from 12 April to 22 May (but 12–18 July). Thus, each paper in journal with NAAS Score 20 would get 8.0 marks and paper in journal with NAAS Score 10 would get 4.0. ), Feedstuffs Evaluation. department documents: This system of refereeing, where anonymity is preserved both for the authors and the referees, has been adopted by the Journal. over 5 Medical science journal View all Journals. Kirkegaard, J.A. 7. Butterworths, London. In: J. Wiseman and J.A. Although it is impracticable to present here a comprehensive survey of acceptable statistical analyses, it is nevertheless useful to point out some common practices which have and have not found favour with the editors. 2007. Prof. Pacian Jolanta A. Whenever a researcher uses a quantitative treatment, the objective is to find the level of the quantitative treatment which gives the optimum value of the response and this can be achieved using trend analysis. Line artwork Khan, M. Usman, B. Sadia, F.S. The major fields of Agricultural Engineering are: Farm Power and Machinery. References. Use % after numbers, not per cent, e.g. For ratios use a colon, e.g. Spelling and Style. Otherwise, give date, volume and page numbers. Authors should make every effort to ensure that the standard errors which are quoted are suitable for the comparisons which they wish to make. Register now to let Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences know you want to review for them. two 3-year-old cows. A002 0889-325X ACI Materials Journal 7.18 3. A standard reference book is Diggle, P.J., K-Y. Kilpatrick. Breeding for triploid seedless citrus fruits-A biotechnology approach. Please indicate the file format used (e.g. Citriculture 1:165-166. 2013. Although statistically appropriate tests of hypotheses are acceptable, they should be employed sparingly and with discretion. Ferris, C.P., F.J. Gordon, D.C. Patterson and D.J. Authorities for Latin names should not be given in the title but should be given at first mention in the text. (e.g.) National Agricultural Statistics Service. This will usually assist the referees and the general reader in understanding the experimental procedure. It should not repeat the wording of the title. Organization/ Govt. Use 'litres' in full after numbers where confusion could arise with the numeral l; e.g. Repeated measurements over time or spatial data from, for example, crop disease or competition studies often give rise to correlated data that require special methods of analysis. Colour figures are discouraged; however, if they are necessary then the authors must contribute towards the cost of printing. Cytogenetics. STUDY OF THE EFFECT OF PEG-6000 IMPOSED DROUGHT STRESS ON WHEAT (Triticum aestivum L.) CULTIVARS USING RELATIVE WATER CONTENT (RWC) AND PROLINE CONTENT ANALYSIS 3, 10, 17 and 30°C; 20 or 30% more with no space. 2011–12 or 'from 2011 to 2015' or 'between 2011 and 2015'. ), Citrus Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology. 22-Jun-2019 , Saturday. The preferred word processing packages are Word and the preferred graphics package is Freehand, but files from many others may be accepted. Khan. The journal publishes original articles on all aspects of agriculture and allied fields. Similarly, models with polynomial factor effects of a given degree should normally include all corresponding polynomial factor effects of a lower degree (e.g. In the text, a reference should be quoted by the author's name and date in parentheses, in date order, e.g. The degrees of freedom (D.F.) JrnID ISSN Name of Journal NAAS Score 1. pp.151-166. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research (IJASR) ISSN(P)/ISSN(E): 2250-0057 / 2321-0087. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences' journal/conference profile on Publons, with 135 reviews by 43 reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output.

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