11. As you can tell from the chart above, King Mackerel are not the fast growers like Mahi Mahi with the average caught fish being around 5 years old. The boat captains from the projected 1 st place overall and the 1 st Place Super High Roller TWT shall be subject to a polygraph screening. Largest of the mackerels, the king mackerel may reach a length of 5.5 feet and weigh 100 pounds. Years down the left, length at the bottom. Take the measurements as described below, and use the following Fish Weight Calculator. King Mackerel: 40 Atlantic Kingfish: 14 (Northern Whiting) Atlantic Longfin Albacore: 36 Atlantic Seabass: 20 Atlantic Sheepshead: 20 Atlantic Snowy Grouper: 32 Atlantic Spanish Mackerel: 22 Atlantic Spot: 12 Atlantic Spotted Seatrout: 24 Atlantic Striped Bass: 40 Atlantic Summer Flounder: 24 Atlantic Tautog: 24 Atlantic Wahoo: 60 Atlantic H ow many times have you wished you could find or had taken your scales to weigh a nice catch? I bet it is a lot. Growth Chart for Female Kings . Calculating Fish Weights. 1) Ghillies Word – Probably the most popular of all the methods of determining the weight of your fish even if it is the most arbitrary.Do not be surprised if your ghillie gives your fish a higher or lesser weight than what you might expect. This weight is supported by 2003-2010 NHANES data (2-day dietary recall) for pregnant women of 78 kg and coincides with average female adult body weight of 166 pounds from CDC's Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults: United States, 2007–2010 (48 pp, 1 MB, About PDF) (Oct 2012). Carry a measuring tape - a cloth one that can be bought in any sewing/craft department. The King Mackerel doesn’t, or at least until they are fully grown. I wonder how many baits one fish has looked at in 5 years time. This script estimates the weight of a salt water fish, based on the class of fish, specific size within class, the length and girth by measure. King mackerel spawn from April to November, with males maturing between their second and third year, and females between their third and fourth year. The teeth of king mackerel are extremely sharp, and are used to devour a multitude of prey. At age seven, females average 10 kg (22 lb), males 5 kg (11 lb). Although you may rarely have a lure fishing for Spanish mackerel and school bluefish. Yearling fish typically attain an average weight of 1.4–1.8 kg (3.1–4.0 lb) and a fork length of 60 cm (24 in). monofilament, is a better choice when fishing for king and cero mackerel and other larger fish. Why not try this? 12. A stronger leader, usually 50 to 80 lb. Little is known about king mackerel in their first year of life. King mackerels weigh anywhere from 5-50 lbs., with average catches coming in around 15-20 lbs. King mackerel may attain 40 kg (88 lb), but any over 7 kg (15 lb) is almost certainly a female. In the event that two or more king mackerel are the same weight, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time. The Difference Between Mackerel and King Mackerel There are some locations, such as the Florida Panhandle, where nylon-coated wire leaders are the local favorite. The juvenile King Mackerel does have similar yellow spots, though it loses color or fades to a leopard-like pattern as they age.

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