We parked near the Post Office in the centre of the village (free) Mileage 19.2 miles Terrain Good paths for the most part although care will need to be taken on Cross Fell in mist. At its peak Garrigill was home to 1,000 people mainly employed in the lead mining industry, though its population numbers less than 200 now. In 1.5 … A 57-year-old male with hypothermia on Cross Fell. Apart from a very long walk from Garrigill in South Tynedale on the Pennine Way most approaches to Cross Fell tend to come from the west. Unable to move. It took almost eight miles from the top of Cross Fell, but eventually we arrived at the welcoming sight of Garrigill, meaning our day was ending. Race HQ and registration from 9am is at the village hall in scenic Garrigill, which also boasts pub, post office/shop, B&B, garage, public toilets and church. Registration 9am Garrigill Village Hall, start 11-30am Route 24km, 680m climb via Cross Fell summit and Tees source. Facilities Routes. It is within the Garriglll ward of the civil parish of Alston Moor within the district of Eden. There was a depressing sight to greet us at the village green however. "A warm sunny, but breezy day, we set off from Garrigill village on a long trek across the moors to 3 peaks, - Cross Fell 893m, the highest point on the Pennine chain of hills and Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell. There was somebody deliberately jamming the calling frequency somewhere in the north Lancashire area, … Standing on the River South Tyne, not far from its source, and near Cross Fell is the small village of Garrigill. Garrigill, Cumbria is a small village in the North Pennine region of the UK situated on the banks and close to the source of the River South Tyne. A 57-year-old man with hypothermia on Cross Fell. The village grew up around the leadmining industry which at its peak supported a population of over 1,000. Moorhouse and Cross Fell is a Site of Special Scientific Interest covering an extensive area of moorland in the Wear Valley district of west County Durham and the Eden district of Cumbria, England. Navigation Tips at Ashgill Force. Turning north, retrace your steps to Tees Head (Grid ref. The South Tyne Way provides the outbound route to Ashgill Force. On a clear day, you can see both the east and west coasts from this chain of Hills, but today it was clear, but slightly hazy. The villages former name is … Even then it is a long climb across the moors. Rate this route (0) ROUTE METRICS. Fair view, rather hazy distance ... Thunder had been brewing but had passed to eastward; but it rained lightly west of our way back to Garrigill. Please note that I take no responsibility for anything that may happen when following these directions. Cross Fell and its near neighbour Great Dun Fell are ringed by an amazing network of high-level bridleways. This was an excellent 20th walk. Despite using the beam, only northern based stations were worked. Mr Holden said: "Cross Fell dominates the skyline in eastern Cumbria, standing guard over the Eden valley. It is contiguous with Upper Teesdale SSSI to the east and Appleby Fells SSSI to the south. The centre of the village is the green, with the George and … These routes are not for the faint hearted, particularly first timers to the area as they cross high and exposed moorland and the distances and height gain involved in completing the loop are considerable. On my list to do this year,setting off from Garrigill,route is up to Cross Fell & Great Dun Fell then back via Trout Beck & the Tyne Trail.. Just wondered if theres any difficult scrambling bits to be aware of going up to Cross Fell,not a lover of heights but i,m fine if theres not a huge drop off,i,ll be doing it alone so i dont want to add any risks.. To the west of the Pennine Way, as it makes its long descent from Cross Fell towards Garrigill, is a large area of moorland largely untroubled by public rights of way. Cross Fell and its near neighbour Great Dun Fell are ringed by an amazing network of high-level bridleways. A couple lost the path on Cross Fell. Look for the stiles to see the route. The population today is nearer 200. Thanks go to those volunteers who maintain this essential facility. This we did on May day, with a cold SW wind blowing, but good visibility … His adult son also present and cold as well. TERRAIN CALORIES CONFIGURE. Latter a most attractive village, very green and pleasant for its height. The most popular way to climb Cross Fell is a start from Garrigill near Alston. "The Pennine Way runs over its summit and the section of the … English: Garrigill, Cumbria is a small village in the North Pennine region of the UK situated on the banks and close to the source of the River South Tyne. All Pennine Way walkers, and indeed virtually all those who have walked on Cross Fell, will know Gregs Hut on the Pennine Way on what is a lengthy stage from Dufton to Garrigill where sadly there is limited accommodation following the closure of the pub. Snow has been known to lie on Cross Fell for up to 140 days a year. The Nuttall’s walk for the Cross Fell hills is rather long at 20 miles or so, and as it includes Cross Fell and the two Dun Fells which have been walked anway if you’ve done the Pennine Way(PW), it seems a good idea to just do a simple 10 mile circular walk of Round Hill, Bullman Hills and Long Man Hill from south of Garrigill. Its closure hadn’t been a surprise to us; we’d been warned by the … X. CALORIE CALCULATOR. The Hopkins National Trail Guide states about Cross Fell that "it may have taken two thirds of the day to come one third of the way", so we were relieved to only have to get to Garrigill, eliminating the time-pressure of four extra miles. A Pennine Journey Day 12. Garrigill to Kirkland via Cross Fell. A perfect winter’s day with stunning views. Bits of ice and snow on the tops. Good inversion. With Christine, Eric, Geoff and Steve. 18.5km with 620m ascent in 5h40m. silveracorn_alan: 06/02/2020: Snow covered top, dry cold day from … Sit and have a pint at Garrigill watching the many Pennine Way walkers hobbling in after their long slog over Cross Fell from Dufton. The Pennine Way goes over Cross Fell from Dufton via Great Dun Fell to Garrigill and Alston. We shall again benefit from Hangar 18, the running and outdoor clothing specialist, providing prizes and race equipment. For more information on profiles, ascents and descents, see this page. Be warned and book up your accommodation early or you will end up walking an additional four or so miles to Alston on top of the sixteen to Garrigill! After the path levels out and then … A couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill on the Pennine Way. The … For those wanting to go all the way see walks 17,52 or for the really ambitiuous try Tyne – Tees – Great Dun Fell – Cross Fell – Garrigill (walk 66). If I had to use just one word to describe today’s walk from Dufton to Garrigill along the Pennine Way it would have to be “gruelling”. Si Entries £8, on day £10.Race contact jim.b.clapp@gmail.com Cross Fell is the highest point on the Pennine Way. Back in Durham in about 2 hours.” A year after this walk Manley married Audrey Fairfax Robinson who … Home; Find route; Routes and Tracks. The return is via a set of sheep fields. Disclaimer. Garrigill. Details My profile Email and Push Settings Plug ins Log in details Account History … Before the churchyard in Garrigill was consecrated, villagers used to have to carry their dead along this high, remote path – across the roof of the Pennines – for burial in the Eden Valley. Having located this … “Cross Fell dominates the skyline in eastern Cumbria, standing guard over the Eden Valley to its West and is clearly visible from many Lake District mountains. From Garrigill the walk heads south, following the route of the South Tyne. Not far from Cross Fell is the … Close to it is hard to see but from 50 metres away you can see a distinct line in the moorland. Historically part of Cumberland, today it is within the Garrigill ward of the civil parish of Alston Moor within the district of Eden. The team were also called out to rescue a lost man on Cross Fell, a couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill and a 57 year-old man with hypothermia. The first is the bridleway climbing out from Kirkland on a good track up below High Cap and then above the valley of Ardale. “The Pennine Way runs over the summit of Cross Fell and often draws visitors to the area from all over the world. 5. 0 comments. Both … Garrigill - Ashgill Force - Tyne Head - Great Dun Fell - Little Dun Fell - Cross Fell - Garrigill Garrigill lies in the remote Cumbrian valley of the River South Tyne surrounded entirely by high fells. See our Constitution and Minutes of Trustee Committee Meetings. They cross wild and exposed moorland and reach a considerable height making them the highest mountain bike routes in England, outside the Lake District. Description of route - Alston, Garrigill; Length of route (miles) - 14; … I stood gasping in the lee of one of the huge cairns on the edge of the Cross Fell plateau, feeling just about done in, wind howling round either side of the tall, thin pillar and … 1 view. DISTANCE 4146 ft | 4206 ft. Three of England’s major rivers rise near to the summit – the Tyne, the Tees and the Wear. These routes are not for the fainthearted, particularly first timers to the area as they cross high and exposed moorland, and the … The fell race is run by local volunteers, all entry fees going to local charities, which this year are the Garrigill Church, Village Hall and Greg’s Hut Association (refuge bothy on Cross Fell). Due to the often-extreme weather conditions, lost walkers can … Vital Statistics: Length: 20mls (32km) Ascent: 2,905ft (885m) Time: 10hrs: Grade: (Hard) Route outline for walk c293: Garrigill - The Pennine Way - The South Tyne Trail - Low Crossgill - Ash Gill - Ashgill Force - Hole House Farm - Tynehead Farm - Tyne Head - River Tees - Dunfell Hush - Great Dun Fell - … Create route View maps Create a route from scratch Create a route from GPX Create a route from my ViewRanger track; My routes and tracks My tracks My routes Edit a route; My account. Cross Fell : Garrigill : 7.4 : 285 : 2087 ; This makes a total distance of 15.4 miles, with 3337 feet of ascent and 2805 feet of descent. Low cloud, windy, cold. Hiking | Cross Fell, Pennines | An easy walk to the highest point in England outside of the Lake District. ASCENT / DESCENT Off-Road . The Cross Fell Race for local charity FRA rules. Adult son also present and cold as well. There are three main options. Garrigill - Greg's Hut - Cross Fell - Little Dun Fell - Great Dun Fell - Tynehead - Garrigill Parking No designated car park in Garrigill. Climb Cross Fell | Where2Walk Best where2walk.co.uk. Along the way there are great views of the head of Ardale known as Black Door. The long, high ridge stretching south from Cross Fell’s summit takes in Little Dun Fell (2762ft/842m) and Great Dun Fell (2781ft/848m). A lost man on Cross Fell. Cross Fell. In times gone by Cross Fell was associated with demons and was often known as the “Fiends Fell”, possibly because of the great wind it can produce in the valley of … If you're interested in becoming a Trustee … Garrigill village in the United Kingdom. The route is just 20 miles and goes from Garrigill City Centre along the South Tyne Trail to the source of the River South Tyne, over to the Tees and then follows Trout Beck to Dun Fell Hush, Great Dun Fell, Little Dun Fell, Cross Fell and the Pennine Way back to Garrigill where, it is hoped, the cars are still parked. Prizes, free post-race food. Coastguard helicopter used to assist in evacuation. Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: village: Location: Alston Moor, Eden, Cumbria, North West England, England, UK : 54° 46′ 01.2″ N, 2° … NY 696 338) and locate the indistinct path back into the Vale of Eden. The walk to Cross fell is approx 12 kms, with a further 3 to Great Dun Fell, with … There’d be no welcoming pint of ale to celebrate a long day’s walking; the village pub was empty and boarded up. It is however largely covered by access land and for a while I've been looking for a route to some features of interest, specifically the waterfall called Cash Force, Greencastle Tarn and the trig point on Staneshaw Rigg. A visit to Greg’s Hut, Alston Moor’s only mountain bothy, near the summit of Cross Fell, should not be missed and could be a life-saver if caught out in bad weather. Route. There was a point when I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it all the way to the end. Cold, wet, and windy. The section of this walk from Dufton to Garrigill can present a long and challenging journey for the inexperienced hill-goer. The views from Great Dun Fell are much the same as those from Cross Fell but you do get a better look at the rough moorland to the southeast that stretched into Teesdale. The current Garrigill Village Hall Trustees are Glad Allen, Svava Barker, Amy Carrick, Kim Carrick, Kelly Green (chair), Brian Grew, Kieran Hewett, Pauline Platts, Tim Haldon (treasurer@garrigillvh.org) and Clive Mitchell (secretary@garrigillvh.org) Garrigill Village Hall is a registered charity, number 1000874. Lost path near Great Dun, south of Cross Fell. Lost path and struggling in very wet ground. Cross Fell Cycle route mapped by David Bush 6 hours ago Starts near Garrigill, GB SEARCH NEARBY. The South Tyne Trail between Tynehead and Crossgill Farm is overgrown and does not appear to be … Couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill. Grid Ref : NY 745416 . The area covered extends roughly from an arc through the villages of Gamblesby, Leadgate and Garrigill southward as … The team were also called out to rescue a lost man on Cross Fell, a couple lost while walking from Dufton to Garrigill and a 57 year-old man with hypothermia. 28.843 miles. Those who live and work in the village are mainly employed in agriculture. “Left the car at G [Garrigill] and walked briskly up Cross Fell. Race starts 11am, the route of 24Km with 560m of climb takes in the summit of Cross Fell the highest Pennine peak and source of the Tees, with stunning views over the Eden Valley of the Lake District and beyond into Scotland. Walk c293 Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill. If you intend to follow this route, then please use the relevant maps and check the route out … The man and his adult son had lost the path and were struggling on slippy terrain. The villages name should not be confused with the hamlet of Galligill in the Nent valley, also within Alston Moor. Lost path near Great Dun, south of Cross Fell.

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