What’s outside the universe? Q: What would the consequenses for our universe be if the speed of light was only about one hundred miles per hour? Does stuff get spread thinner and thinner with each split? Q: How do you prove that the spacetime interval is always the same? Q: How do “Numerology Math Tricks” work? Q: What’s the chance of getting a run of K or more successes (heads) in a row in N Bernoulli trials (coin flips)? Physics and engineering students beyond their introductory courses are the intended audience and will benefit the most. Would any change take place? You wanna be even slicker, note that this Lagrangian is independent of time. $\left (1+i\right)\left (x-yi\right)=i\left (14+7i\right)-\left (2+13i\right)$. Q: Is there a single equation that proves black holes are real? Is the “brown note” possible? These Equations Worksheets are a good resource for students in the 5th Grade through the 8th Grade. All the relevant dynamics are there, but there’s a lot of unpacking to do before that becomes remotely obvious. For the complex number a + bi, a is called the real part, and b is called the imaginary part. Q: What are “delayed choice experiments”? Can “wave function collapse” be used to send information? For K-12 kids, teachers and parents. Would you be able to see microscopic things? Q: How many people riding bicycle generators would be needed, in an 8-hour working day, to equal or surpass the energy generated by an average nuclear power plant? The “action”, , is a function of the path a system takes, . Q: Does quantum mechanics really say that there’s some probability that objects will suddenly start moving or that things can suddenly “shift” to the other side of the universe? This is the basic idea behind “Kolmogorov Complexity“; the length of the shortest possible set of written instructions that can produce a given result (never mind how long it takes to actually compute it). Composed of forms to fill-in and then returns analysis of a problem and, when possible, provides a step-by-step solution. Place value. Q: Is darkness a wave the way light is a wave? Q: Why do we only see one rainbow at a time? Q: The information contained in a big system isn’t the same as the amount of information in its parts. In algebra, a quadratic equation (from the Latin quadratus for "square") is any equation that can be rearranged in standard form as ax²+bx+c=0 where x represents an unknown, and a, b, and c represent known numbers, where a ≠ 0. The calculator will simplify any complex expression, with steps shown. Q: Is there a formula for finding primes? Q: Is it possible to write a big number using a small number? Q: How do Bell pairs (entangled particles) behave experimentally? Good luck. Q: If nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity, then how does the gravity itself escape? i solved it its 30549 squared to the square root plus F multiplied by its factorative value. The real root is 2, and the imaginary roots are 5i and –5i. LiveScience asked physicists, astronomers and math… A better question might be “what is the most (but not needlessly) complicated equation?”. Q: How does the expansion of space affect the things that inhabit that space? Q: If you were to break down an average human body into its individual atoms, and then laid the atoms out in a single straight line, how far would it stretch? Q: Why does oxygen necessarily indicate the presence of life? If you were to continuously throw galaxies worth of matter into a black hole, would it ever fill up? It is recommended that only those with some existing knowledge of linear and complex algebra, differential equations, and even complex analysis and algebra only use this book. Why do mathematicians and high school teachers disagree? The notes contain the usual topics that are taught in those courses as well as a few extra topics that I decided to include just because I wanted to. There's a book! Q: How far away is the edge of the universe? Q: If you suddenly replaced all the water drops in a rainbow with same-sized spheres of polished diamond, what would happen to the rainbow? Theoretically, which type of vision would be the best to see things with? Q: Do physicists really believe in true randomness? Welcome to my math notes site. Q: How do you talk about the size of infinity? My bad: If fusion in the Sun suddenly stopped, what would happen? Cheap experiments and demonstrations for kids. What is the process of developing a picture of a higher dimensional object? Q: How can photons have energy and momentum, but no mass? In the Draw tab, write or type your equation. The force on star k is: . Multiplication … 1. Find all the roots, real and imaginary, of 5x2 + 6x + 3 = 0. Get help on the web or with our math app. Math Problem Solver (all calculators) Complex Number Calculator. For the first time ever, you can buy a book! Q: Are shadows 2-dimensional? Q: Are there physical limits in the universe other than the speed of light? Are some betting schemes better than others? Q: How fast are we moving through space? Q: Can math and science make you better at gambling? If the Earth was flat and had infinite area, would that change the answer? Q: Is it possible to fill a black hole? Why use approximations when the exact answer is known? The function is “ COMPLEX ” and its syntax is as follows: COMPLEX (real_num, i_num, [suffix]) Where: real_num is the real part of the complex number. Q: How close is Jupiter to being a star? Q: Will black holes ever release their energy and will we be able to tell what had gone into them? There are lots of variables and things in the equations described above, so… the answer would depend on those variables:) most people make up weird equations on these kinds of forums. From this single formula, you get the conservation of energy, conservation of momentum (when moving sideways), as well as the acceleration due to gravity. Why is it so important? Q: Is the Alcubierre warp drive really possible? A Quantum Computation Course 4: Full Measure, A Quantum Computation Course 3: Rise of the Quanta, A Quantum Computation Course 2: Quantum Harder. What is it about matter that causes that to happen? Q: Will we ever discover a completely new color? Q: Is there a formula for how much water will splash, most importantly how high, and in what direction from the toilet bowl when you *ehem* take a dump in it ? For example, enter 3x+2=14 into the text box to get a step-by-step explanation of how to solve 3x+2=14.. It’s a cute recipe for succinctly and simultaneously describing a lot of dynamics that would make Kolmogorov proud. Q: Could Kurt Vonnegut’s “Ice-9 catastrophe” happen? Q: If you flip a coin forever, are you guaranteed to eventually flip an equal number of heads and tails? If so, then did time begin in that universe at the inception of the black hole? But given all that, it’s describing the most complicated thing we can describe, which is nearly everything, without being needlessly verbose (“mathbose”?) Q: Why are many galaxies, our solar system, and Saturn’s rings all flat? If we find enough digits, isn’t it possible that it will eventually start repeating? Q: Why doesn’t life and evolution violate the second law of thermodynamics? Buy a comprehensive geometric formulas ebook. Q: Does quantum mechanics really say there are other “mes”? Q: Will there always be things that will not or cannot be known? Q: How do you answer a question scientifically? Q: How do lenses that concentrate light not violate the second law of thermodynamics? Q: How do we know that atomic clocks are accurate? A complex number is a number that has both a real part and an imaginary part. Q: CERN’s faster than light neutrino thing: WTF? Q: Why does Lorentz contraction only act in the direction of motion? And if you want to describe the dynamics of a system, Lagrangians are an extremely compact way to do it. I also got the same answer as anonymous that it’s 30,549 squared square rooted plus F multiplied by it’s factorative value, but the limit does not actually exist. How can you talk about chaos? Q: Can things really be in two places at the same time? I know this sounds stupid, but why doesn’t that equation involve gravity? Q: How are voltage and current related to battery life? OK? Q: If gravity is the reaction matter has on space, in that it warps space, why do physicist’s look for a gravity particle? Q: Hyperspace, warp drives, and faster than light travel: why not? Q: Are the brain and consciousness quantum mechanical in nature? Q: What kind of telescope would be needed to see a person on a planet in a different solar system? Q: Why is Schrodinger’s cat both dead and alive? Q: Why does going fast or being lower make time slow down? Q: As a consequence of relativity, objects becomes more massive when they’re moving fast. I’ve heard string theoreticians say that the equation describing the string theory, if this theory were to ever become verified, would be the most complicated equation of all physics. The whole point of physics, aside from understanding things, is to describe the rules of the universe as simply as possible. Evidently, if you want an equation that genuinely needs to be complicated, you don’t need a complicated situation, you need complicated dynamics. Learn more: Create your equation using ink or text. Q: What causes friction? Q: Can free will exist in our deterministic universe? Q: How do I find the love of my life? Q: Is the final step in evolution an ascension into an energy-based lifeform? You often come across equations that have no real solutions — or equations that have the potential for many more real solutions than they actually have. lol, From the equation of everything, can we get the theory of everything then? Q: What is quantum teleportation? Not much more complicated. Q: What are quasi-particles? Q: What would life be like in higher dimensions? Q: Why doesn’t the air “sit still” while the Earth turns under it? Q: Is it possible to eat all of the ice cream in a bowl? Could you ask them which slit they went through afterwards? Q: What is quantum supremacy? Q: Before you open the box, isn’t Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead, not alive and dead? What are we even looking at? Q: Is there an equation that determines whether a question gets answered on ask a mathematician/physicist? Q: What is the optimum spectrum to visualize things with? This equation factors into (x2 – 9)(x2 + 9) = 0. Q: If a photon doesn’t experience time, then how can it travel? The numbers are constants. Find all the roots, real and imaginary, of x2 + 9 = 0. Q: How does one attain an understanding of everything? Q: What would happen if a black hole passed through our solar system? If matter formed from energy (as in the Big Bang expansion), where did the energy come from? For example, you can sum up Newton’s physics almost instantly. Q: If light is a wave, then what’s doing the waving? If I’m riding a beam of light and I throw a ball, why doesn’t the ball go faster than light? The equation for the gravity between many objects is just the equation for the gravity between every pair added up. Do they remain entangled? Q: What is “spin” in particle physics? Q: What are chaos and chaos theory? Q: How accurately do we need to know π? complex-equation-calculator. Q: Is it possible to have a completely original thought? Q: How/Why are Quantum Mechanics and Relativity incompatible? A complex number is a number that can be expressed in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers, and i represents the imaginary unit, satisfying the equation i2 = −1. Q: Can you fix the “1/0 problem” by defining 1/0 as a new number? When s is a complex number—one that looks like a+b푖, using the imaginary number 푖—finding 휁(s) gets tricky. Is this even possible? Online math solver with free step by step solutions to algebra, calculus, and other math problems. Q: If fusion in the Sun suddenly stopped, what would happen? A lot more, but thats broken down. Q: If all matter originated from a single point, does that mean all matter is entangled? Q: Why does “curved space-time” cause gravity? What is the explanation for this? Four-digit addition with carrying. Q: Is there an intuitive proof for the chain rule? Q: Does the 2nd law of thermodynamics imply that everything must eventually die, regardless of the ultimate fate of the universe? Q: What is the Planck length? Video: What your Spiritual Guru Never Told you about Quantum Mechanics. How an Inmate Serving a Murder Sentence Made a Math Discovery. Q: Why are the days still longer than nights, until a few days after the fall equinox? Answer Gravy: This isn’t part of the question, but if you’ve taken intro physics, you’ve probably seen the equations for kinetic energy, momentum, and acceleration in a uniform gravitational field (like the one you’re experiencing right now). Click the photo for a link to the amazon page, or this link for the ebook. Q: How does Earth’s magnetic field protect us? Q: Are there examples of quantum mechanics that can be seen in every-day life, or do they only show up in the lab? Q: What would Earth be like to us if it were a cube instead of spherical? Q: What is the probability of an outcome after it’s already happened? Q: Are explosions more or less powerful in space? Q: What exactly is the vacuum catastrophe and what effects does this have upon our understanding of the universe? All geometric formulas are explained with well selected word problems so you can master geometry. SolveMyMath - Your math help website. Find all the roots, real and imaginary, of x2 + 4x + 7 = 0. How do you calculate the size of a rainbow? Q: In relativity, length contracts at high speeds. If you’re looking for an equation that needs to be complicated, a good place to look is physics (I mean, what else do you really need math for?). Each different variable (x 1 =x, x 2 =y, x 3 =z) tells you something different. Where does the energy and matter for the new universes come from? (a Mathematician’s perspective). Q: If there are 10 dimensions, then why don’t we notice them? Do they exist in nature? That means that . i thought i was good at math but… and im pretty sure nobody here knows what theyre talking about. Q: How plausible is it that the laws of physics may actually function differently in other parts of the universe? Q: How many times do you need to roll dice before you know they’re loaded? 2y + xi = 4 + x − i. You can also generate an image of a mathematical formula using the TeX language. Following are answers to the practice questions: Add –9 to each side to get x2 = –9. Find all the roots, real and imaginary, of x4 + 12x2 – 64 = 0. This is useful for displaying complex formulas on your web page. Covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics. (Dealing with fractions). Full of games that students love, Reflex takes students at every level and helps them quickly gain math fact fluency and confidence. In practice this is absurd (there are a few hundred billion stars in the Milky Way, but we can’t see most of them because there’s a galaxy in the way), but the equation you would use is pretty straight forward. Q: What are singularities? Q: Is there some way to actually play quidditch? Q: Is it possible to destroy a black hole? Q: Why does relativistic length contraction (Lorentz contraction) happen? It also shows you how to check your answer three different ways: algebraically, graphically, and using the concept of equivalence.The following table is a partial lists of typical equations. Video: The Scientific Investigation of Aliens – Evidence Examined. Q: If the universe gets split in the Many Worlds Interpretation, then why aren’t all probabilities 50/50? Q: If atoms are 99.99% space, what “kind” of space is it? Q: What is the Riemann Hypothesis? Q: Would it be possible to generate power from artificial lightning? Q: Is getting plasma really hot the only way to initiate fusion? Q: What the heck are imaginary numbers, how are they useful, and do they really exist? There are plenty of equations that are infinitely long, but often they’re simple enough that we can write them compactly. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Number theory is full of complex problems with applications in cryptography and ... Mathematician Makes Quadratic Equations Easier. If so, where? Q: Could the tidal forces of the Sun and Moon be used to generate power directly? Q: How big is the universe? What about in base 1? A complex equation is an equation that involves complex numbers when solving it. Algebra also includes real numbers, complex numbers, matrices, vectors and … Q: Do time and distance exist in a completely empty universe? Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: the elevator pitch. Q: How can carbon dating work on things that were never alive? Can space have a fractional dimension? Q: Is it more efficient to keep keep a swimming pool warm or let it get cold and heat it up again? Mathematical equations aren't just useful — many are quite beautiful. If a = 0, then the equation is linear, not quadratic, as there is no ax² term. Q: Can a human being survive in the fourth dimension? This gravy is full of calculus and intro physics. Q: Is it possible to choose an item from an infinite set of items such that each one has an equal chance of being selected? Works across all devices Use our algebra calculator at home with the MathPapa website, or on the go with MathPapa mobile app. Adaptive and individualized, Reflex is the most effective system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for grades 2+. In this case, one considers the algebra of holomorphic functions, i.e., complex differentiable functions. Q: How can the universe expand faster than the speed of light? Q: If we find a “Theory of Everything” will we be done? What is “pure energy” like? You also get x2 + 25 = 0 and x2 = –25.

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