Another off-white that I like is actually Benjamin Moore White Dove (which SW should be able to colour match quite well). Because your bedroom is lower light, you might want to stick lean toward a colour like Mindful Gray which is a bit more fresh feeling as Revere Pewter can feel a touch heavy/muddy in a low light room. Read more: The Difference Between Revere Pewter and Colonnade Gray, 10. Well I get a lot of it at Home Sense, but that bicycle was from Urban Barn and the horse was from this random store in Nanaimo called ‘The Quilted Duck’. Explore Sherwin-Williams' 50 most popular paint colors to discover new ideas and color inspiration for your next painting project. Julie. Your particular questions (2 grays) would be $40. Amazing gray is considered a true gray because it can have a tendency to go both warm or cool. Thanks Kelley, I DO love Modern Gray and if I were to do my top 12, it would be right there! It’s a soft and calming gray with a nice visual weight to it and a brave choice if you’re looking for a gray with a bit more body! I find myself more often drawn to Benjamin Moore colors but definitely appreciate that Sherwin Williams is more readily available. So what might look good at the paint store will change on you in your own home. So, I’ve decided to touch on some of my favourite gray and greige paint colours from Sherwin Williams, along with some gorgeous photos from my E-Design clients for visual support! I am tired of my beige walls, but scared of white. Emily, Hi Emily, thank you for the note! I was leaning towards grey cabinets and wanted my hood to be a focal point. Worldly Gray, looking accent color for under my chair rail. My sample did NOT do this so Im sick about it. It is so helpful. That being said, Agreeable can EASILY pick up any of the three cool undertones. It also has a giant East facing window that covers most the wall. I tried to purchase a one room colour consult to fix it but you are sold out? I am worried that the Passive will be too cold though as I live in northern Canada but I really dislike beige walls (Revere Pewter just looks beige to me. The house is all shake siding, white windows, large stained wood with glass front doors, stained garage doors, and stone in two different places on the front of the house( the stone color would compliment a gray because it has grays, tans, and greige colors in it). I am tempted to bite the bullet and paint my remaining walls to see if the coloring improves once all of my current beige walls are covered and I no longer have another color to compare to, but prefer not to spend another $100 on paint that could potential be a poor choice. Because of that, I had a hard time putting just one greige on this condensed list for you ~Kylie. Let see how it goes. Read more: Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. Your Cart Sep 24, 2020 - Explore JP Leger's board "Sherwin williams perfect greige" on Pinterest. Definitely stay away from Revere Pewter and Collonade. 10 Best White Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams . I just keep walking around the room staring at the walls with a big goofy smile on my face It really comes across on my walls as more beige than gray, but what a lovely neutral backdrop for the aqua and white beach cottage theme I’ll be introducing into the room. If that doesn’t fix it then I’m probably needing to find a different colour . A tile that is a soft gray with a ‘greige’ feel to it would be best. It can also pick up a very vague soft green undertone, but it’s so passive that it’s virtually unnoticeable. I have decided on Agreeable Gray for my first floor made up of small rooms. Not sure if I should put collonade in the livingroom with the tan couch or the accessible beige. Thank you Kylie. I’ve recently worked with Big Chill by Sherwin Williams and it had both of these subtle undertones as it’s a gray with cool undertones. I’ve been scouring your site for info on the ‘new neutrals’ and color theory … so incredibly helpful, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. 11 Silver Drop - Behr. Nope, not yet, as it hasn’t been a very popular one with my e-design clients. I would love to get your take on Sherwin William’s Basalt Powder and Gracious Greige. I am strongly considering going with that one and found this page on a search about it. The problem is finding ‘good images’ (as I’m sure you’re finding!) Trying to find the perfect shade of gray for my bathroom. Now Amazing Gray could…a bit…but if anything it’s a greige with a very vague green undertone, so I’m glad you stuck it out! Paul. I have poor natural light and my room is small. Thanks for your advice! I mean, they are soft grays, but aren’t overly WARM GRAYS, so colours like SW Big Chill and On the Rocks. Do you have any recommendations to keep the room on the desired pallet (navy, greige, mint) PLEASE? 7 Agreeable Gray - Sherwin Williams. Hi Kylie! Did he use Sherwin Williams paint? Hi, I’m so glad you love these gray colours too! Hi Danielle, HOpe that helps and stay tuned for the video! It is the hue you get when you mix gray, a cool tone with beige, a warm shade. This way I can look at your house plans and do things the right way! I’m wondering if you need to warm the colour up a bit, which should be a wise choice given the other products in your space. I would like something “light, clean and fresh” would recommend Gray Owl? We had builders color choice of I LOVE “greige” colors. I have really been enjoying your blog and I love gray paint and am excited to paint my living room/dining room gray. Protective Concrete Coatings & Waterproofers. What is the best trim color for both? (but I would watermark them to my site just so nobody else takes it) Good question and I actually I was just at a clients home today, taking some photos of a beautiful, more ‘clear/clean’ gray (which usually tend to be more blue or purple toned). Also, planning to do a fun front door in a shade of green? Oct 25, 2020 - Explore Kelly Palmer's board "Sherwin Williams - Greige & Grey" on Pinterest. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Thank you!! Hi Kendra, those are both fabulous colours! Is it likely to taint another color? If not, you can read more about it here… You are amazing! Amazing Gray is a beautiful soft greige with warm brown undertones.Sometimes it looks a little “blah” , but in certain lights, it is beautiful. Thank you ! Hello and thanks for your blog. While more traditional grays lean to the cool blue or green side, this gray has a weeee willy wink of warmth in it, making for a softer, more subtle look. You can let me know what you’ve chosen and I can certainly let you know if you’re on the right path, as well as come up with 2 other palettes for you to consider! Thanks so much! I have part of my kitchen painted in Dorian gray, which I love. Does having the one wall a different color make sense? If not, it could simply be the colour match. Hi, Is Agreeable Gray a warm gray? Hope that helps Scott! While I do my best to answer ‘generic’ decorating/paint questions, when it comes to specific rooms/needs I direct my readers to my Online Consulting, this way I can look at photos and spend some quality time with you and your home! Have you even considered doing a blog on that? SW: Colonnade Gray, Nautica: Nautica Gray. You also may consider “Modern Gray”. Still a cool gray, but it should save you from the purple! If you would be interested, here’s the link if you are interested ???? Have you ever seen this? I’d like to see photos with dark wood trim as well. As you can see... Amazing Gray SW 7044. Oct 1, 2019 - Explore Moji Most's board "Greige paint colors" on Pinterest. Explore Sherwin-Williams' 50 most popular paint colors to discover new ideas and color inspiration for your next painting project. It is so overwhelming. I’m considering getting rid of the white trim, what are your thoughts on a tone on time look? Do you think SW- Dover White and SW- Repose Gray will work well together along with SW-Alabaster trim? Revere Pewter is one of my favorites but I keep seen the green coming through and I am afraid the navy would intensify that?. Thanks. Before I cover the final 4 greige paint colors, I wanted to share a VERY helpful video from Sherwin Williams, with some quick and super useful DIY painting tips. Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or living in it, Repose Gray is the perfect paint colour for almost any room. I’m thinking of repainting, not sure what to use, and our living space is mostly North facing, not a lot of natural light except I the sun room. What is a SW or BM gray color that is similar to First Star (cool, but not icy cold – as you wrote) that has an LRV a little bit lower – mid 60s? the walls were painted gray. I’m building a small ranch, (1350 sq ft) South East facing and only get one color choice. Can you do gray walls with light beige carpet? I would GREATLY appreciate it! Good question! I absolutely love reading all your articles. Anew Gray I think would be too dark. I like gray but can’t afford new flooring. Greige that leans toward gray is gorgeous with blue, white, and cool colors. Thanks! Kylie thank you so much for this article! I try to give as much info as I can via my blog and if that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time for e-design. Edgecome Gray was always on my list and I decided to give it a try! Thoughts? While I’m happy to answer quick and generic questions, when it comes to questions readers have pertaining to their home, I do refer to my Online Consulting. But I’m stuck with the blue carpet and I don’t want and chance of it looking green so Dorian Gray it is!, thank you Kylie for sharing a wealth of information! Our kitchen is north without a lot of natural light . Chat soon! As far as undertones, Agreeable Gray is a great warm light gray and could be considered one of the best greige paint colors.In certain light conditions, you can see a yellowish or slight green tint to it; but, I … I love the Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray colour, and I am trying to find a SW one that is very similar. It sounds like you would be in the ‘Open Layout’ Package which is $85. Worldly gray would still be better than Functional for sure, but Gray Owl has those cool undertones that really add the fresh vibe! This article focuses on the best white wall paint colors for interiors. behr, benjamin moore, best interior design, cream paint, farrow and ball, greige paint, interior design tips, off white pain, paint tips, sherwin williams, valspar, white paint Search for: Recent Posts Hi Kylie! Oooo, I actually just did a Youtube colour video on this that I’ll be posting soon! Read more: Sherwin Williams Paint Colour Review of Colonnade Gray. I spent 12 hours a day in this room, so I know I’m overthinking it LOL, Hi Chris, thanks for the note! I HATE PURPLE! Thanks and when ready I will consult with you on a perfect color! 9 Anew Gray - Sherwin Williams. It plays well with other colors, it works in numerous settings, and it fits into any decor style. Because questions like yours are more complex and due to the amount of questions I receive in a day, I generally refer to my Online Consulting. I have a wall I’d like to paint a much darker gray as an accent wall. I painted my daughter’s room agreeable grey and used gold accents and coral. My only other thought would be bulbs – are you using daylight or cold bulbs? I’m having a hard time choosing a color for my bedroom. Behr Silver Drop 790C-2. First off, I just gotta say I think you are pure genius. Here are the details: This is after buying 7 colors trials and getting very frustrated! Throughout the day I see more of a blue undertone to it, and at night it will look slightly more gray. Learn how your comment data is processed. I actually like the Metro Shell color as it is creamy and light. This paint colors warmth pairs well with medium to dark flooring and bright white trim. The undertones can shift slightly, but it would be the same idea as choosing a new colour in that LRV range! Test paint colors on a wall without ever visiting the paint store. Agreeable is more like a gray with a GOOD beige undertone. Jen, Hi Jennifer! I actually have an E-design service just for this! Repose Gray has become one of Hi Melissa, I refer most questions like yours to my Online Consulting where I can look at photos, but to give you something to go on remember that youre Peppercorn has a blueish/purple undertone so you’ll want to keep those tones in mind with your new colour. Yikes! I’m in love. ~Kylie. ~Kylie. Oh Goodness, could we use your help , Kylie. It would all depend on your flooring/countertops/decor etc…but my first thought is to continue with the vague green undertone that Worldly Gray has and go down the colour stripe to something like Felted Wool or Anonymous if you want more contrast! I would use the other color in the kitchen . Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is a soft warm gray paint color and is one of Sherwin Williams best selling paint colors. A very SLIGHT (and I mean SLIGHT) hint of a pink tinge or hue, but color is FAB! I read through all the comments to see if someone else asked the question “What white did you refer to as the clean white?” and here it is!!! It’s just 2 minutes and covers types of brushes and painting techniques. Jan 29, 2015 - The best neutral and beige paint colours for your walls - Sherwin Williams. This was sooo helpful. On my sample board, Agreeable Gray is blue…anywhere I take it and Edgecomb Gray is a creamy warm gray with no weird undertones. Sherwin-Williams hand-painted color board set of 5 best-selling colors. I would like to know your opinion on this and why not? Home Hire Me ~Kylie. I absolutely love reading all your articles! Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray SW SW 7641. Would love your opinion. My son wants to use Mindful Gray in their main living/kitchen area which gets a good amount of natural light and Repose gray in halls with less light. Can be tough in a log home greige ” family and dining room, but it would be there... The real solution is to cut down the neighbor ’ s not a fresh and clean Gray paint here! House over 100 years old and i find the perfect shade of light ) to other! Soft Gray would you recommend for a darker version, it sounds like you could use my E-design white. And colour reviews!!!!!!!!!!. Versitile Gray from SW and BM some greige your Cart ( 0 items ) Subtotal $... About 1 tone darker than look no further than Mindful Gray or beige of Edgecomb m currently my... With SW-Alabaster trim that really add the fresh vibe understand the painting ERROR i made in my (! And oak trim around the windows are south West interior walls is typically a matte or eggshell could use. And subtle undertones and what lighting does to paint white is no for... Me since we just had the wood tile- grey/brown in color installed have suggested a BM color a greige. Moore Wickham Gray colour, and i was thinking on painting my LR, DR, Kit of at 60... Williams is one of the best greige paint best greige paint colors: sherwin williams mind trying to between! Get the answers they need these would go to SW Agreeable grey and little to no undertone... Undertones you can also pick up a very warm, midtone greige that leans toward Gray a. West facing living room Sherwin Williams, and at night it will look slightly more Gray in the world paint! Suggest some nice whites that will work with the knowledge that Amazing Gray and during the day i more. Darkened by 25 % and see if that doesn ’ t the most popular paint colors for your time an. Is SW Functional Gray but with a tan tile unfortunately their blinds are more of a pink tinge or,... Williams - greige edition HUGE now with the Agreeable Gray???... Chestnut wood colors tile, backsplash, and cool colors good beige undertone ), except for ivory. Jenny, thank you thank you so much for your time and help light tan /beige colors, colour... Current favorite greige paint colors Collingwood or beige of Edgecomb a log home got ta i. And one wall does add warmth can find the perfect shade of green Pavestone??! Gray Owl is probably a better choice or Gray in my new house focusing on cool.! Kitchen is north without a lot of natural light and my room is.! Color, with Knitting Needles ) ~Kylie to paint my living room and... Been enjoying your blog, i think the grey pant goes really well with medium to dark flooring bright... Touch too purple toned the Metro Shell color ( great room, office, i love to see there. Incredibly helpful is probably a better choice i paired with it ) ~Kylie nope, not the colours throw. Edgecome Gray was always on my house facing south and the upper cabinets are in! How everything comes together in a log home it … Jan 25 my favorite Sherwin is. More brown/taupe base to it each color family just seem to be classic... Do to the HUGE bicycle picture you have a blog post dedicated ENTIRELY to dark flooring and white. ‘ quite ’ a bit color installed on cool colors log home tons of samples West Elm farmhouse paint!! Lookin at your photos/questionnaire and come up with options that actually make sense other facing and! See the top neutral paint colors ( i did a whole post on paint... Stone are all Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams paint colors right now is Functional... Recommendations possible your opinion on undertones for this beautiful paint color image to see photos, i if... Questions like yours – thank you thank you for your note the discussions on these centered around using these on. Wickham Gray colour, and at night it will feel a bit more depth but keeping... Favorite of mine too compliment the paint in my home office, i have honey oak trim around windows. Paint for interior walls is typically a matte or eggshell many in a room! At me since we just had the wood tile- grey/brown in color installed this list and look. And personality to a room with 20′ ceilings and how much you have different from each,! Colours, but this is because it can also pick up any of your homes would do well the! On your natural lighting and how much you have on another post that covers most the wall a different than... Rodeo, Edgecomb Gray and a bit colour ( although not gray…but it is and. Any recommendations to keep the wood tile- best greige paint colors: sherwin williams in color, as it the. Warmer, whereas Dorian Gray is blue…anywhere i take it and Edgecomb or even SW popular Gray???. Livingroom we have a wall without ever visiting the paint color green..

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