Meanwhile, Trey decides to throw a party at the Dreamhouse, while Barbie is at work. Kirsten Day as Ben, Teresa's Phone, and Tammy Bounceaway, an Asian-American rival of Barbie. 6. When Margaret hesitates to take a promotion at her job, Barbie and her sisters work together to prove to their mother that they can handle extra responsibilities. Meanwhile, Barbie and Skipper decide to raise funds for the destroyed library. Thinking about the future prompts Barbie to have a dream where anything's possible—and everything's really, really weird. Year: ... Rate. He is a boy puppy that likes music. 4. When Skipper bonds with her friends, Barbie unexpectedly feels left out. 0 Comments; All lists. Everything goes haywire when the Roberts' pets are left alone at home. "Get to know Barbie and her BFFs -- including next-door neighbor Ken -- in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family's new dreamhouse." Also, Stacie and Chelsea agree to babysit a fashionable macaw, and end up losing him. Fate turns the tide on Trey and Barbie when they compete for the best stop on the beach. The Dudes & Trey get into a fight that results in the Dudes befriending Barbie instead. Barbie dreamhouse adventure season 4 new episode in hindi go team roberts(1)... Bu video orijinal YouTube API’si ile, ilgili videonun paylaşımına izin verildiği için sitemizde yayınlanmaktadır. After her boss gets fired, Barbie gets promoted with new responsibilities. She is married to Whittaker Reardon After the Roberts camper is totaled after rolling down a hill, to get the money to replace it, Barbie and her sisters sign up to compete in a game show that is infamous for tearing families down. AJ Hudson as DJ, Skipper's puppy. While trying out a new escape room with their friends, Barbie and Ken get separated from the group and wind up on an adventure of their own. 8. The Roberts family and associated friends head to Costa Rica to investigate a mermaid legend in the first 5 episodes; 5-part sequels. and Barbie Princess Adventure. Rate. Despite her mixed feelings, Barbie agrees to do it, because what are friends for? As a reward, Barbie gets a ticket to Costa Rica, where she joins her family to see the whales arrive! Balancing Act; Life Can Be A Dream; Trey is for Horses; A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale; Time Will Tell; ... Go Team Roberts! Trey … Megan Jameson as Rookie, Stacie's puppy. Season 3 premiered February 14, 2019. From dancing to baking, the unstoppable Barbie Roberts can do anything ... except ask for help when she needs it most. Renee's desperate to impress her relatives in China, but Barbie doesn't have the heart to tell her "talents" need an awful lot of work. George decides to take the family on holiday to Costa Rica where he’ll be filming a whale documentary, while Barbie and friends land summer jobs at a water park in Malibu. Barbie and company try to work while under pressure. Rate. Elli Moore as the singing voice of Barbie. "Mattel Creations details Barbie slate ahead of MIPCOM 2016", "Mattel Creations: New Content for MIP, Reups & Deals", "Mattel Creations greenlights two new Barbie series, more kids content", "Mattel Announces Two New Animated 'Barbie' Series & TV Special", I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson,, 2010s American animated television series, American children's animated comedy television series, Television shows set in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Roberts family could be evicted from their Dreamhouse unless Barbie can figure out who is behind Malibu's sudden flea infestation. On Netflix, season 4 is season 1 of the new show and season 5 is season 2. The macaw lands up at the Reardons' home, and Trey's mother, mistaking it for Trey's gift, falls in love with him. He attends school with Barbie Roberts. Season 5 premiered January 19, 2020. 0. Tammy ends up going to the same school as Barbie, and Barbie has to cope with her torture. He is a sporty boy puppy. Unfortunately, she learns that one of those responsibilities is that she has to fire Ken. During this series, Barbie takes on a summer job at a water park … To gain more popularity in school, Tammy decides to imitate Barbie. Her son and only child is Trey Reardon. Season 2. Aunt Adele's inn is haunted by a ghost of a miner. 7. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (2018– ) Episode List. "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 1". With America Young, Cassidy Naber, Kirsten Day, Cassandra Lee Morris. Cassidy Naber as Young Barbie and Honey, Chelsea's puppy. It's Christmastime at the Roberts House, but not all is holly jolly -- Barbie and Ken can't find the perfect gift for each other for Christmas, Stacie and Skipper take drastic measures to get a good gift for each other, and the whole family has to prevent Chelsea from finding and opening the presents before Christmas morning. Just before a chemistry project presentation, Barbie falls ill. Barbie's parents and sisters go on a Costa Rican holiday, while Barbie, Daisy, Teresa, Renee and Nikki get hired to work at a water park. On her first day back at school, Barbie learns that Golden Beach High's newest student is none other than Tammy, her opponent from the baking competition show. However, she doesn't want to take a day off and tries to figure out some way to attend the presentation without letting her project partners down. When Barbie discovers Duchess the horse is going to be sold, she and Stacie come up with a plan to keep her around. Get to know Barbie and her BFFs -- including next-door neighbor Ken -- in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family's new dreamhouse. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts. Honey is a girl puppy and she is sweet. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at She is intelligent, sweet, kind, brave, caring and helpful. However, Barbie and her sisters fear Trey might be up to something. Magical Mermaid Mystery: Part 4. Rate. Barbara Millicent Roberts, typically known asBarbie, is the lead character and the protagonist of the showBarbie: Dreamhouse Adventures. Taffy is the youngest puppy. Season 4 premiered November 1, 2019. Ken asks Barbie to help him invite Harriet to a school dance. But is she really ready to let it go? 1. Rate. When producer and reporter Gloria Vaughan and her cameraman interview the Roberts for Family of the Year, they end up going u against the Reardons, who the foul reporters adore. 23m. Meanwhile, Trey fakes an illness to play hooky, but runs into trouble when the principal catches him out of school. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Go Team Roberts Season 1, 2 and 3 WEBRip H264 HDTV / TV SHOWS Add comments Get to know Barbie and her BFFs including next-door neighbor Ken in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family’s new dreamhouse. Barbie offers to help Renee build her school basketball team by trying out, but she soon realizes that she is not as great as she thought she would be. Barbie and friends take the camper out to spend some quality time together. Stream an all-new season of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures now on @Netflix! Cristina Milizia as Baby Bonnie and Mew Mew, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 01:50. When the Roberts go on their annual camping trip, Barbie makes brownies that no one can resist, but forbid anyone from eating them until the second night around the campfire, per family tradition. Trevelian Finknoddle Reardon is a student at Golden Beach High. Poppy Reardon is a character in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts! This video is a compilation of my previs / layout work from Season 02 of "Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts!" Trey is a character in Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts! The Roberts host their neighbors at the Dreamhouse when an earthquake causes a power cut. She is Barbie's nasty, selfish, and callous neighbor who hates Barbie and her family. The Roberts clan gets back to basics when Dad challenges them to a weekend of, Barbie and her friends take a road trip to hear Daisy drop the beat at a major. 4. Chelsea's campaign to raise money for puppy literacy continues with a miniature golf tournament that involves the whole neighborhood. Meanwhile, Trey is struggling to find a gift for his mother. To break up the fight between Stacie and Skipper, Barbie offers to trade rooms. Rate. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts Season 1 2019. When someone eats the entire batch the night before though, the Roberts clan band together to figure out "whodunnit". Barbie, finding them hard to handle without keeping an eye on them, takes the naughty pups with her to work. Rate. With a new ice rink in town, Barbie and her friends put on a show to promote it. Barbie's parents and sisters go on a Costa Rican holiday, while Barbie, Daisy, Teresa, Renee and Nikki get hired to work at a water park. Netflix so far has 2 shows; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (3 seasons) and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts (2 seasons) 2; 1; All; Overview; Activity; 13 Episodes; All comments. As the girls look for a missing mermaid in Costa Rica, Barbie attempts to shut down a party at her house and embarks on an underwater mission with Ken. When Barbie, Teresa and Nikki are asked to write their school song, they learn a lesson in working out creative differences. The two sisters race around town trying to get the jacket back, but are always one step behind. [8] The series began airing on YTV in Canada on June 22, 2018. With her sisters suspected in a string of thefts due to a misunderstanding, Barbie works to clear their names and find the real thief, as well as help Nikki impress her idol. 5. Barbie doesn't really feel like doing her father-daughter tradition, so she passes it down to Chelsea. Eamon Brennan as Trevelian Finknoddle "Trey" Reardon, Poppy and Whittaker's only son. But soon, the Roberts sisters learn that no roommate is perfect. Unfortunately, she is not able to pick up the courage in time to ask her super cool boss, Darcy. 10. 6. Go Team Roberts! Barbie and her friends get swept up in the pursuit of internet popularity after a goofy vlog post unintentionally goes viral and they find being famous isn't as great as it seems. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts!1 is the continuation of the main series. Trey injures himself on the Roberts' property, so the family is extra nice to him. "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 2". 8. But their missions take a smelly detour. Barbie tries to help Skipper adjust to high school by inviting her to join their lunch table. Rate. S4, Ep2 30 Apr. Barbie and her friends create a plan to stop smugglers and save a baby whale. Rate. Trey digs a tunnel to the Dreamhouse and the Roberts' pets, having found a way out of their house, give Trey and his goons a good scare. Barbie feels horrible when outside commitments keep her from taking Chelsea to her first circus, so Barbie decides to make up for it by putting on a circus at the Dreamhouse. 2019 All 2 Seasons TV Cartoons. 9. Barbie puts her skills to the test when she competes on an extreme baking show against a reigning champ who loves to win and hates to lose. The Roberts go on an impromptu adventure. Barbie and Skipper decide to work together on their school community service project at the Water Park, but the two clash when Skipper doesn't put in an equal amount of effort. In Costa Rica, Stacie, Skipper and Chelsea close in on the missing mermaid. She is voiced by America Young and her singing voice is provided by Elli Moore. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures[1][2][3] (also called Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures[4][5] or Dream House Adventures and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts in its 4th and 5th season) is an animated television series by Mattel, the owner of Barbie, to compliment the Barbie: Dreamtopia series.[6]. Skipper steps in to handle her parents' 20th anniversary party when Barbie gets a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to attend Robot Con. As the Roberts family heads to Costa Rica to investigate a mermaid legend, Barbie takes on a summer job at a water park run by a devious boss. From this season onwards, the series was subtitled as Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts on Netflix. Season: OR . Meanwhile, Skipper and Stacie join Chelsea on a quest to find a missing mermaid, but end up getting lost. Poppy Reardon is the main villain of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Barbie and her friends try to wow Nikki's fashion idol at a mermaid convention, but things take a fishy turn when Barbie's sisters become suspects in a mystery. TV-Y. With their parents away for the night, Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie recruit Ken for an elaborate plan to bring Chelsea's imaginary "Roof. Actually season 4 is streaming on Netflix with a different title, "Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts". 23m. Kaitlyn McCormick as Taffy, Barbie's puppy. The new iteration was released with the Magical Mermaid Mystery 5-part film/movie on April 29, 2019. Barbie's "Best Day Ever" starts out great... until the dreamhouse starts acting up. The Reardons and the Roberts tolerate each other but the Reardons always start or cause a problem. Starring: America Young, Kirsten Day, Cassandra Morris. Barbie, Tammy and all of Golden Beach High team up to defeat their rivals, Empire Coast High -- which tests Tammy's loyalties due to them being her old school. Rate. Skipper takes Barbie's jacket without permission and ends up misplacing it. On Halloween, after watching a scary vampire movie, Chelsea and Stacie come to believe that Barbie and her friends are all vampires, when in fact they are trying to set up the Dreamhouse into a haunted house. Episodes: S2 E10 Chicken Masked… Cassidy Naber as Chelsea Roberts, Barbie's youngest sister, who is the more imaginative of the Roberts girls. Barbie's friends struggle to adjust to her becoming their boss at Oceans Extreme. How will the Roberts sisters get him back? 0 Lists; IMDB JustWatch Wikipedia; Set Profile Image; Advertisement. Rate. When Stacie and Skipper get into a fight, Barbie offers to switch rooms with them; eventually, all of the Roberts sisters learn no roommate is perfect. 9. 5. When dogs get banned from the beach, Barbie and Nikki decide to fight City Hall; victory looks certain until Poppy Reardon joins the race and fights anything but fair. Error: please try again. She almost always has what you need at hand, bringing measurement tools to the beach. The show is a Netflix original and the first 8 episodes were up there as of June 28. Barbie and Daisy take a trip to Barbie's Wisconsin hometown, where it's up to Barbie to save her beloved Aunt Adele's struggling inn. Could their new home be cursed? Instead of enjoying a relaxing spa weekend with their friends, Ken and Barbie end up trying to keep the owner's grandson out of trouble. When it goes too far, Barbie begins to feel deprived of her individuality. Rate. Season. When the old boss Darcy quits, the new boss Mr. Pearlman and his Russian friend Vladimir Borislav hire Barbie to have new responsibilities. Barbie's parents and sisters go on a Costa Rican holiday, while Barbie, Daisy, Teresa, Renee and Nikki get hired to work at a water park. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (also called Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures or Dream House Adventures and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts in its 4th and 5th season) is an animated television series by Mattel, the owner of Barbie, to compliment the Barbie: Dreamtopia series. Back at the Dreamhouse, Stacie tries to set a world record. ... Barbie and her friends create a plan to stop smugglers and save a baby whale. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts anytime, anywhere. When Barbie comes to know about the trip, she tries desperately to take a holiday from work to go with her family. 2019 0. Rate. 3. Magical Mermaid Mystery 1; Magical Mermaid Mystery 2; ... Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Barbie and her friends plan a Birthday surprise for Chelsea by giving her clubhouse a makeover. Instead of reading a book at bedtime, Chelsea tells her family about their puppies' secret—and surprisingly dangerous—lives. 7. The Roberts family are driven to enter Malibu's annual Family of the Year contest, competing against the family that has won every year for the past decade, the Reardons. Without the Dudes, Trey finds a friend in Ken when they bond over a video game. 4. However, Nikki gets hurt before the show, and their only choice for a replacement is a mysterious yet skillful chicken-masked ice skater. The show premiered May 3, 2018. After seeing them on a boat going after a baby whale, Barbie and friends realize that Mr. Pearlman and Vlad have more vile objectives. ... for a trip to Costa Rica this season get ready for adventure the Benito's Costa Rica and a whole new ballgame Barbie Dreamhouse adventures go team Roberts available now on Netflix. Available on Netflix. Emma Galvin as Daisy Costopolis, Barbie's best friend who likes being a DJ and has pink hair. Rate. Rate. 10. Season 2 premiered September 13, 2018. Error: please try again. Rate. According to the corporation's chief content officer, (CCO), Catherine Balsam Schwaber,[7] the series was in response to kids wanting to know more about the iconic character and her sisters. [9] It premiered on POP in the United Kingdom on October 22, 2018. He is the son and only child of Poppy Reardon. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (2018 ... Rate.

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