If the quest "No Stone Unturned" has been co… A new source of Stalhrim quest help » Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:04 am . I even searched the whole village at night going into every house and she is nowhere to be found. I even saved beforehand and tried it numerous times and crafting numerous different stalhrim items. The site is an ancient burial ground containing ten sarcophagi packed with Stalhrim. This along with the "Oblivion Walker" trophy have me sort of pissed. So Ive completed every other quest and still no Stalhrim quest, I looked on Wiki and you need the woodcutter + Strong Voice but I can't find the strong voice chick anywhere. The key can be found by locating all of the Deathbrand treasure chests. I'm trying to talk to him to finish the quest and it won't give me any options to ask. Restarted my computer. A New Source of Stalhrim > Your destination is an 'Abandoned Lodge' on the southwest of the island. There's no easy passage there - the optimum path seems to lead west from Glacial Cave or north of Water Stone. For me the NPC needed to start the quest is no where to be found. Ok, so I crafted a total of 3-items using Stalhrim and the trophy never popped. This is highly annoying seeing as there's an achievement revolving around getting to forge Stalhrim and the only way to get the quest that lets you forge Stalhrim relies on a killable NPC that can easily be killed by accident early in the DLC. That being said, I still have no idea why I've crafted said item and still don't get the trophy. A New Source of Stalhrim: Baldor Iron-Shaper just keeps saying “Terrible times” (2 answers) Closed 3 years ago. Answered: Why is the stone bed in Falkreath Sanctuary "owned"? Started by Weird thing is there are no empty beds though, aside from Frea's fathers bed. Ok, so I crafted a total of 3-items using Stalhrim and the trophy never popped. I can't start the quest "A New Source of Stalhrim" by talking to Deor Woodcutter (instead of giving me the quest he just says general things). in the new DLC. Re loaded the game. https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/A_New_Source_of_Stalhrim ive also done all the things suggested in this forum so yeah... some new minds on this might not be bad. - How to fix Skyrim children glitch ? Obtained from Ancarion at Northshore Landing. You dont have to get the Achievement on that Character. yah i have the same problem with the quest not coming up and that the game freezes when i get in the cofffin during the "death incarnate quest". However whenever i talk to him all he says is "terrible times" over and over and over. Sorry to say this, no offense, but you cannot hate Bethesda because you did not save more often. The Unnoficial Elder Scroll Pages states that it's a bug that can be fixed in PC using the command line but I'm playing in PS3. Let us know if this fix works i finished the game and am agravated that becuase i am a over zelious person i am now hosed cause they are frooze and not becuase i frooze them.... Im also having the same problem and i have no previous saves, so im screwed in that case. Still... nothing. It's disappointing, but the game's given me hours upon hours of enjoyment so it's somewhat forgivable. Stalhrim quest glitch? I don't think I'm doing anything wrong considering it's a pretty straight-forward deal. yea i agree of how this quest gives you an achievement and a new item to craft but the quest giving part wasn't well made. I had to reload ......this is the second serious glitch i have gotten on dragonborn... the first prevented me from even completing the main dragonborn questline...... ive had to reload far back twice now ...i am severly annoyed. i have done this quest but after it, it didnt have the stalhrim catagory in the blacksmithing menu does anyone know what the hell i can do to get it there ?? Stalhrim Armor (DB) √ √ Craftable once a New Source of Stalhrim quest is complete with Ebony Smithing perk (smithing 80) Yes Dragonplate Armor √ √ Craftable with Dragon Armor perk (smithing 100) Yes Ebony Mail √ – Reward for Boethiah's Calling Yes Nordic Carved Armor (DB) √ √ Well I've answered all my own question, might as well share my knowledge. You might have to re-load to an earlier save. Oddly enough I had the same thought process but haven't had any success either. I understand that in order to set this quest off the blacksmith of the skaal has to dissapear, he has yet to. I had a different problem with this trophy. I have a different problem. The guys who give the quest about Stahlrim disappeared off the planet and I can't start the quest that introduces you to Stahlrim. On a tiny island at the northeast shore of Solstheim Inside an area There is door with master lock you need to pick, but perhaps there is key somewhere. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. You'll need to have your Blacksmith Skill at level 80 and a skill point in Ebony crafting to have the skill to craft with Stalhrim. A map indicating the location of the source of Stalhrim on Solstheim. Passives: Seeker of Shadows, Force without Effort, Blessing of Talos and Dragonborn Frost. I get the impression he never existed, at least in my game. How to fix A New Source of Stalhrim? He may have gotten killed but don't recall if I ever encountered the wood cutter NPC in Skaal. I got the map and the quest info and the map marker say I should return to the village and give it to him. Answered: Alesan can't accept gifts because they are " too heavy " ? There the Dragonborn has several options to get the Stalhrim Source Map back: directly pickpocket it, intimidate Ancarion, persuade him or offer to help him. Stalhrim has long been my favourite armor set in Skyrim, and for too long have I suffered the mismatched textures and neon glow of the originals. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. g Stalhrim and the trophy never popped. Stalhrim Source - 30 pieces can be obtained from the sarcophagi (see: A New Source of Stalhrim); A small island north of Northshore Landing - 6 pieces can be obtained from the sarcophagi; After completing A New Source of Stalhrim, you can visit Baldor Iron-Shaper in Skaal Village - he sometimes has some on sale. I had the same problem . After Step 2, wait a couple of days and then travel to Skaal Village. Skyrim Max Level Mod Free By SimplyIGN is among the federally registered trademarks of I... powered by Peatix : More than a ticket. It never hurts to have more choices, after all. Stalhrim Source is a simple mod that re-textures the stalhrim ore from the Dragonborn DLC. “A New Source of Stalhrim”. I have saved Baldor and retrieved the stalhrim source map from the falmor. A New Source of Stalhrim Sign up for a new account in our community. Gear: Stalhrim Heavy Armor, Dukaan, Amulet of Talos and ring of Extreme Destruction. — Unsigned comment by Werewolf06 (talk • … This mod is my way of fixing stalhrim for myself and I thought to share it with the modding community. Mesh edits are provided for the transparency and also to fix Bethesda's terrible mapping so the textures don't become a melted bowl of cheese. In the latter case Ancarion explains that he does not really care how to get at Stalhrim weapons, so … Answered: Got a "Software Error" message while playing Skyrim Switch? I've noticed a ton of glitches with quests/characters/trophies/etc. This will begin the A New Source of Stalhrim sidequest. Fanari Strong-Voice and Deor Woodcutter will be having an urgent conversation in the centre of the village, regarding the disappearance of Baldor Iron-Shaper. Two of the deposits are mostly covered in snow on the opposite side of the stairs but can still be mined. Spoilers ahead for the quest "A New Source of Stalhrim" 1 I travelled to Skaal Village (about my third visit after all the barrier stuff) and 2 NPCs were fighting about a missing smith 2 Go find the missing smith, he's been kidnapped by … At the end of this multi-part sidequest, Baldor will teach you to craft with Stalhrim. Hey guys I'm having a problem with the 'a new source of stalhrim' quest. I was able to get to 80 smithing and still pick up stahlrim, but can not smith it until I finish the non-existent quest. Alse one on the SE from the Stalhrim Source Map: Tiny Island . My problem is if you talk to the npc before the conversation with the mayor of Skaal village finishes the two of them won't move from their spots and won't allow you to talk to the quest giver, I'm having the same problem too been doing random things then ill check the skaal village then go to the bartender but still no luck. Answered: How do I continue "Liberation of Skyrim"? Whichever you choose, you will eventually reach a small camp at the shore and a inconspicuous boat. During the mission A New Source of Stalhrim, i need to Talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper and give him the map. I've done a search using google to see if it's common, and to be honest I haven't seen anyone even mention it. I have defeated the Thalmor on the ship and gotten the map for the quest "A New Source of Stahlrim," but when I try to take the map back to Baldor, it won't let me talk to him. Answered I only realised I couldn't do this quest 20+ hours after finishing the main dlc quests. Yeah there was a warning about it during the quest where you defeat some creature at one of the things they were building, the creature may kill him making the trophy missable (sorry it's a bit vague it's been a long time). Retrieve the Stalhrim Source Map Ancarion can be found at the very north of Solstheim - inside the location known as Northshore Landing. After killing Ancarion on his boat in Northshore Landing, and looting the Stalhrim Source Map from his body, you need to talk to the blacksmith, Baldor Iron-Shaper. It's easy! I've tried random things but nothing seems to change... From what I have read in the generals, if you interrupt the conversation between the 2 skaal who are talking about the kidnapping, then it bugs out and you do not get the quest. After completing this objective, you will be able to craft Stalhrim! see map below, X marks the spot: Raven Rock Mine Stalhrim armor and weapons cannot be forged until completion of the quest "A New Source of Stalhrim", obtained at the Skaal Village. Open your map now that you have the location of the Stalhrim Source and the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe then head out to mine some Stalhrim, from there as there's a total of around 30 deposits at the Source. Each deposit contained one Draugr corpse, which can be looted for various items including small amounts of gold or a piece of armor or low-level weapon. When I try to do this, he just says "Terrible times" and nothing happens. Hey all just started the Dragon born Dlc at lvl 31 with smithing lvl 90 and i cant start the dang quest I found wood cutter but the chief is no where to be found is Fanarir my follower or the old man???? Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. This is the final stage of the quest "A New Source of Stalhrim". A New Source of Stalhrim is one of the Dragonborn Sidequests available as part of the Dragonborn DLC. This along with the "Oblivion Walker" trophy have me sort of pissed. This along with the "Oblivion Walker" trophy have me sort of pissed. JohnnyConsumer, August 25, 2013. Recommended quests: Main questline, College of Winterhold, Dragonborn questline, Missing in Action, Forbidden Legend, A New Source of Stalhrim and Civil War questline. I've killed the whole village out of frustration at least 6 times, Fast traveled out of the area and came back. Main Quest, Imperial Legion, College of Winterhold, Dawnguard Questline – Volikhar Vampires, Lost to the Ages, Dragonborn Main Quest, A New Source of Stalhrim, Unearthed, Durnehviir, Discerning the Transmundane, The Black Star, all Blades quests, Paarthanax (kill him). A new source of stahlrim bug I'm trying to get the Stahlrim Crafter achievement, thing is Baldor is still in town, and Fanari / Deor are not having interactions. This page was last modified on 18 February 2014, at 13:15. Has anyone else had this issue with this particular trophy? The Ebony Smithing perk is also required to craft Stalhrim items . New source of stalhrim . There are 10 deposits that can be mined with an Ancient Nordic Pickaxeto yield three pieces each, resulting in 30 total pieces. Same issue here.

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