I don't guess that hubby is whole-hog with the crazies' theories, not totally on their bandwagon, because he said 'they' were saying to fill your gas tanks, and load up on other survivalist supplies, like any and all ammo you can find. Copy, copy, copy… Unfortunately, he knows what it means when he hears the bottle being shaken, followed by me coming into “his” room to steal him away to the bathroom for the twice daily fight of take this medicine! So. Yesterday. BSN Prerequisite Courses BSN GPA Worksheet 4-year college or university and out-of-state students should work closely with an adviser at the school you are currently attending. All the best. Ted-Good luck with the mailbox! I applied to UW BSN traditional program as well as the community college Spring ADN program as a backup. Good luck to everyone! It’s so competitive. With access to innovative practice labs and technology, interprofessional simulations, world-class researchers and faculty, WSU provides you with the solid foundation to begin your career. By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. We've ALWAYS had PO Boxes. After work stopped by the library and the grocery store. Can some moderator/administrator type person merge our threads together?!? If/when I "fail", I'm STILL quite good the "Old School" way. I work in registration! Morning! I'm hoping social distancing and masks are keeping the numbers down. Here you find information most relevant to currently enrolled students. And could she be self-sabotaging? Yes, COVID has nuts around here. J22 and Amo-hope things are going well for you. Please take a look around, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, let us know. I always liked when my patients had a midline, maybe because of working with cardiac patients who were edematous or on coumadin, and placing their third or fourth IV was challenging. . https://www.washington.edu/students/reg/2021cal.html#QS Can reasonably assume Spring 2022 will end thereabouts. (Even with the more tough sticks!) Stars - hate to say this, but choc peanuts are sooooo WRONG for step-dtr. There has already been decent movement on the waitlist! I do a lot of drug math at work already. So far, step-dgt is feeling better, and her 'appetite' allowed her to be eating M&M chocolate covered peanuts when she was talking on the phone with her daddy this morning. Tweety glad work has been better, hope things don't get too crazy with Covid, Ted it takes quite a bit of skill to put in those types of line. And there's no change in her dgt, who still feels "OK". As the largest College of Nursing in the state, UW-Milwaukee partners with over 160 clinical agencies to prepare graduates as beginning generalists in a variety of settings. I recently realized that the BSN as a two-year program isn't really "a year longer", more like 6 months longer. I don't know how high your number is, but I hope the movement has encouraged you and made you feel more positively about the ABSN! Good morning to all! feeling stung and angry! 4. This guide provides a list of hospitals providing structured programs for new BSN’s. . Has 4 years experience. LOL! Tweety, It is good to hear that once in a blue moon, you'll be a witness to, and participant in, having a sufficiently staffed and "Q" shift. For anyone who may be wondering, the BSN received 574 complete applications this year for 80 spots. The National Guard showing up to Washington like it's a war zone instead of a celebration of Democracy. Stars, so sorry that covid visited your GD. Currently, New York has approximately 50 RN to BSN programs being offered around the state. Peace! So that was good news for her. Work is busy. The guide is organized alphabetically by state. I like to review when I've had my episodes of AFIB and what the rates were. Did you have to use a pick-axe? Thanks! amoLu, Hospice is a great organization, but it seems that they have different criteria from one state to another. Read our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies to learn more. LOL!) Tomorrow. All the nursing and rest-homes here-abouts are gommed-up with Covid, so there is no Nannie-Camp for respite. I actually think it's going to get worse before it gets better. Some rain expected the next few days, hoping it will dissolve all the ice. They said we could hear back about ABSN program acceptance up to a week from the start of class! , I hope all is well with everyone, and that all have a pleasant day today. Of course, Practice Makes Perfect. I'm nearly half-way through my vacation and I haven't done that yet. All in all, though, life is good. So, life is about to get even better! I gotta admit!! I also applied for the 2 year. Hey guys. Nannie isn't on her last legs physically, so there's no doctor saying whether she has 6 months-to-a-year left to her life, which seems to be a watermark for Hospice services. He said it was a bunch of MAGA-people. . Sorry about that – I am used to semester format, so I forget.

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