Therefore, the list of African surnames here consists of Yoruba as well as Igbo last names. 3. Most popular middle names for baby girls. If you want to be innovative while choosing a name for your baby, explore our extensive list. Nina baseSiweni, kwaMpuku yakwaMselemusi, kwaNogwence webaya! Overall, the names that have made it into the top 10 list have a positive meaning. Southern African names include those from Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The county has several tribes, and these names vary from one tribe to the other. More boys were born in 2017 than girls. SOUTH AFRICAN SURNAMES - A PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY a listing of who is interested in which South African families. Here are common Egyptian last names. More Filters This complex background makes summing up African naming traditions in a few paragraphs very difficult. Africans are further divided into numerous tribes, sub-tribes, and clans, which is evident from their cultural diversity. Gavin Wood and Felix February shares more about the idea behind the Slave Calendar that explores the history of surnames of Capetonians. The country has about 42 tribes. South african last names starting with R Egypt is one of the countries in the northern part of Africa. Here are some of them with their meanings. African last names have reflective and unique meanings. Nigeria has numerous tribes, including the Igbo and Yoruba people. African last names or surnames have deeper meanings than many think. You are bound to meet people with unique and popular South African names! Leballo Lebusa Lekoelea Lekota Mahao Mahlasela Majoro Makwetla Mangoaela Mbeki Modise Moeketsi Mohapi Mokitimi Mokoena Mopeli Mothopeng Mutsi Ngoepe Nkoli Tsutsulupa Tutu There are plenty more of them, though. Southern African names include those from Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Prinsloo is an Afrikaans surname. South African last names have a totally unique story. Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world’s most comprehensive DNA database. Ethiopian surnames are popular among the natives of that particular country. Dlamini was the most common surname for both sexes followed by Nkosi and Ndlovu. Tel +27-12-991-1772 (H), +27-11-350-5291 (W), +27-11-350-2001 (Fax) Below you will find. This tells you why Nigerian surnames are completely different from those from South Africa. Pages in category "Afrikaans-language surnames" The following 138 pages are in this category, out of 138 total. South Africa boasts a variety of cultures, traditions and languages, and parents often choose to name their children according to these distinctions. Here are some unique South African surnames. Africa which is the third largest continent in the world has their own cultures and beliefs which also differs among the tribes and nations in Africa.One of the easiest ways to identify the origin of every African is through the names they bear, the name of each individual that is from Africa has a way of linking to his or her African origin. Abara – Spirit; Abdullahi – One who follows God or is the servant of God; Abiola – One of the Yoruba last names, which means born in honour and wealth Kids who bear warrior names usually grow with a strong character demonstrating strength, vigour, courage, and exceptional ability to conquer certain life situations. 1110 penpals Top 100 South African names - South Africa See also first names from South Africa on : [] - Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. Names such as Mwanajuma “Friday”, Esi “Sunday”, Khamisi “Thursday”, and Wekesa “harvest time” refer to the time or day when the child was born. Stats SA also reported that slightly more male babies were born in the last two decades. Also known as Sesotho or Tswana. Abebe (Amharic origin) meaning "flower". Abara is a common last name in the Igbo community. Izithakazelo ZakwaZulu – Zulu Surnames & Zulu Clan Names List. Last names come from indigenous, colonialist and diasporic roots. African American surnames have also gained popularity. A report revealed by Statistics South Africa has unveiled the most popular names for babies in the country for last year. List of how Nigeria's 36 states got their names is out, Akwa Ibom is a river, Latest ENTERTAINMENT & Celebrity news in Nigeria, African last names/surnames and their meanings, Hawaiian last names/surnames and their meanings →, We Lost N700 billion Naira COVID-19 Relief Funds Due To Fire Outbreak – Finance Minister, The Middle Belt Protest As Nnamdi Kanu Submitted The List Of States That Made Up Biafra Republic, President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown, Father Mbaka: I will Resign If My New Prophecy Fails For President Buhari On March 30th, The Igbos want Biafra, The North wants Igbo’s exit, The Yorubas want Igbo’s exit By Wole Soyinka. We have brought you the list of their surnames arranged in alphabetic order. Over several hundred years, borders have been made, changed and broken, making family history difficult to trace. Traditional African given names often reflect the circumstances at the time of birth. Here are some of the most common African American last names. From North Africa , South Africa or West Africa all the way down to East Africa traditional African last names forever remain the pride of the African. Every Ethiopian last name has a meaning. Nearly all South African girl names have a distinct story behind them. Here is a list of popular South African last names. Africa is the second-largest continent on earth with an equally large population. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Abioye (Yoruba origin) meaning "son of royalty". There you have it! Izithakazelo, or better still, Zulu clan names are the authentic African identity that all Zulus identify with. His full name was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Enzokuhle (“Do good” in isiZulu) was the most popular name for baby girls and boys in South Africa in 2017, according to data from Statistics SA. Ghana is another West African country known for its rich cultures. B: Bhebhe – Makhedama, Soyengwase, Nina bakaBhebhe kaMthendeka! Here are some of the surnames you will find in Kenya. Common African last names are a reflection of a person’s tribe. Dlomo weNdl’ ende! Wothappen online recently published an article on cool warrior names for boys and girls. It is believed that it came about because of the intermarriage between the coastal Bantus and the Arab travellers. Many African last names reference wealth and the aristocracy. From the time of the day and season the child was born to the surrounding factors at the time of birth, several factors could influence the way mothers choose names. Names are of huge significance in the continent and that is why some cultures go as far as having naming ceremonies where families officially name their children in the presence of other people. Zulu clan names are the African identity of the Zulu people of South Africa. 4. Surely you've heard of some South African surnames, but you may be surprised to see surnames in this list that you didn't know were so common in a country like South Africa. Nigerian last names. 2. Variant spellings include Prinzloo and Prinslo. 5. 8 months ago read comments by Tiffany Akwasi. Here are some of the most common African surnames and their meanings. Precious; Princess; Angel; Blessing; Faith; Hope; Grace; Pretty; Amahle; Luthando; Most popular surnames for babies in South Africa. During the naming process, parents tend to confine themselves within cultural lines. Let’s face it; there’s definitely no shortage of strange names or even surnames in South Africa. What happened in Nigeria yesterday, today breaking news, news today 2020, Asuu news, Buhari News, welcome to Linda Ikeji's blog. Nigeria has numerous tribes, including the Igbo and Yoruba people. Most Popular African Last Names on FamilyEducation: Ba, Ballo, Diallo. READ ALSO: Cool warrior names for girls and boys. Apply this search to the user-submitted names, the letters in the pattern are compared to the letters in the name, search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes, this field understands simple boolean logic, force a term to be included by preceding it with a, force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a, sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations, syllables can only be counted in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names without pronunciations are excluded from results, the "relationship" is how the name relates to its parent name. Afrikaner names are mostly Dutch, but are often slightly different from modern Dutch names. The large number of Turkish immigrants to Germany accounts for the frequency of Turkish surnames. The indigenous African last names and surnames are meaningful, reflective, and unique. Facts and Life Hacks. Apart from a significant fraction of the northern section of Africa, most people on the continent are black. These are some of the most famous African last names you will come across. Statistics South Africa recently announced that Gauteng continues to record the largest share of South Africa’s population, with approximately 15, 2 million people (25, 8%) living in this province. Hence the surnames are favorable as first names, too. Let’s take an examples of one of the most popular last names in Africa, the former South African president Nelson Mandela. See also about African names . Abara (Igbo origin) meaning "spirit". Walter V. Volker, PO Box 37672, Faerie Glen, 0043, South Africa. Surnames provide a great bridge to the family’s past because they are passed from generation to another. If you want to see warrior-like traits in your children, it would be imperative to choose the right names. Nelson is a western name, Rolihlahla is an African name and Mandela is derived from his clan, Madiba. This is why you hardly see an African man bearing a Western name as his last name. 100 Popular Indian Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region 250+ Country Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings 250+ Southern Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings Achebe (Igbo origin) meaning "the Goddess protects". Surnames; South African last names If you're here, it's because you've decided to look up the 200 most common surnames in South Africa. Here is a list of Ghana last names. Like most African countries, South Africa has many tribes. Swahili is a language commonly spoken in Kenya and Tanzania. See also about African names. The name is derived from the dutch word Prins (meaning prince), and a loo suffix meaning clearing in the forest. Kenya is a country on the eastern side of the African continent. The country has about 90% Muslims and 10% Christians. As such, someone’s name is likely to tell you more about his country of origin and tribe. Here are some of the most beautiful African names and what they mean. List of African Last Names South Africa Surnames. Most of the surnames of the Brazilian population have a Portuguese origin, due to Portuguese colonization in the country (it is estimated that 80% of the Brazilian population has at least one Portuguese ancestor), while other South American countries were largely colonized by the Spanish. From Johanna Susanna to Janneman and so forth, South Africans have the … Brazil. News South Africa Facts and Life Hacks. There are some French and German influences as well, and some other cultural influences too, including some African languages, but the vast majority have their roots in the Dutch language used at the time. Short explanations of commonly used abbreviations and of column headings, An overview of how the database has grown, and A short German poem on the topic of genealogy. Spoken in the southern countries of Africa, especially Lesotho and Botswana. Nina bakaSoqubel’ onjengegundwane! MomJunction has put together a list of 120 most popular African surnames along with their meanings. The article gives several names to choose from. Therefore, the list of African surnames here consists of Yoruba as well as Igbo last names. Share This Post On WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Telegram ⬇️. Discover the ethnic origin and meaning of last names. Image: Pretoria, South Africa. RAJKOOMAR Mauritian Creole, South African 1. South Africa, like the name suggests, is a country on the southern side of the continent. Check below for common Swahili surnames. South Africa is home to 58 million registered people from 9 tribes and they speak 11 languages.

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