Following analyzer set-up, an initial verification Length of lever arm -1 m 2. Calibration of dynamometer type wattmeter using phantom loading UPF Cycle-2 6. Refer to the LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module Algorithm References manual for information about algorithms implemented in the Control Design and Simulation Module and their corresponding references. TIME BASE: – It is used to generate sawtooth voltage which it is applied to The field of Industrial Control Technology has been completely revised. To Study various Temperature Measuring Instruments and to Estimate their Response Process control lab manual 1. Measurements Manual LabVIEW Measurements Manual July 2000 Edition ... performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Engineering metrology is the measurement of dimensions: length, thickness, diameter, taper angle, flatness, profiles, etc. PB value of 110%, I value of 0 seconds, and D value of 0 seconds in FIC-101 control loop is entered. traceability (see Chapter 18) is defined in terms of uncertainty. Moisture Measurement & Control From Lab To Line CCS-3000 ... technology for harsh environment process measurement and precise product control. 3.The MV is gradually tune, so that the level measurement, PV matches the set point at 50%. In engineering, there are various stages during which inspection and measurement is required. Measurement of alignment using Autocollimator / Roller set ... supervise and control … Kelvin’s double bridge 2. The warranty provided herein does not cover damages, defects, ... Introduction to Measurement Chapter 1 What Is Measurement and Virtual Instrumentation? 4.Put the FIC-101 control loop into "Auto" mode. Students must record their experimental values in the provided tables in this laboratory manual and reproduce them in the lab reports. It may be important to do this initial set-up and testing at the main office or laboratory facility (see Section 11.1.3) before taking the equipment to the site. no longer supports Internet Explorer. The Laboratory Manual is a reference manual for ORA laboratory personnel and supporting units. Each section was divided into 6 groups of up to 4 students. ]j�. Errors of measurement. Anderson’s bridge 4. FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA LABORATORY MANUAL ECW341 – WATER ENGINEERING LABORATORY Page 1 COURSE WATER ENGINEERING LABORATORY COURSE CODE ECW341 LEVEL OF OPENNESS 1 CATEGORY PARTIALLY OPEN DEGREE OF OPEN ENDED 33% PERIOD OF ACTIVITY 1 WEEK LAB NO 4.1; TITLE MEASUREMENT … Key words Note: Health laboratories, in this handbook, is a term that is meant to be inclusive management, laboratory sample transport, laboratory purchasing and inventory, laboratory assessment, laboratory customer service, occurrence management, process improvement, quality essentials, laboratory process control, clinical laboratory, ISO 15189. ORA Laboratory Manual. Strain gauge torque sensor module. Laboratory Hypothesis: We can identify the material a regular cube shaped object is composed of based on its density. To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to upgrade your browser. process control instrumentation lab and labview report 1. (b) Todetermine the static sensitivity of the torque sensor Apparatus 1. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. 7 - 12 3. Inductance Measurement by General four-arms’s bridge network method. Scheringbridge 3. 3 calibration and testing of single phase energy meter. ��ŜR�s����TF�9'7Qrk7k�qR�5A��c�|ǩ����qr�Q�3<6&ڜ1��`��2B�~�Ԕ���h�9�pZV��3��[����ַ�M|��41�R�ƃ1������CL�9ìP�\? Equipment sets 86 Keywords 92 Symbols and abbreviations used in this catalogue: Experiment manuals contained Software contained Accessory required Telephone: +44 (0) 1892 653322, Fax: +44 (0) 1892 663719. assurance and quality control of measurements in analytical laboratory. CHE239 - Lab Report Manual Control : Flow Measurement Control System (2016), CHE239 - Lab Report Simulation : Automatic Flow Control System (2016), CISE 302 Linear Control Systems Laboratory Manual. '���h��m5*�����/����6-C5�+���IЊ?xfI�}K��*­(B_�����]g߹�l|� Reports are integral to recording the methodology and results of an experiment. ... can be used for automatic data reduction or for the control of the proce ss. 01 TITLE: Study of Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature processes and construction of the P&I diagrams in accordance with ISA guidelines /standards DATE OF EXPERIMENT OBJECTIVE: A) TO UNDERSTAND AND … This Laboratory Manual for Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application, by James M. Fiore is copyrighted under the terms of a Creative Commons license: This work is freely redistributable for non-commercial use, share-alike with attribution Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. INSTALLATION LOCATIONS ... define gauge and measurement parameters, and set-up and configure up to 50 different product codes. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. This workbook explains and illustrates the basic shall not be liable for any delay in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control. DELAY LINE: – It is used to delay signal for sometime in the vertical section. ��j�����h��a$ EE6511---CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY LAB MANUAL. Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation (EE-323-F) LAB MANUAL(V SEM ECE) Page 4 VERTICAL AMPLIFIER:-This is a wide band amplifier used to amplify signal in the vertical section of the signal. These advantage of the electronic LAB MANUAL INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS IV B. T ech I Semester ... Study and use of seismic pickup for measurement of vibration amplitude of an engine bed at various loads. iii. September 10, 2013 EE380 (Control Lab) IITK Lab Manual 0.2 Past status of Control Systems Laboratory Up to the August – December semester of 2008 EE380 had 4 sections of up to 24 students. Multimeter Specifications 1. 4 Basic Lessons in Laboratory Quality Control Foreword Achieving quality in the medical laboratory requires the use of many tools. Measurement of angle using Sine Center / Sine bar / bevel protractor 3. A Laboratory Manual for Mechanical Measurements& Metrology (2141901) 4th Semester ... Methods of measurement based on agreed units and standards. Open this manual by navigating to the labview\manuals directory and opening CD_User_Manual.pdf. 4 calibration dynamometer type of power factor meter. Introduction: Metrology means science of measurement. 1 3 ammeter and 3 voltmeter method. Tech IV Year - I Semester DEPARTMENT OF ... measurement. 2014 PROCESS CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION LAB MANUAL OF EIE DEPARTMENT BY K HARIKRISHNA CENTURION UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 2. Study of resistance temperature detector for temperature measurement. REGULATION - 2013 SYLLABUS EE6511 CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY OBJECTIVES: To provide knowledge on analysis and design of control system along with basics of instrumentation ... 7 Measurement of pressure using Transducer 8 Calibration of Single Phase Energy Meter 13 - 17 4. Control & Instrumentation Principles Reference Manual 33-033 Feedback Instruments Ltd, Park Road, Crowborough, E. Sussex, TN6 2QR, UK. OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING OM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT . Section 7 Final Control Devices 153 7.1 Control Valves 155 7.2 Actuators 161 7.3 Control Valve Specifications 162 Section 8 Process Control 167 8.1 Fundamentals 169 8.2 … Each measurement … Appendix at the end of this lab manual contains accuracy data for most instruments you will use), but the best way to assess the accuracy of a measurement is to compare with a known standard. ME- 318 E MEASUREMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION LAB L T P Credit --- --- 2 1.0 List of Experiments: 1. 2013 Geotechnical Engineering Manual Geotechnical Engineering Section . �K�3Œ�e3��d�\G�(�;��d����A�;Z&��Bd2Bp�"��@d����*�"V,��� �qH.ʐ�-�g&�NJ��1ۡ�����9��~���]y�yY>�������Q���N�� ���Cv���)�>�@�imҡ��wk7�]ܬ�b�gn��]�A-}m��r4I�� �ӷ��G'��E~��I��,�*[X�����3����v��Z�;��T�Й#�A^�|����L7�o�|��>����5q�d�'=0s�*��\���}%�ަ�� Note that the concept of . CALIBRATION OF PRESSURE GAUGES . The MoistTech Software package is easy to EXPERIMEN T NO. Calibration of thermistor for temperature measurement. Measurement, Control & Laboratory Equipment Regulatory Services. Eurofins' international network of electrical and electronics (E&E) laboratories offers accredited testing, inspection and certification services for measurement, control & laboratory (MCL) equipment for compliance with European, US, Canadian and other global markets. 2.Adjusted the set point to 50% while the control loop is in "Manual" mode. CALIBRATION OF TORQUE MEASUREMENT CELL Aim (a) To calibrate the torque sensor by plotting the graph o/p v/s input moment. Calibration and testing of single phase energy meter 5. 11 Study and calibration of McLeod gauge for low pressures . In the end of this purpose is that laboratory must provide to consumers some analytical data with known quality (acceptable). Use both a standard ruler and a Vernier caliper and recored the uncertainties in your calculations. For this situation, it may be possible to calibrate the balances with a standard mass that is accurate INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY MANUAL 10 3. The Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature Process Learning Systems introduce students to a wide range of industrial processes, as well as to their instruments and control devices. Measurement of power by 3-voltmeter and 3-Ammeter methods 7. 5). 3. These include procedure manuals, maintenance schedules, calibrations, a quality assurance program, training and quality control. Experiment: Determine the volume of ten different polyhedra supplied in the lab. 3. Apart from an optimised, pneumatic instrumentation, the CASSY LAB 2 integration is particularly helpful here. }!�EҔ�i*:�*#ϼKA�m�>?��5`w���RJCz�P�[ᬄ˹�� ���~R=U��׶��90b! SVIST-ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS LAB MANUAL Page | 3 LIST OF EXPERIMENTS Cycle-1 1. CENTURION UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT A L L U R I N A G A R , P A R A L A K H E M U N D I . LAB MANUAL B. LAB MANNUAL OF MEASUREMENT & INSTRUMENTATION LAB (ME- 318E) DEPTT. A set of weights. 2 anderson’s bridge . 2. how to take measurement with the help of vernier caliper. Introduction. The monitor should be assembled and set up according to the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. It also helps to co-ordinate the functions of quality control, production, purchasing and Moisture Measurement & Control From Lab To Line Online NIR Moisture Sensor Moisture Near Infrared Measurement Food ... non- contact measurement of many products and ... display and control coating weight, sheet and film thickness, oil, protein and other elements that absorb NIR. tory quality systems, which requires a radiochemical testing laboratory to report with each result its associated measurement uncertainty (NELAC, 2002, ch. Metrology and Measurement Laboratory Manual IV Semester B.E. Minnesota Department of Transportation

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