Barrel Bayou Bonus 1. Lava Lagoon is the second level set inside a cargo hold of a shipwreck, the first being Lockjaw's Locker. From here, Diddy and Dixie can jump out the water to collect the Golden Feather floating in the alcove above. If the heroes continue to the east from here and make their way to the other side of the water area, they come along some more large crates and past a lone Klampon. Map Icons. As they travel through the water, with the help of the Clapper who can cool it down, they approach the letter K and some bananas in a few small alcoves. Link. A Blast Barrel is also located at the end of this hidden room to blast the heroes out of the water before it burns them. Let’s just check this simple deck If the Kongs instead follow the arrow, they make their way up through another long, straight passage with bananas around it. It is full of bright red lava, which harms Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong if they touch it. Once they reach the top, Diddy and Dixie must continue right. As they journey through the passage, they reach a Puftup, a Flotsam, and a Banana Bunch, which is placed in a corner. There are a few Invincibility Barrels, which temporarily protect the Kongs from being hurt by the lava. A hidden area can be accessed if they swim through the crates to the right of the Clapper, and it holds several bananas, an Invincibility Barrel, and a DK Coin. After they pass the foes, they make their way up a passage that take them to some large crates and barrels positioned above the surface of the water. The Kongs are required to use Enguarde to obtain the photograph. Once the primates make their way to the other end of the water area, they reach a few more large boxes that they can walk on. There is a Clapper placed after the pits, and the heroes can bounce on the helper to cool down a nearby area of water. Rool's Keep,the thirty-third level inDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Questandthe thirty-second level in Donkey Kong Land 2. A DK Barrel and some bananas float above this pit. Lagoon is an Easy map created by bubblegum27680. The Kongs must quickly swim to the next area before the water returns to boiling. A summarized version of this story can be read below. The hotel is situated in a lava bud area, making the views breathtaking. As the duo swims through here, they come towards a Lockjaw and a Flotsam, who both guard an Animal Barrel with Enguarde in it. Squawks's Shaft Bonus 2. The Kongs begin the level under a DK Barrel on a pile of large crates and barrels. Mainbrace Mayhem. A No Animal Sign is in this area; once it is passed, Enguarde disappears, and the heroes are awarded with a red Extra Life Balloon. At the start of the level, go past the first seal. Physical samples are recommended and available through your local HON dealer. Bonus: FIND THE TOKEN Use the timed barrels and blast from barrel to barrel. To the right of Clapper is a gap which Diddy and Dixie can pass through. Mealsmith at Botanist and Barrel, Cedar Grove, NC; August 2, 2020: Join Botanist and Barrel from 1 pm - 5 pm as they welcome Street Fair Food Truck (Mardi Gras Eats). The Kongs begin the stage on some large crates and barrels with a small pit ahead of them that is full of hot water. As they swim through here, they reach some Flotsams and a Puftup, along with a Banana Bunch in a small alcove. If they continue upwards from here, they reach the surface of the water, where they can find two large barrel platforms with a Blast Barrel on one of them. If they continue through the water from here, they soon reach a Banana Bunch in a small alcove and a passage leading upwards, where the heroes can find some large crates above the surface of the water that hold a Klampon. As they swim through the underwater area, they head down through a wide passage with a pair of Puftups in it. Lava Lagoon is the eighth level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the third level in Krem Cauldron. 일본에선 "슈퍼 동키콩 2: 딕시 & 디디" 라는 제목으로 발매되었고, 북미에선 "동키콩 컨트리 2: 디디의 콩 퀘스트" [3] 라는 제목으로 발매되었으며, 이후 gba 이식판에서는 부제를 땠다. There are many Clapper the Seals that appear throughout the level, and the Kongs can jump on them to temporarily cool the lava into water. After the Star Barrel, the Kongs must continue swimming in the water. Rather than go in the barrels, we use the hook and the kannon kroc to take a much more direct route. Alcoves are also scattered throughout the area, and they contain bananas and a Banana Bunch. From the right corner of the platform, the Kongs must perform. At the end of the path, the Kongs and Enguarde stumble upon a Puftup blocking the entrance into an enclosed space with the No Animal Sign and level exit. They eventually reach a group of bananas shaped like an up arrow. Mainbrace Mayhem Bonus 1. Squawks's Shaft Bonus 1. After the seal cools down the water, they can safely swim through it. As they swim through the wide, underwater area, they come past a few Flotsams and some bananas. The Kongs' objective is to defeat ten enemies within 35 seconds: six of them are Puftups and four are Flotsam. The prizes include either a Banana Bunch, Banana Bunch Coin, or a Red Balloon. After the letter G, the Kongs must continue swimming up to find the last Clapper of the level. This is because taking Enguarde past the No Animal Sign decrements the enemy counter for unknown reasons. The letter N is placed right next to the last banana, just before the gap leading back down to the main path. There are two passages to the right of this arrow; the passage on the top leads to a Flotsam, while the other leads to a Puftup, another Flotsam, and a Banana Coin. Lava Lagoon - Coin 8 Head down, just right of the fourth Clapper (seal), and once you get past the Save/Continue barrel, the is an invincibility barrel, and a hidden corridor area nearby. If the primates head west through the underwater area, they make their way past some bananas and Puftups. 동키콩 컨트리의 후속작. Bramble Blast Bonus 1. After he his hit he will fly upwards and the Kongs must climb up a ways to reach him. Enguarde appears at the start of the Bonus Level for the Kongs to ride, because they cannot defeat the enemies without Enguarde. We’re in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 5, which means that there are brand new challenges for you to tackle in order to level up and get cool new gear. In the water, the Kongs encounter Flotsams, Lockjaws, and Puftups (who first appear in the level). Iceland's Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in the southwest of the country. There are some large crates, one of which that holds a barrel, ahead of the sign, and the heroes must climb over it while dodging a single Click-Clack to reach a small gap and a DK Barrel. DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest Speed Run: Crocodile Cauldron - Level #09 - Lava Lagoon + Bonuses: 1 minute, 57 seconds.Only one bonuses room, so pretty easy. An Animal Barrel that contains Enguarde is southwest of here, and if the primates continue after passing the barrel, they come into an area full of Lockjaws. Find the Token! Lava Lagoon -13 frames faster. Dooty used the crouch-double jump trick to save time here. As they swim through this water, they come up to a DK Barrel and a few crates in the bottom-right corner of the area that they can swim through to find a hidden room with an animal crate containing Enguarde in it. These are given as rewards for completing bonus games that are accessed via bonus barrels. … After they pass the Flotsams, they makes their way upwards to the surface of another part of the water, where they can find more large crates that they can walk on. If you’ve never seen pictures of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, start Googling—just be prepared to buy a spur-of-the-moment flight to Reykjavik once you do! Once they drop into the gap, they can find a thin passage leading to the west that is full of Click-Clacks. Soon, they can find a passage leading to the surface of the water. After they pass the two enemies, they reach a No Animal Sign that makes Enguarde disappear when crossed. However, there is a fairly long and comical prologue in the instruction manual, covering the events leading up to the beginning of the game. You will see a Klaptrap. Eventually, the Kongs make their way to the surface of the water, where they can find some large crates and barrels that they can walk on. If the heroes pass the sign with Enguarde, they are also given a Banana Bunch as a prize. Lava Lagoon - Part 9 Hey guys it's Thursday and here comes another Donkey Kong 2 walkthrough video with the annoying level Lava Lagoon.

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