HL students submit 15 screens which examine and compare at least three artworks, objects or artifacts, at least two of which need to be by different artists. In relation to my work In relation to my work 'The Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh 'The market gardens of Vaugirard' by Paul Gauguin 'Irises' by Vincent van Gogh The presence of dark colours throughout my artworks is quite similar to the artworks of van Gogh. COMPARATIVE STUDY PROPOSAL.pptx. At this point in your IB course your theme can be broad and cover a wide range of subject matter (NATURE, MAN MADE, FASHION, BEAUTY etc) but it needs to be personally linked to you the artist. L3 CREATIVE MEDIA. It is an investigation that strikes a balance between written and visual content. This is one of the hardest parts of the IB DP Visual Arts Curriculum to teach so please feel free to contact me with any q See more ideas about visual art, study, teaching art. Marksheet. It must be saved as a PDF from a Google or Word document. Compare and contrast at least 3 artworks from at least 2 different artists of similar subject matter from 2 different cultures and (or) time periods. Deepa Mehta VS Zhang Yimou. International Baccalaureate Comparative Study requirements which includes a suggested formatting for students and tips and tricks from an experienced Comparative Study Examiner! 20 Screen Comparative Study . A Comparative Study in art is not an extended essay, it does not have to even be an essay. Admin. … WHAT DO I DO? Sample plan. Comparative Study- 20% of Exam [30 points(SL), 42 points(HL)].External Exam (assessed by IB). What is the CS? Nov 20, 2020 - Explore Pam Goss's board "IB COMPARATIVE STUDY", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. There is no prescribed format for this task, you just need to complete 10-15 slides that look a the work of 3 artworks from 2 different cultural contexts. Think about what interests you. taKE A SHOT EVERYTIME I SAY "basically" and "I talked about"....Hey y'all!! Practice comparative study. More. IB FILM. Visual arts Comparative study assessment criteria clarification ... comparative study submission are listed below, but in general teachers must remember that it is ... complete the marking of the work at face value and then refer the case to the IB following the examiner instructions. (They must be from different cultures). 15 screens referencing 3 artworks; 5 screens referencing how your artwork was influenced by the artwork in the first 15 screens ; It must be saved as a PDF ; Source Page. Visual arts guide External assessment 42 Mark Descriptor 0 The work does not reach a standard identified by the descriptors below 1–2 External assessment External assessment artworks, objects and artifacts examined in the comparative study, making adequate examined in the comparative study, making informed and meaningful connections Interview Questions. To create meaningful art an artist needs to find a theme or topic with which they have a strong personal link. A … 2018 examples. Checklist Comparative Study.pdf. ccl.comparative_study.pdf: File Size: 6401 kb: File Type: pdf Mr. Chad's IB Art Room Putting together the Comparative Study Formal requirements of the task—HL .

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