How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian: Making of Season Two, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+, The Mandalorian | Season 2 Official Trailer | Disney+, The Mandalorian | New Season Streaming Oct. 30 | Disney+, Season 1 Recap | The Mandalorian | Disney+, "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian" Episode Guide, "Chapter 5: The Gunslinger" Episode Guide, Season 2 Recap Sizzle | The Mandalorian | Disney+, Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide, Life-Size Baby Yoda! [80][91][92] She said: "I literally think that he had forgotten that it's not a real-live creature and he had fallen in love with it. [5] Jeanne Cavelos, former NASA astrophysicist and author of The Science of Star Wars, also believes Grogu demonstrates intelligence beyond his years, noting his awareness and empathy toward beings even when their faces or bodies are covered completely, as well as his ability to recognize injury in others and attempt to repair it. [5] In his time with Djarin, Grogu devoured frogs,[5][10] unfertilized frog eggs, a spider egg,[15] a creature with tentacles, and cookies. On their way out of the city, Elsbeth’s main enforcer, Lang, asked what Grogu was, to which Djarin simply replied he kept him around for luck. [18], After the Imperial forces were forced to retreat, Gideon ordered that a squad of dark troopers be sent to apprehend Grogu by force. [7][60] The first two official dolls of Grogu released were a 10-inch Funko figurine and an 11-inch plush toy from Mattel,[175] which began shipping in February. By the time Djarin spotted Boba Fett exiting the ship, Grogu had begun to meditate, creating an aura around himself, blocking Djarin from reaching him. They seek help from the hidden Mandalorian tribe, but it is revealed the Imperials wiped out the tribe after they revealed themselves in "Chapter 3: The Sin". Grogu accompanies the Mandalorian during his search for other Mandalorians who could help him find the former's people: the Jedi. As an example, Glover cited the excitement generated by the sudden releases of surprise albums by singer and songwriter Beyoncé. Biographical information [11] During filming, the director of each episode would communicate with Grogu's puppeteers to discuss what was happening in the scene, what emotions Grogu should express, and what actions the character should take. Grogu reached out to the image of this figure on a monitor on the bridge. [111][117] The Mandalorian feels a connection and parental bond with Grogu because of his own childhood, when he was orphaned upon the death of his parents and was adopted by the Mandalorian culture as a "foundling". [57][58] Grogu is capable of sitting up, crawling, walking and eating. The History of Grogu Explained- The Mandalorian™ For the past two seasons of The Mandalorian™, we’ve been following the galaxy-wide journey of the Child. Leave it. [60] Various celebrities have tweeted about the character, including Ariana Grande,[57] Elon Musk,[147] Dwayne Johnson, Russell Wilson, Alex Rodriguez,[143] and Donald Trump Jr.[148] Zach Vasquez of The Guardian wrote: "It's now practically impossible to scroll through any social media platform without being inundated with pics, videos, memes and gifs of the bug-eyed, big-eared tot. "[6] Favreau has credited Donald Glover as the source of that strategy. By JJ Rankin 14 hours ago. Green[2] [6], Djarin asked Dune to take Grogu with her while she and Karga escaped through the sewers to the Mandalorian covert. [12][73] There are several stand-in versions for Grogu used in filming in addition to the primary puppet. While the two were speaking, Grogu was left alone in the cockpit, and briefly attempted to play with the Razor Crest's controls, causing the ship to go out of control. Grogu was eventually held at a hideout run by Nikto mercenaries on Arvala-7 during the New Republic Era, having survived the siege of the Jedi Temple decades prior. "[60] Ice2Ice, a musician associated with the website The Ringer, released "Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song" on December 3, 2019, with the music based upon the song "Dear Theodosia" from the musical Hamilton. The finale of the season saw that Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves agree to rescue Grogu. [69], The character of Grogu was further developed in early conversations between Favreau and Filoni, the latter of whom drew a rough sketch of the character on cocktail napkins during the talks. Male[3] The Mandalorian episode "The Jedi" finally revealed Baby Yoda's real name and origin story! Here's what you need to know about our beloved Grogu. Sideshow Collectibles' The Child Prototype, Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, 'The Mandalorian's Jon Favreau On Remixing George Lucas' Classics In First Live-Action 'Star Wars' Series & Baby Yoda’s 'E.T. Grogu hid in a pot as the rumbling intensified. [165] On February 20, the United States Army revealed that a M1 Abrams tank belonging to the 3rd Infantry Division of Fort Stewart in Georgia had been named after Grogu, with the words "BABY YODA" printed on the barrel of its gun. Born in approximately 41 BBY,[1] during the era of the Galactic Republic,[7] the mysterious alien[9] known as Grogu was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and trained by several masters until the Jedi Order fell in the Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars. Grogu was initially hesitant to go with Skywalker until he saw his astromech droid, R2-D2 accompanying him, at which point he walked towards the droid and was picked up by Skywalker. [30], On December 12, 2019, a statue of Grogu was added to The Sims 4, following the ongoing release of The Mandalorian's first season. [13][14][15] The Mandalorian and a fellow bounty hunter droid, IG-11 (Taika Waititi), infiltrate a remote and heavily defended encampment on the planet Arvala-7 and find Grogu. [17], Grogu was a male alien who belonged to the same species as Grand Master Yoda. Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, goes off with Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian season 2 finale, "Chapter 16: The Rescue," so what does that mean for his future in … The leadership and marketing team at the Walt Disney Company was supportive of this strategy. However, Djarin chose not to leave Grogu with the Imperials and rescued him from the Imperial remnant facility. 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[36][39][40] Greef is so moved that he has a change of heart and informs the others about the trap. Lucasfilm. [67][121][123] Fans speculated Grogu could be presenting a false personality or using the Force to manipulate people into caring about him to help ensure his survival. [6][7] He is 50 years old during the events of The Mandalorian, but still appears to be an infant because of the pace at which that species matures. As a result, toys and merchandise of the character were not available in time for the 2019 Christmas season, despite a high demand for them. Grogu and Peli are briefly abducted by a bounty hunter named Toro Calican (Jake Cannavale), whom the Mandalorian kills. Spoilers for 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Episode 8: 'Chapter 16- The Rescue' It was not the ending 'The Mandalorian' fans saw coming. In mid-2017, shortly after Favreau pitched The Mandalorian to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, she suggested he meet with Dave Filoni, who had co-created several Star Wars animated series. Upon arriving there, Djarin left Grogu in his side pocket and headed into a small cantina. [162] Grogu was also parodied in the December 14, 2019 episode of Saturday Night Live. It was difficult to see Mando and Grogu part but it’s what’s best… for now. Djarin eventually woke up, attempting to reach Grogu once more to no avail, then instead joining Fett and Shand in defence of the child. Djarin asked Grogu to do his job, with some confusion as to how the process worked due to his lack of understanding of the Force. Content approaching. After Gideon's escape with Grogu, Fett and Shand agreed to help Djarin rescue Grogu. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. As the spectators hurried out of the stadium, Djarin activated his whistling birds, prompting Grogu to close his cradle. Once on the bridge the ship was boarded by dark troopers who made their way to the blast doors protecting the bridge and began to break them down. [44][45][46] He does not reveal why he wants Grogu, but says he "means more to me than you will ever know". So cute, so interesting, so compelling. [99][173][174] Official soft goods such as T-shirts were the first to be made available because they were the easiest to produce. [5], Eventually, Djarin got the assistance of the local Ugnaught farmer Kuiil to try to convince the Jawas to give back the parts peacefully. Several toys of Grogu were announced American International Toy Fair in New York City in February 2020,[178][179] most notably a nearly life-sized animatronic Grogu toy by Hasbro, which moves, blinks, and makes sounds like the actual character. Djarin, alongside Grogu, would then travel across the galaxy, searching for the few remaining Jedi who were left. Gideon then attacked Djarin with the Darksaber upon him picking up Grogu. Koresh, however, only wanted Djarin's beskar armor and turned on Djarin. [23] Despite the nickname, Disney was careful to refer to the character only as "The Child" in merchandising, and Jon Favreau told off Disney CEO Bob Iger for using the name Baby Yoda. Before discussing his deal with a Quarren captain, Djarin ordered some soup for Grogu, who was surprised when a small tentacled creature attacked him from the broth as he ate. [135], Not all reviews of Grogu were positive. Baby Grogu is off on a new adventure to become a Jedi, which means he will soon need his own lightsaber. Grogu (colloquially known as "Baby Yoda" among fans and the media) is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian. However, performing this feat was very strenuous for Grogu as he subsequently fell unconscious for several hours afterward. Nevertheless, some writers have suggested viewers had been underestimating Grogu's capacity for evil because he is cute. Even the grip department, every production assistant is coming to the monitors, trying to see it. Grogu accompanied Djarin inside the planet’s capital, Calodan, as he asked the residents for information, and was present when Djarin “agreed” to find and kill Tano for the local Magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth, in exchange for a spear of pure beskar. After witnessing the reunion of Frog Lady and her husband, Grogu accompanied Djarin and the couple to a tavern. Luke Skywalker left the ship with Grogu to begin training him in the use of the Force.[8]. [21] The character was inspired by a sketch by executive producer Dave Filoni, and developed into a design by members of the art department. During the battle with the krayt dragon, Grogu watched from afar as Djarin eventually slew the dragon. "[58], Grogu was featured on the cover of the December 2019 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, along with the headline: "Baby Yoda represents the future of Hollywood". Grogu was taken to Sorgan, where he befriended a group of children. An online report conducting an analysis of which U.S. states responded most positively to Grogu, finding that interest in him was highest in Utah, and lowest in Mississippi. Acord recorded animals' noises at a wildlife rescue near San Diego,[77] and used recordings of a bat-eared fox and kinkajou to make the initial version of Grogu's voice. Djarin eventually gave up trying to retrieve Grogu to escape and left to confront the newly arrived ship. [50][52] She instructs the Mandalorian to seek out and deliver Grogu to the others of his kind, and that until this occurs, the Mandalorian and Grogu are a "clan of two", and that the Mandalorian will be like a father to him. Djarin considered leaving Grogu behind in the village where he could have a childhood. 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[159][160][161] The character was also mentioned in the December 2019 South Park episode "Basic Cable". As advised by former Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Djarin would eventually travel with Grogu to Tython, where he could reach out through the Force to find another member of his kind. The krayt dragon emerged and soon devoured the Tusken Raider, leaving the bantha. c. 41 BBY[1] In "Chapter 14: The Tragedy", the Mandalorian brings Grogu to said temple, where he begins meditating, creating a protective Force field around him. [Source]. [130][131], Several writers described Grogu as a pop culture phenomenon, particularly noting the adoration it had received from fans on social media. [7], The next morning, Tano tried to instruct Grogu by using the Force to move a stone, but he refused to follow her command. [6] Beyond the show, other writers have described the character as a key component in the success of Disney's rollout of the Disney+ streaming service. The rumbling turned out to be a krayt dragon that had been terrorizing the village of Mos Pelgo. Grogu was also being guarded by Niktos when he was found by Din Djarin in The Mandalorian pilot, many of whom typically work for the Hutt … "[108] Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk argued that parenting has been the subject of past Star Wars stories, but almost always during later stages of parenthood, rather than an infant in early developmental stages such as Grogu. He is an infant member of the same unnamed alien species as the Star Wars characters Yoda and Yaddle, with whom he shares a strong ability in the Force. [59], Despite his youth, Grogu demonstrates a considerable ability to use and manipulate the Force, such as when he lifts the large Mudhorn creature into the air in "Chapter 2: The Child",[18][61] and when he deflects the fire of an attacking stormtrooper's flamethrower back against him in "Chapter 8: Redemption". [7][12], Grogu first appears in the series debut, "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian", when the Mandalorian accepts a valuable commission from a mysterious man known only as "The Client" (Werner Herzog), who works for a remnant of the now-fallen Galactic Empire. Greef proposes that the Mandalorian help him kill the Client and eliminate the Imperial presence from the planet, and in exchange he and Grogu will be safe from any further reprisals from the Guild. The next day, the pair made it to the Razor Crest only to find it being scavenged by Jawas. [73][89][90] Chow said directing the scene between Herzog and Grogu in "Chapter 3: The Sin" was "one of the weirdest" moments of her career,[60][80][91] because he had so much affection for the puppet and was interacting with it like it was a living being. The Jedi entered the bridge and removed his hood to reveal himself as Luke Skywalker. [136] Rolling Stone writer Alan Sepinwall said the reveal of Grogu was a rehash of the appearance of Rotta the Hutt in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. "[7] Some critics noted that fandom for Grogu transcended age and experience, and that few fictional characters unite entire fan bases in the way Grogu had;[60][132] Anthony Breznican of Vanity Fair wrote: "In an era of bitter division on nearly all matters, there is seemingly unanimous adoration for this tiny alien creature. [6] Iger said if Grogu's design had been distributed for toys before the show's release, "it would have gone out to hundreds and hundreds of people, probably all over the world, and we didn't want to do that". That evening, she connected with Grogu through the Force, revealing his name and history to Djarin for the first time. [129] More official merchandise was expected to be released in early 2020. IG-11 then attempted to terminate the infant, but Djarin shot the droid before he was able to do so. [133] Some critics called Grogu one of the best and most lauded new Star Wars characters in recent memory,[107][130] while others said the character had made the Star Wars franchise relevant to an even wider range of audiences. Our precious is this being that we all end up taking care of in some way. Later, after crash landing on an ice planet to escape a New Republic patrol, Grogu yet again consumed an unknown number of eggs before Djarin stopped him again. The character's real name was not revealed until "Chapter 13: The Jedi", in which it is also explained that Grogu was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. [Spoiler]? Physical description During an emotional farewell, the Mandalorian removes his helmet to let Grogu see his face for the first time, and promises to meet him again. Spoilers Ahead . The final half of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 8 sees Mando, Fennec, Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves, and Cara Dune fight their way through Moff Gideon’s imperial cruiser to not only rescue Grogu, … c. 0.42 meters (16.5 inches)[4] [74], Misty Rosas, who delivered the motion capture performance for Kuiil, often held the Grogu puppet during her scenes in "Chapter 7: The Reckoning". [77] Acord also previously voiced Rotta the Hutt, the young Huttlet son of Jabba the Hutt, in the animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008). [5] Favreau believed part of the appeal of Yoda was that George Lucas deliberately kept his origins and details about the species mysterious, and Favreau believed that sense of mystery would extend to Grogu: "I think that's why people are so curious about this little one of the same species."[6][68]. The Mandalorian Fan Makes Baby Yoda Lightsaber Using Knob from the Razor Crest. [13], Realizing that the infant has been kidnapped and Kuiil was dead, IG-11 left the Razor Crest to fulfil his programming “to nurse and protect.” The Imperial scout troopers stopped at the outskirts of the city while they awaited orders from Moff Gideon, the Imperial leader that wanted Grogu in the first place. [15], While traveling sublight toward the planet, Grogu couldn't keep his eyes off Frog Lady's eggs, seeing them as just another snack instead of valuable cargo. He continued to live there for several weeks, and Grogu became extremely popular with the children, although they were not fond of his attempt to eat a Sorgan frog. Share Share Tweet Email. [18], Djarin, Fett, Shand, Dune, and Mayfeld soon went on a mission to discover the coordinates of Gideon's ship. [54] The group departs, and IG-11 sacrifices himself to destroy an entire squad of stormtroopers to protect Grogu. [139] Jeremy Gordon of The Outline called Grogu the "product of a merciless capitalist machine" intended primarily to generate merchandising revenue for Disney. Satisfied with the information, Djarin left Koresh to die and then left with Grogu. [15], Upon arriving on Trask, Djarin, Grogu, and Frog Lady managed to enter the planet's atmosphere, only to crash-land in the space port's harbor. While Baby Yoda's real name being Grogu is the biggest reveal from The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, the more important detail offered in "The Jedi" is his backstory. [8] Carolyn Giardina of The Hollywood Reporter said Grogu helped The Mandalorian not only achieve critical and commercial success, but also impact the cultural zeitgeist. [75], The Grogu puppet was popular on set with the show's cast and crew. [94][95] Pally joked about working with Grogu: "I gotta tell you, the truth is that Baby Yoda is a bit of a diva. Bringing Dune and Grogu with him, Djarin defeated the raiders with the help of Dune and the village. [5], Disney CEO Bob Iger said of Grogu: "The moment I laid eyes on the character, I had a strong feeling that it was going to connect with audiences. I never use that word, but he is a cute little guy. 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Solo: Which Had the Best Criminal Crew? Several[7]Luke Skywalker[8] Bo-Katan Kryze and Koska Reeves joined in the rescue mission, so that Bo-Katan could take the Darksaber from Gideon in combat. ", "Hasbro's first look at animatronic Baby Yoda will steal your heart", "Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian has a real name, Disney CEO says", "Disney CEO Was Told Off By Mandalorian Creator For Calling Child "Baby Yoda, "Baby Yoda's Popularity Widely Exceeded Disney's Expectations", "Bob Iger, J.J. 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