Witcher 3 Grandmaster Ursine Gear. This is a page about Grandmaster Ursine silver sword, a Witcher Item-tier weapon in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. To upgrade to the grandmaster Ursine Witcher set, talk to the Grandmaster Smith Lazare Lafargue in southern Beauclair to start the scavenger hunt quest (Blood and Wine expansion required). The Ursine Gear correlates with the Witcher School of the Bear. The final set of Witcher gear can only be found and crafted through the Blood & Wine … In … Completing this quest allows you to craft and use the grandmaster level of the school of the bear (ursine gear). Bonus for 3 pieces: When a Quen shield shatters, there is a chance a new one will be cast at no stamina cost. 2 Wraiths are guarding the ruins, they are both lvl 42. Source Ursine makes the game easier though especially if you combo it with the Arachas decoction and Protective Coating. 1 month ago. In patch 1.30 finding this diagram grants the quest (not that you need it to get the full set, but just in case). Donate; Donate premium membership; v2.1.0 I really appreciate the amount of support this mod is getting - can't thank you guys enough. This looks so sweet. Looks and feels heavier, but also has a better appeal to the eye. Giant centipedes Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. In the screenshots, attached below (as well as in the video guide), you can see the exact requirements of each one of the 6 components of this set. 0 A pair of chests holding each diagram are sitting across from the Place of Power monument. This diagram is found along with 2 others (silver sword and gauntlets) during the quest, Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear. Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine armor is a crafting diagram in Blood and Wine expansion that is needed to craft Grandmaster Ursine armor. Here's how to get it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. By talking to him, you’ll be able to start quests that help you get the: Manticore Armor; Grandmaster Wolven Armor; Grandmaster Griffin Set; Grandmaster Feline Armor; Grandmaster Ursine Set; He also sells all kinds of local armor and outfits, which is great if you want to cosplay a native Toussaintian. Grandmaster Ursine armor is a witcher armor which is part of the Bear School gear in the " Blood and Wine " expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Guide to Romance. Roughly crafting this set costed me ~20 000 on top of the materials I already had. The Grandmaster Ursine Armor Set is the highest tier of heavy Witcher armor. The bonus increases by 5% for each piece of the set. With the release of the 2nd expansion to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine, Geralt now has the ability to wear a higher tier of gear like the Grandmaster Ursine Set! FInd the red house which is sinking into the ground. Quests; Weapons; Armor; For Beginners; Abilities; Monsters; Items; Gwent; Message Board; Game8. The Grandmaster Ursine Gear is a heavy armor set that increases Armor, but reduces Stamina regeneration. Contents. During this quest you will find all six diagrams of Grandmaster Ursine Gear. If your style of game play revolves around dodging a lot and dealing lots of damage, go Feline. Light/Medium/Heavy Armor with ?? -Iron Bull, DA:I. If you found this guide useful, please leave feedback and share the article with others, so that it may help them too. Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear The Ursine Armor set is featured in my Powerful Combat Build video guide. As soon as Geralt enters the store of this armorer called Lafarque, he offers him a deal – Lafarque will provide the locations of the diagrams and the witcher has to find and bring them all to the grandmaster armourer. It’s the final version of the Bear School Gear, and it appeared in the Blood & Wine DLC. His passion for video games as well as his love for all things Star Wars are reflected in his news and in-depth guides available here! Find more Witcher Guides, Tutorials & Lore here: https://vulkk.com/category/witcher-guides/. How to Craft Grandmaster Ursine Armor To craft this item, you will need to acquire Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine armor, obtain the needed number of required Components, then visit a Craftsman with the required Type and Level, and pay the cost to craft it. User … Obtaining the Ursine diagrams takes only a few minutes. A giant centipede lvl 40 is guarding the location. schwarze2011 3 years ago #3. was about to make a … Grandmaster wolf colored black does indeed look quite well, all rounder armor, always liked it the most stat and functionality wise. RELATED: Witcher 3: How To Get The Grandmaster Ursine Armor. On the top of a hill, among ice and snow, guarded by an Ice Elemental, is the Legendary Ursine Silver Sword Diagram. Crafting diagram … To reach the chest, follow the bear markings on the stone walls in the cave. Video guide Quest Aerondight Sword; How to paint armor; ... Grandmaster Ursine Bear Armor (lvl 40) Grandmaster Ursine Bear Gauntlets (lvl 40) Search through the ruins of the red building – on the back side, near the canopy there will be pile of rocks. To find these diagrams, either speak with the Grandmaster armorer Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair to start the Scavenger Hunt quest for the Grandmaster Ursine Gear or check out the diagram locations we’ve added below. The Witcher 3 PS4 (CUSA05725/CUSA05572) – All Grandmaster Legendary Armor [NG+] Save [Complete Edition] ... Grandmaster Legendary Ursine (Bear) Grandmaster Legendary Griffin. With a New Game +, this diagram is replaced with the grandmaster legendary version. In the northern corner of the village, beneath a ruined building, lies the chest containing the diagrams for Grandmaster Ursine silver sword, Grandmaster Ursine armor, Grandmaster Ursine gauntlets and a journal. Geralt of Riva, the King of the north. Weight It adds a furry pauldron to the chest piece, like it had in the concept art. Inside the chest are the remaining 3 diagrams – Grandmaster Ursine trousers, Grandmaster Ursine steel sword, Grandmaster Ursine boots and another journal. The … The following is a walkthrough showing how to find the Grandmaster Ursine Armor (the best looking armor imo). This guide will help you start the quest for the Grandmaster Ursine (Bear School) armor set, obtain all the diagrams and craft the armor parts. We also have a detailed walkthrough to getting all of the Witcher Grandmaster ursine gear diagrams. https://witcher.fandom.com/wiki/Diagram:_Grandmaster_Ursine_armor?oldid=529792. The 2nd chest is in the north to north-east from the village, inside a cave. Find the entrance to the underground cave. I personally went with Griffin just because I think that set looks awesome, but in my second playthrough I'll probably go with Feline because of the bonuses. If you don't want to bother dodging, go Ursine. Grandmaster armorer location in Toussaint. Produces Meeting him triggers your quests to find the diagrams needed to make Grandmaster equipment. Grandmaster Ursine Armor Information Armor Specs. In general, we can say that light armor allows for quick, nimble movement that focuses on critical and fast attacks. Once each piece of gear has been collected, travel to the Master Armorer by Crow's Peach to build the gear. It is a Heavy Armor Witcher set for lvl 40 or higher (at the time of writing the guide, patch 1.21). The Grandmaster Armor is an awesome set to have in The Witcher 3. Grandmaster Ursine Armor is a Diagram in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that can be crafted by an Armorsmith. Otherwise I loved using both Ursine (bear) set grandmaster swords with Chest (love the look) changed to medium armor with enchanter from Hearts of Stone. Legendary Ursine Silver Sword. Medium armor increases Sign and Stamina regeneration and is, therefore, best for those seeking a mage build. It is part of a series of Scavenger Hunt quests given by Lafargue which concerns the obtainment of the grandmaster sets of witcher gear. Feline set has more DPS but Ursine armor provides higher damage resistance. As the only downside of the set could be named the color scheme. ... Find a chest. Witcher Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. User Info: schwarze2011. Start tracking the second part to reveal the location of the next three diagrams and let's be on our way. I had a very decent amount of all sorts of crafting materials (had completed absolutely all quests and looted all the Northern Kingdoms in Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone. - Fast and pleasant one – order it from Steel Mastery ;) You give us your specific measures and wishes - we make … With a New Game +, this diagram is replaced with the grandmaster legendary version. This guide will help you start the quest for the Grandmaster Ursine (Bear School) armor set, obtain all the diagrams and craft the armor parts. Last but not least, you can find some fancy horse gear in his shop – all the pieces have … As such, it is quite a tanky set capable of keeping Geralt well protected. Next to him, you will find your reward inside the chest, Diagram: Enhanced Ursine armor. The Ursine Armor set is featured in my Powerful Combat Build video guide. Legendary Manticore . The design has been altered with the community’s suggestions and demands. They are hidden in 2 different chests (3 in each one) located in the eastern regions of Toussaint. To upgrade your Ursine gear to grandmaster, you need the full mastercrafted set and the six grandmaster armor and weapon diagrams. So I made an amalgamation using different assets from different mods and created this (I of course have … I personally like it, but it could have been a little more monochrome and darker. You can learn about this quest by encountering grandmaster Zdravko in Beauclair during the Master Master Master Master! It’s just about a step up from the Mastercrafted version and provides a great boost of stats compared to the lower tiers. Location: Behind the alchemist's house, in the cave to the north … Tufo Vineyard Location: By the armor (see above) Statistics: Armor : 77; Adrenaline Point gain: +10%; Resistance to bludgeoning damage: +5%; Resistance from taking damage from monsters: +5%; Resistance to piercing damage: +5% ; Resistance to slashing damage: +5% ; Mastercrafted Ursine silver sword. It is a Heavy Armor Witcher set for lvl 40 or higher (at the time of writing the guide, patch 1.21). Read on for information about this weapon's components, its price and weight, how to craft and upgrade it, and other properties. Tier Grandmaster Ursine Armor is a Witcher gear set. You will complete the first part of the quest. This diagram is found along with 2 others (silver sword and gauntlets) during the quest, Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear. Grandmaster Legendary Wolven. Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine armor is a crafting diagram in Blood and Wine expansion that is needed to craft Grandmaster Ursine armor. There are two ways to get this set for you: - Long and hard one – go through a quest from Grandmaster Smith in southern Beauclair. As with other armors of this quality, you’ll need to be level 40 to equip it. Since these seem to pretty clearly be the best armor sets for their levels in the game, I'm curious which one you guys chose. 3DS FC: 2165-5397-6214 "I will bring myself sexual pleasure later while thinking about this with great respect." Original … Type Finally, heavy armor increases maximum HP and strong attacks, which helps if you want to build a tank, and favors swordplay. Grandmaster legendary Ursine armor is a witcher armor in the "Blood and Wine" expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Depending on what amount and types of crafting materials you have, it might be better if you don’t craft it right away. Vulkk (Alexander Kostadinov) is the owner of VULKK.com. The set is for lvl 40 and is quite expensive to craft. 8. Mastercrafted Ursine silver sword. level 2. 1 – Grandmaster Legendary Feline (Cat) 2 – Grandmaster Legendary Ursine (Bear) 3 – Grandmaster Legendary Griffin (Griffin) 4 – Grandmaster … Set Bonus: Grandmaster Bear Set Crafting Recipes: Set Bonus: Before we dive in to finding each piece, it is important to note the benefits of the Grandmaster Ursine … Witcher 3 Legendary Enhanced Feline Set Gear Guide (Cat School), WITCHER 3 Legendary EHNAHCED GRIFFIN School Gear Guide, Witcher 3 Legendary Armor Armor Sets Guides, WITCHER 3 Legendary FELINE Gear Guide (Cat School), WITCHER 3 Grandmaster GRIFFIN Gear Guide (Blood and Wine Armor Set), WITCHER 3 Grandmaster WOLVEN Gear Guide (Blood and Wine Armor), WandaVision Premier: a great tribute to 1950s sitcoms, Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap for 2021 and CDPR’s apology, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.1.1 Changes Overview, SWTOR 6.2.1 PTS: Changes to Amplifiers and Uprisings, WITCHER 3 Grandmaster URSINE Gear Guide (Blood and Wine Armor), https://vulkk.com/category/witcher-guides/, WITCHER 3 Mutations Guide: How to unlock and use the new system, All Grandmaster Witcher Sets │ WITCHER 3 Blood and Wine Armor, WITCHER 3 Blood and Wine Best Moments (Video Series), WITCHER 3 Patch 1.21 Overview: all the new things, Tour of Geralt’s fully expanded and upgraded vineyard Corvo Bianco. This particular quest has to do with the School of the Bear Grandmaster set. Use Aard sign to knock them off and proceed in the cave. Witcher Item Enhanced Ursine Chest Armour On the southeast coast of the main island in Skellige is a cave with a marker called Grotto. Armor Rating; Materials Needed Diagram Location. This is default path but you can also start this quest by looting any of the diagrams and you can do it in different order. 6. There are 5 available Grandmaster armor sets representing 5 different Witcher schools – ear, Griffin, Wolf, Cat and Manticore. You will easily loot all three schematics there plus some other items – just search carefully. Bonus for 6 pieces: Damage dealt by abilities involving the Quen Sign is increased by 200%. Players should keep in mind heavy armor slows stamina regeneration. Information After reading the piece of paper the location of the 2nd chest will be revealed. Head to Flovive, northeast of Beauclair. Ursine armor … But the equipment’s Grandmaster perks account for that shortcoming by focusing on aggressive defense and incorporating a stamina buff. The Witcher 3allows players to choose from three armor types. Grandmaster Ursine Armour Turkish Translation: Donations Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted. Read the owner's notes. Witcher Grandmaster Ursine armor is the final version of the Bear School Gear – best armor in The Witcher 3 and ideal one for a heavy fighter with strong attacks. Ursine has decent 3 set item bonus which procs quite often, too. Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine armor side quest (or it can be added to your journal after you find one of the diagrams on your own). Inside you will find Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine silver sword, Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine armor, Diagram: Grandmaster Ursine gauntlets and Charité Gontran de Tufo's journal. The complete information needed to craft this item can be found below. 7. Blood and Wine expansion in Witcher 3 brings tons of features to the game including new quest, armor, weapons, side quest and much more. Grandmaster Steel Sword, Gauntlets, Boots. Other Witcher 3 Guides and Articles you might like: The opener quest is one for all the armor sets and is given by an NPC located in the middle of The Duchy of Toussaint. Grandmaster Ursine armor The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. There may be an NPC there called Djenge Frett, which is from another quest. The first stop is at Flovive. Explore the cave. CD Projekt Red did listen to feedback and added a few great details, especially on the armor, that are taken out of some of the more popular mods for the game. Enhanced Ursine Armor Go to the south-east coast on the main island in Skellige to the cave at the Grotto signpost.

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