How do you transfer/teach skills from one character to another? » Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice » LoC Baal @_@ ... From what I saw of the LoC Baal fight, he only has several, evenly spaced, pumped up Majins and him self in … Baal Castle can only be unlocked by clearing both the Beauty Castle and Alternate Netherworld bonus areas. But the cutsceen establishes that the failure amounted to setting Etna to level 1. If u win, then apparently you fight 5 of em. Nippon Ichi is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. Can someone tell me what I have to do or is my only option to use the cheat code? Welcome to Disgaea 1 Complete. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited comes packed with in-depth gameplay, everlasting value, and the great sense of humor you’ve come to love. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. How do I unlock the Stronger Enemies bills? Post-game ending in lvl 1500 is an EXTREMELY exaggerated comment. Yea I'm early with the fight.. Crisis averted, I suppose. What people normally miss out on when trying to unlock netherbattle tourney: Wife is a funny creature, she leaves her husband without sex for months and kills the one woman who has sex with her husband. I remember that that prinny is actually Baal's reincarnation. This thread is about Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (for Vita), not about Disgaea 4: A Promise Unfulfilled (for PS3), please keep this in mind. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten gets an update at Gamescom 2011 with Nao Zook, PR and marketing manager for NIS America. How to unlock the Bronze Trophy "The Biggest Winner"? How do I increase the cheat shop limit past 200%? Here you will encounter Baal, a recurring superboss in the Disgaea Series. A video showing the boss fight against Tyrant Overlord Baal. More recently, particularly through their North American branch, NIS America, they have also published anime titles. The original game had a cast and story that was widely praised as one of the best in the series, and this PlayStation®Vita version offers players a chance to relive that adventure on the go, and with brand-new content! DISGAEA Baal's battle took place in Baal Castle on the same map as the one used in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. You can fight against him … © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. High chance of at least one of them using it once (especially if you have more characters to act as targets). I think so, but once you encounter him enough times, you never have to ever again even if you start a new cycle. Baal is the most notable Superboss in the series. Not as bad as Disgaea 4 but could have been as pleasant as Disgaea DD2. One strategy might revolve around high def/at/HP and using tyrant valvatorez drain moves but right now Baal hit me for about 80 percent and attack healed about 30 percent back, making me dead on turn 2 and unable to pull from base any more troops. Since around, I think Disgaea 3? Also, more in tune with his other appearances, DISGAEA Baal is level 4000. For Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Unlocking Baal?". This area has 2 maps, with several rewards in the last one. Flash 1 year ago #1. Edited July 27, 2015 by Han_the_Dragon 0 In the bonus battle with Etna, she controls 2 Pringer X robots remotely to attack the Hero Prinny. Before finishing the game and Mount Ordeal, I recommend playing the story maps 5-2 or 9-4, there are also others and you can read more about how to use them here: (Disgaea wiki []) But to really quickly level up your characters, unlock Mt. However, these Pringers are little more than knock-offs she built in h… Trick Move evility is all you really need. The new main characters are Valvatorez, a vampire and former tyrant, Fenrich, a werewolf who serves Valvatorez, Fuka, a human who wears a Prinny themed school uniform due to no Prinny outfits being available to her because of budget cuts, Vulcanus, an angel who's very fond of money (even being called the Angel of Avarice), Emizel, a spoiled brat kid who happens to be the son of the current Netherworld president, Hugo, and DESCO, a rejected final boss (her name is an acronym for "Death/Extermination Su… A fast look on the strategy: Max leveled with max stats Mao Equip: maxed Baal sword, other 2 … In the original Disgaea, he was just a really tough level 4000 boss. For Prinny Kurtis, gency out on floor X0 of a worthless item, save, skip the boss, and reset if he doesn't show up in the innocent town. What is the best Level for a person to reincarnate? I did Command Attack in 232 and still got Petta. The NPC for the netherbattle tournement is not in my base and I see no option to fight Baal. Booyah! Use the 20-member squads for that, fill them up with members, and back them up with at least 225 prisoners for maximum efficiency. And then you can defeat Baal and the Baal bits with squad attacks. In Rakshasa Mode, you can also fight Tyrant Overlord Baal, the most terrifying boss character in the entire Disgaea franchise. In this game, Pringer X shows up as a small aerial attack robot under the control of Etna. Etna has several of these Pringer X robots under her control. To unlock Petta, you need to finish a command attack in less than 100 commands ; You need to have done all other post game boss fight. Unless the Japanese is different, Baal is the only other demon to be called a Tyrant, and that's how it worked in the original Disgaea. The nails used in the ritual were fake. Defeating Pringer X twice, once in the Normal Dimension and the other in the Land of Carnage, will unlock a neat trophy. PlayStation 3. Where can I find the "statistician" innocent? How to unlock the fight against Baal: Unlock all DLC characters. This has been another (probably) uselessly informative post, by me. » Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten » disgaea 4 zetta bill bad ass freakin overlord gone out of camp hq when i downloaded baal dwnld. Baal A menacing looking fight with the challenge of a basic stage. You need curry stuffed with HP items to be able to take the initial hit from leaving the base panel. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The bill for this map ( Fight the Super Overlord) will unlock upon clearing the main story and while you can pass it then, you will definitely not be able to clear it until much later.It is definitely one of the harder battles in the game, pitting you against the series staple superboss, Baal. Can someone explain the trick with Natural Sardine and Lion Stance? That One Boss: So, thought Baal in Disgaea 4 was too easy? Did u unlock Prinny Kurtis? Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is the fourth game in the Turn-Based Strategy series Disgaea by Nippon Ichi, released on the PlayStation 3.The game revolves around Valvatorez — a vampire who forbade himself from drinking human blood due to a 400-year-old promise — and his campaign of reformation against the corrupt government of the Netherworld. Beating Baal, not the Chara World (I hate this Chara World so much). When you rematch him, there will be 5 Baals. Any tips for clearing the blocks on chara world? I believe there was a bonus boss in Prinny 2 who is also a Tyrant, and is seemingly unrelated to Baal. So I can't damage Pringer X at all in LoC and I unlocked the fight against Baal in the normal area from passing the bill. Does anyone know all the specific requirements to be able to fight Baal. One more change from the PS3 version I guess. Oh yeah I totally forgot about Prinny Kurtis. It can still be a pain in the ass trying to view them even if you're trying to, as there's no guarantee that they'll use all three in one fight, though that's mitigated by the fact that getting a Game Over in this game will simply send you back to the castle. Compared to the DD2 fight, this may as well be considered as easy as the Baal from Disgaea 4. ya at only 1% per 10 hours, it's not that much when you think about it, at 1000 hours she'll hit double the norm but by that time you'll pretty much be done with everything if you even take that long. Move lots of panels on each turn and don't let him back attack you (face towards him), and Baal will just miss. This is the complete version the original Disgaea, originally released on the PS2, but with enhancements that came from the later ports. The Disgaea series has shipped 4.5 million games as of 2020. How do I unlock Netherbattle tournement and Baal Battle. ... Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten - Baal Sep 25, 2013 2:11pm. Disgaea 1 is the game with least post-game content and it ended with a lvl 4000 Baal. I saw him twice in the Item World but since then I did a new cycle to unlock the android. Baal was off somewhere else at the time, so the strongest demon in Veldime was Etna. Netherbattle Tournament requires ALL other DLC characters in your party to unlock (so you'll need Petta, Prinny Kurtis, and Pleinair... as well as every single other unique you can possibly have), Currently: Disgaea D2 (PS3), League of Legends (PC). He's one of the requirements. Despite being a Prinny, LoC Pringer X (second fight) is the hardest optional boss featured in the main game of Disgaea 4, the other being the DLC boss: Baal (second fight). Step one make a character that can beat baal, Back ... again. The DD2 fight was challenging and rewarding; a real sense of accomplishment was felt after finally beating him. Are any of the online features required (or practically required) to Platinum?

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