They have 4 luxury resorts in Goa…So every year u can visit only Goa- The best of these 4 resorts is always overbooked…Lot of foreigners ( Non-members)… & as u said annual maintenance charges of the villa ( the one we never stay at) to the tune of 20,000. I want to sell my Red Studio membership with 23 days and valid till May2036. (Y). please suggest me right way. Once you go for the membership, you are trapped with no escape route. We both were lured by the presentation and made a CC payment of 10,000/-. They play loud music during sales discussion which creates a hypnotizing effect. There is a lot of income disparities that we have in India that need to be fixed but that is a subject for a different discussion. Club Mahindra expect that people should plan there holidays 6 months in advance – I think I can do it but it’s not possible for people who are in jobs. But the executive said FREE TV is only available with 1 BR so first you buy White 1 BR & we can later convert it in Red Studio. It takes quite a bit of effort to sell an expensive thing like a holiday. [email protected]. 2. They are persistent as pests, tell lies blithely and literally badger you into signing up for schemes that only benefit them and not the subscriber. Hope this thanks bring in some relief you did to others and bad for them as they deserve it. I think what I learned from that experience was when you want to go for a trip these days you can get 100’s of site that are offering you a good rate for a stay. Move over golf.This chairman de-stresses with cartoons and Archie comics. 1. 40000 per person. But after that if you want you can sell your membership in open market – but there are no buyers. i too have terrible experiences – how to nail them is the point ? Then they expect that members should pay yearly maintenance – what a business . The Comment I got was ” You can not afford our product then why you called me ?”. While very little is known about how successful the company has been in redressing the complaints, a letter addressed to Mahindra Holidays managing director Ramesh Ramanathan recently raises the lack of clarity over the business model that this Mahindra group company follows. 9K included). I have paid 10 %dp and have paid 1 emi of 14000 …… for red 1 bar anyone interested pls contact me on 9820155796. Use first and then purchase . The type of apartment and season depends on your family size and composition. 11,900/-approx has been demanded towards the Annual Maintance Charge for which till then I had never been informed. and not only that, they on their own are going to compete to maintain occupancy in Club’s resorts, and for some reason if they don’t use it the members are at loss and not the company. People with family (school going kids) buying blue season is big blunder let it be cheaper price. So I just paid for three installment ( which was the min waiting period to avail the service ) and decided to close , CM resfused to pay the membership paid so I used it for 3D/4N , somewhat convenice myself. it is not possible to book that much well in advance as I am in business. Availed of the membership only 2-3 times. Good news for you that there are innumerable Club Mahindra Reviews from members who have already availed of the membership’s extended benefits. 2. (mobile-9419115023). I am planning to buy the membership but now i m not going to get those cheats to take away my money………. Club Mahindra is a big bull shit , make false promises and do not fulfill them. Know more about our global presence on this page. They are NEVER, NEVER , NEVER gong to be in Buyer’s favor. For your information, today, I have booked 2 Nights at Hotel Hilton, Pune on 15th & 16 July, 17 @ Rs. Every year they sell many such memberships, Can we get few fools to purchase our membership at discounted rate?is there any BROKER available? 2. The person in lowest category was a untouchable. 5675/- savings are – 1. Minimum 15 years, preferably red or purple. Also, your point about name/address solicitors for lucky draw in malls, please realize that even if it were a genuine lucky draw, what is the actual transaction thats happening? We had go these voucher for the second time; (the first time we wasted it as we couldnt plan in advance, so I really wanted to experience what they want to sell for 1.5 L ). Thanks 1ce again. Investing in club mahindra is waste of money. I stays in Mumbai. I got a good 1 bed room at their Coorg property through an online booking site. Complete waste of my money. Stop blaming and start planning and understanding things in deep way. we are calling 100 times but the... Read More. during the last couple of weeks i have raised these issues with club mahindra member relations who have infact revealed many facts to me about their process and have agreed that they sell holidays outside member ships but only during off peak they say it optimises the costs and lowers the annual subscription costs, my arguement is that over the years the subscription costs have never been lowered but only hiked and that too on a year on year basis also when we have already paid for our subscription along side one lakh twenty thousand members with one time membership fees which when calculated clearly shows that the inventory is already sold and the money paid up the only pending thing in the process is the guest to come and experience the stay for which they have paid, however club mahindra throws away this inventory to lucky draws and selling outside memberships. For example, being a member of Red Studio you would be able to enjoy only 5 nights of holiday (approx) in the same season but on a One Bedroom apartment. Anyone interested in selling CM membership, send details at [email protected]. but thats just my opinion, some will agree, others disagree. Thank God. 25000. There is no harm in that. This year too 45days before holidays we are struggling for booking. it is not compulsory to read however if you agree somewhat to it… then its a really great package… visit at least one resort. If you want to get justice and save people from this kind of fraud, you should file a complaint with consumer court.. they are doing a good job in many cases. Hope people understand that. Thanks Hemantji. Just because of references I had to, otherwise, I wouldnt pay a penny for this junk. 5lakhs poorer. Hi Vandhana, Doing same mistake again n again is not good for financial health. (When you raised the ASF Invoices, you must have noted down the Indexes to calculate the percentage increase. Must read: Club Mahindra Membership Reviews — Say YES to Club Mahindra Membership. therefore in timeshare holidays u agree to holiday with a certain timeshare company, the company gets a substancial number of individuals and hence provides services which would otherwise be prohibitive in costing at a reduced price. It is impossible to deny the kind of facilities they provide. Every time I was told that that I must do my booking 120 days in advance (which is a very difficult thing to do in my profession. Overall, their resorts are good. Can someone try booking online, you would be suprised 50% times you are dissatisfied with value of money when you actually reach the place. My experience with Club Mahindra has been very good. Seller Note: For e.g - If a seller wants to sell his Club Mahindra Red Studio which has 20 balance weeks, then he can sell his membership at clubresale calculated value i.e Rs.12000 per week x … (If decision was wrong – cost Rs 1500-2000 if tickets bought in Royale or Rs 500-1000 if bought tickets for Executive class and additional loss of Rs 200-300 if buying Pepsi or eatables – even choosing large or small Pepsi is a financial decision – impact Rs 100 on budget). Instead I asked an agent and got a deal of 4500 rs a night! Please call me if you are still interested to buy Club Mahindra Membership. Now, we are not able to have a vacation with all of us together as children are out of their careers. For example, when you changed membership tenure to 25 years, ours remained for 33 years. Hi every one if any body want to take club mahindra membership please dont wast your money. When I reached with family, they showed me their plans for 10 years. Units can be booked ALL AROUND THE YEAR!! The amount you end up paying them in 25 years will be much more. Too long a period, too much upfront money involved, services to be rendered over a very long period of time (33/25 years), little recourse to customer complaints/consumer court, no residual value !! my own experience, we had 3 different waitlists and none of them came through. I lost 2.5 lac . You pay ASF , all amount you see your holiday gets lapsed what are the options left for you ..? It is just to bring you to them and upfront it was told that they are not sure if I will be able to avail the offer and they themselves do not appreciate it (free 2 days stay). Hence the apartment you purchase gives you the flexibility on the number of people with whom would like to holiday with. Even thinking non financially, it is a waste: Given the proliferation of resorts, and the fact that you get cheaper holidays abroad (even after considering airfare+visa), you would be doing yourself a disfavour locking yourself to one agency called Club Mahindra. but the cost is quite high. and i have to lesson all that 8 hours. Hi Amit I can talk about today!! Oh god.. Friends, I am writing this to share my experience of club Mahindra holidays (CMH). a single mother who can bring up her child, a daughter who can take care of her parents, a professional who can hold her fort in any meeting and make million dollar biz deals….. can surely buy a holiday for herself and her child….. why do your marketing people not entertain her when she is one of the lucky draw winner….i won a free holiday at Goa once at my daughter’s school… but you did not allow me to go…. Hemant’s article can be a true eye opener. later on with 2 kids to juggle we feel maybe we made a mistake with club mahindra. There is no second opinion about it. In other words, Club Mahindra has something in store for every type of traveler out there. They have a lot of affiliate resorts which are pathetic in quality and not even 1 star standard. 2. A sales guy from club mahindra, who spoke in my mother tongue (kannada) was sent by the club to try and cheat me. Country Club…what a Crap..generally I dont blog or comment in the internet but this is rediculous to have someone compare Mahindra and then sell Country Club as a substitute. best luck. I have not researched the product before buying: I have not researched the product & matching it with my requirement. However, there is no explanation as to why members have to go through an excruciating exit mechanism and lose 30-40% of their membership fees in the process. As per your 10 days cooling period, pl refund my full amount. They say you can only sell it and they are not helping us to sell also. Would like to buy a red/purpul season membership if anyone wants to sell at reasonble rates. Hemant Beniwal is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and his Company Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd is registered as an Investment Adviser with SEBI. Coming to the point now. Excited by my sons winning we reached 35 KM away to GK-2 in Delhi. SAB MIL KAR COURT CASE KARTE HAI , MERE 2 LAC RUPE MARE HUE HEI, Thats a good idea atleast 20 to 25 members if we join with a determination i m sure we can demand as a group that will carry a lot of values, I could see similar proposals from couple of forums lets join together in this forum to share mailids and idea what are the options we can try one by one. I would rather enjoy some peaceful days away from my hectic schedule and that’s what club Mahindra promised me and has delivered till date. Moreover, they are also offering a LCD tv – Free. I am seriously thinking of selling my club mahindra membership or not to continue asociation with club mahindra. I must also mention that their properties are good and they are well kept. He purchased country vacations and where did this country club membership came we did not know. Club Mahindra Studio Purple - 13 years . At the same time, Mahindra resorts provide concessional bookings through other sites anytime of the year.

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