Plugging in my iPhone with its lightning cable immediately starts Carplay. ... EDIT: I'm using the Carlinkit set-up, which may or may not be the exact same thing as Carplay2air trd.james, Jun 25, 2020 #25. 2. Since the infotainment system is basically the same between the Mazda MX5 and the Fiat 124 Spider, the Mazda upgraded retrofit USB hub and the updated Mazda S/W (modified to rebrand it to Fiat) work as if it was a factory-installed Fiat/Mazda CarPlay setup. Simple - Purchase a CarLinkIt 2.0 $95 on eBay plus tax...,ugh Be sure to buy from US stock so you get it quick. Except that means the car did come with gps and someone altered it aftermarket. Thanks for the Pics Shadowswan. We do strict quality control,we will check and use it before delivery to ensure every product can be used. Plus, you are paying more for a rebranded item. Yes, your phone too I exchanged it with Amazon and got lucky this time. Enjoy our first-impressions of the CarLinkit 2.0 wireless Apple CarPlay dongle. We are a manufacturer specializes in carplay smart link system . How would that be any different than the way it works now? Automatic connection. I really want to stick the wireless dongle in there and close the door. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. I connected the supplied dongle (USBc to USB A) to the USB port in the center console. I bought this cable and adapter to hopefully work with my USB-C version (if it ever gets here). If I try a f/w check on my CPlay2Air box, it says that 1.22 is the latest version. I went to like they told me and it says no updates. Ahh. They have not come back on - restarted the car, unplugged and re-plugged in the dongle. I suspect the reason Carlinkit made a new model without a hardwired cable was to accommodate cars that are starting to come with USBC. Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Upgrade Dongle Adapter For Android Auto Car Head Unit. I went through the whole process of ordering it from China and then having to return it. Use Bluetooth and Wifi to experience what was impossible before. We provide USB carplay dongle wired and wireless version for Android stereo navigation. The end of that flat ribbon cable is micro usb. I had a similar experience with the first Carlinkit I purchased. Plug CPLAY2air to the USB power charger/wall charger for your iPhone. Correct Carlinkit and C2Play air are the same for the non USB-C model. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Could try a few adapters or bite the bullet and switch. all I did was remove the .28 on the filename and it updated itself within 3 minutes. Please stop saying official and non official and Jan 22 might be the same as one of the March ones, it is not. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. If function and display quality are similar to the Carlinkit, it's not for me, the Carlinkit critical reviews say no way for me. I wasn't going anywhere, but I purposely tried to stress test by jumping around screens and scrolling and in a couple minutes of testing, I had the screen freeze. CARLINKIT BRAND: We have the most mature automotive and smart phone interconnection solutions in the industry. Get a black one so it blends in. The other half I'd have to either unplug/replug the dongle or reboot the infotainment system, or both to get the dongle to reconnect. I am skeptical and agree with you on connectors and adapters. Their return policy is only 15 days, which is really crappy, but I read that when I bought it so I was aware and I'm getting close to that. $30.48. If I try a f/w check on my CPlay2Air box, it says that 1.22 is the latest version. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada, is an Honda enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. At first it just kept trying to connect and failing, but then I did the update and it connected after that. All I would get is a notification that the device wasn’t compatible. PLEASE let us know how it goes when you get it. This iPhone 13 rumor made me upgrade to the iPhone 12. They designed it that way, you would think they would design a cabling solution that would go with it. Free shipping . Any help would be appreciated., Please save update firmware file on USB flash drive (Flash drive format must be FAT32). We designed and built our proprietary chip in house, sourcing the main module directly from Apple, for a stable and uninterrupted CarPlay experience. Purchased from Carlinkit 02.05.20 on AliExpress and arrived today with 3.18 on it. Support Voice Commands To Make Phone Calls, Use Maps, Listen To Music And Access To Messages. But when I have a support question, no response. Larry i meant no offense. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Carlinkit Wireless Smart Link Apple CarPlay Dongle for Android Navigation Player. I'm running this in a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider, with a Mazda upgraded USB hub and hacked Mazda FW v70.00.100 to support Apple CarPlay. CPLAY2air wireless adapter benefits. This means that you can opt to change the cable for a longer one if you wish to stow the cable elsewhere in your car for a better Wi-Fi signal – which you need for wireless CarPlay – other than this, I have found speed and stability is fairly much the same between them. Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle for Audi Vehicles. I assume no one here will have a solution, but are there any steps I can take to report this to the Carlinkit? Set it and forget it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk JavaScript is disabled. Wait for the new interface to appear on the screen. So when I saw that the CPlay2Air dongle was listed as working with Mazda, I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Thanks. Got my wireless CarPlay adapter yesterday and with a small hiccup it now works PERFECTLY!!! End of one year wait since the initial purchase of Carplay2air in December 2019. Flawless connection after car restarting, audio quality is same as wired carplay. No issues noted so far. There isn’t a USB to USBC flat cable option, so I need that adapter to plug into the new CarPlay dongle which is female USBC. Maybe they had a server die or a software engineer get sic. I do have the email showing that I was trying to return it within the 15 days, but it will be interesting to see if they ever respond. It was cranky to get setup, but I more or less got it working. What is the name of the file you are trying to install? Carplay2air/Carlinkit latest firmware v 28.10.2020 supports all Honda vehicles which includes 10th generation Honda Accords (2018 and Newer). It would connect about half of the time. ROG Phone 4 leak teases a … I knew what the response would be, COVID-19 yada yada yada. is not in any way affiliated with Honda Motor Company. Nothing changed just checked update server... See below screen shot as we have explained anything. Plug the flash drive into the CPLAY2air adapter. My USB port is behind a dashboard door which also houses an AUX, SD Card and a nice tray to slip your phone into. Rams vs Packers live stream: How to watch NFL playoffs game online now. Yeah I’m still within return so I’ll give it a shot at sending it back and order the new one. Mini, an affiliate of BMW, … $64.99. Mine is on a slow boat from China so we’ll see when I get it. I was trying to help keep the information factually accurate (for all of our benefits because we are supporting each other more then vendor is supporting us). I assume you removed all BT devices previously paired with the new car? In the meantime, I ordered the version (Carlinkit) from Amazon and it got here in 24 hours and It is working well, though I do have a couple of questions. First things first, need to get it in hand and working with the supplied cable. I would recommend purchasing the Carlinkit version of the cplay2air from amazon vs purchasing the cplay2air from China like I did. It said the update was successful - then the lights blinked blue really fast and went out. They haven't responded even though they responded quickly the first time I asked and then they messaged me to let me know it did support Accords and responded after I said I was buying one. I was not able to get back into Carplay after entering reverse gear and viewing the reversing camera. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device We were both used to … In this case, I would expect the system to not see anything different than what it sees in the wired version since all of the "magic" happens prior to the USB connection into the radio. It should be noted, however, that if the stereo does not play high-resolution (anything over 16-bit/44kHz) audio files from a USB or wired connection, it … C2PlayAir though is not to my understanding very good about returns though they claim on their site to take them. They’ve now said it’s supported for Accords. Please wait 2-3 minutes, until the the flashing light becomes solid. Keeping it at 100% is less good for it, and keeping it flat is also less good. You are using an out of date browser. Mind you there may have been an earlier version of carlinkit and C2play air as former were described as 2.0 release in some of their literature. To Answer about updating yes you can but NOT via your car. With the unit plugged in, you should be able to see a wifi network that could be something like auto link or Volkswagen or something else. This was ordered on March 28th so it was one of the first batch I believe, just took forever to get here. I am completely disconnected from all WiFi and have deleted all of the Bluetooth settings for my car on the phone, and have deleted everything from my car Bluetooth about my phone. Wireless Smart Link Apple CarPlay USB Dongle for Android Car Stereo GPS Player. Please now plug the product into the USB port of the car. A second generation to the original CarLinkit dongle, that allows existing wired Apple CarPlay systems to function wirelessly instead. Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay, 5 differences you should know yes or yes Carlinkit Wireless Dongle, Amazon’s most popular solution With almost 130 ratings and an average score of 3 and a half out of 5, this wireless adapter is the most popular solution within the platform.

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