Publications. A shorter day at 124km, but still over 3000m of climbing. An Turas Mor: Cape Wrath to Glasgow by Bike - Naomi Freireich set out for a solo time trial from Cape Wrath to Glasgow on Scotland's An … It didn’t seem to hold me back though, and I made it through the Ardverikie estate in record time and was heading up to Loch Ossian. Its beauty is in its simplicity, but don’t confuse simple with basic. I thought i would share my build process and future plans for it. More here. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband, two children and two step children, where she works as an IT Project manager. The tracks were quite reasonable and the climbs all doable at a casual pace. Expect fully loaded bikes, empty roads & wilderness, campfires, bothies, tents, and a steady flow of single malt… Early the next morning we were up and brewing a nice cuppa ready for the day ahead. We believe travel by bicycle has the power to encourage conservation, inclusivity, and respect for all people and cultures. It also made me appreciate just how much comfort we have in our lives now, from basic Maslovian needs to our modern lives that increase our scope for travel and communication. Just the faint sound of the sea and wind and the crackling of the fire. Fast and fun. The kids…, George, Dave and I left Grantown on spey on a dull Sunday morning with expectations…, A great overnight trip to the Ruigh Aiteachain bothy on the Glenfeshie estate to celebrate a…. Nothing my bike couldn’t handle. is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. Surely the turn onto the path that would lead us down to Kearvaig Bothy was close! I bought a Cape Wrath from 97 from retrobike. Length: 23.80 miles Level of ride: Beginner Type of bike: Any though mountain bike preferable. Approximately 230 miles in length, most people take 2-3 weeks to backpack the trip. When faced with hardship and no reward for enduring, what is there to spur you on to succeed? Beyond that, all we knew for sure was we wanted to reach the lighthouse at Cape Wrath and the route we ended up riding was quite different to what we’d originally planned! Trust me. Join Stefan, Will, Luke and Jordan - the guys behind the film Beulah - as they discuss the ever-popular pursuit of bikepacking, various bike and kit setups, their trip to Cape Wrath, and the experiences of filming by bike. We all know what the run up to Christmas is like, don’t we? We inspire and inform through original bikepacking routes, stories, and coverage of the gear, news, and events that make our community thrive. To Mason Cycles for loaning me the über-capable InSearchOf; truly a bike for all terrain (and I checked this was true over the weekend!). Set it up for XC race speed and a trail centre slayer or set it up for all-day comfort loaded with bags and ride rugged country, bothy trips to Cape Wrath and beyond. My Achilles tendon at my left heel was really painful and the climbing of the day before was evident in my legs. As the night rolled on, we kept the fire going with driftwood and some slow burning firelogs. From the end of the West Highland Way in Milngavie, the section along the rural parts of the Kelvin was definitely experimental, and the combination of mud, fallen trees, and giant hogweed could have really destroyed my calm were it not for the knowledge that I was mere teens of kilometres from the end. No trouble whatsoever. Cape Wrath Trail Backpacking Gear List, Explained Philip Werner Gear Lists, Scotland The Cape Wrath Trail travels up the west coast of Scotland, beginning in Fort William, and ending at Cape Wrath which is the northernmost point of Britain. All that remained was the small matter of what now. Well, it is in fact almost a thousand kilometres from where we currently live in Sussex. It has seen tragedy in its past and its remoteness gives you a sense of tranquillity beyond anything frequently experienced before. Home. Chris and Jelle tour the very north-west of Scotland by bike - to Sandwood Bay with flippers, surf boards and wetsuits in tow, before bikepacking the famed road to Cape Wrath... Chris McClean & Jelle Mul I ring the bell but it takes her an age to arrive at the food window. Start Here, Broadly speaking, there are three bikepacking genres to choose from – Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition & Dirt Touring. When you live on the south coast, Scotland seems an awful long way away. Click the link below to find out how to start. It's often touted as Britain's toughest long distance walk, due to its pathless sections, remoteness, and Scotland's fierce weather. UK official off-road bikepacking routes. However, you can step on the Caledonian Sleeper train in London Euston one evening and arrive to wild, breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands from your cabin window the following morning. Lee Craigie and Andy Toop used fatbikes and packrafts to access the rugged terrain and rough seas. When we stepped outside, it was wonderful to find that the clouds and dull weather had all dissipated overnight. In a sense, at least. Arriving late in the evening, I met up with my biking buddy, Jack Kirkbride. I’d done it. Riding along the familiar West Highland Way, even in the opposite direction to the other times I’ve ridden it, felt like I was home already. Hallelujah! Despite her attempt to set the new fastest time on Scotland’s An Turas Mór being invalidated before she could even start pedaling, Naomi Freireich recently set out for a solo time trial from Cape Wrath to Glasgow. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. After checking in with Charlie and deciding on a camping spot for the night, one final small climb of the day was all that remained. It'll be a pretty informal, light-hearted 30 mins so please come by if you're keen to hear more, or ask us any questions. Feeling refreshed we took a few tourist pics and cracked on back along the route we had came back towards the bothy at Kearvaig. Beyond the damn, however, the paths became rough and loose and at times very boggy. The rest was (almost) all downhill. The penultimate section started from Croick Church, possibly one of the most haunting reminders of the clearances, with the names of the families who sheltered there after their houses were burned to remove them etched into the glass windows. Cick the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to filter. I could imagine the views would be stunning had the cloud not been so low. Cape Wrath – 31/08/18 to 02/09/19. The route begged to be ridden, and I wasn’t going to let 20 small kilometres stop me from enjoying the other 540! Thankfully, everything was packed from the day before and that surge of adrenaline meant I wasn’t thinking about the pain. Thankfully, the first climb started with a smooth hydro access path. The drizzle turned into rain and we were both getting fairly soaked by this point. I rode through a large estate and then on through spectacular glens, beneath mountains, and past solitary dwellings into the growing dusk. An Turas Mor: Cape Wrath to Glasgow by Bike - I stopped for lunch with Charlie after the second of these descents, the climb to which had been on an old and very rocky military road. Cape Wrath by Fatbike and Packraft - A film with a twist about a fat bike and packraft journey to the most northwesterly point on the UK mainland, Cape Wrath. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @frikfrak74. And of course, with each climb came an adrenaline-inducing descent. As we climbed away from the coast and inland, the midges dissipated and gave way to some light drizzle. And not done it all at the same time. The further on we progressed, the more the bad weather came in. The further on we progressed, the more the bad weather came in. Learn More, We have ~100 routes on our worldwide bikepacking routes map. Similarly, the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel is only accessible by foot, so the whole area has this incredibly remote feel to it. Derek Buttle 1930-2017 We decided to take a breather and check our map. Arriving late in the evening, I met up with my biking buddy, Jack Kirkbride. View All Features. What differentiates this new wave of bikepacking is the specialised gear that’s emerged and the popularisation of Exposure lights for their excellent bike lights keeping me safe on the roads and on the right path off them. Having that positivity to push on when the only reason to do so is that mindset itself; it’s a life skill that doesn’t come naturally to most. I would really recommend bikepacking to anyone who loves to ride a bike. Quick, lightweight 29er modern mountain bike, a genuine multi-activity hardtail. Naomi Freireich is the current UK and European 24-hour Mountain Bike Champion and a GORE Wear athlete. And despite the pain and fatigue I felt, the joy of being there and knowing my body was capable of powering me to the top kept me pushing on and kept me smiling. What is Bikepacking? Lael, Chris, Erik & Rue explore the High Sierras of California with bikes and bike backpacks. Stunning. We decided to take a breather and check our map.

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